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EnviroVent Company Profile

EnviroVent is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and for more than twenty years has designed, manufactured and installed a diverse range of domestic ventilation products. These products have been designed to improve indoor quality whilst combating condensation issues such as mould and streaming windows and poor air quality problems that can aggravate asthma and allergies.

The company is fully committed to improving sustainability by designing products that offer high energy efficiency, meet current building regulations and which are manufactured with recyclable components to minimise the impact on the environment.

The eco-solutions range from Envirovent incorporates innovative whole house ventilation systems and the unique filter less extract fan which have all been designed to last a lifetime. The company supplies to local authorities, housing associations, developers, architects, electricians, installers, distributors, home owners and private individuals.


Homes have now become extremely energy efficient through the increase of insulation and by blocking chimneys, draught proofing and double glazing. These improvements however, have resulted in homes losing essential supplies of fresh air. This causes general moisture build-up and poor air quality, which can have far reaching effects on health and well-being. Many contaminants and pollutants build-up daily from everyday items and include mould spores, VOC's, humidity, odours, allergens and carbon dioxide.

Envirovent has a range of ventilation products which combat these issues and include:

Lifetime Range

The Lifetime range has been developed to raise awareness and reduce plastics going to landfill sites. They are energy efficient and sustainable products and EnviroVent will recycle old fans when they are replaced by others. The Lifetime range includes:

  • Filter less extract fan suitable for all applications
  • Loft and wall mounted air source Positive Input Ventilation systems distribute fresh air throughout a house by supplying tempered filtered air into a building using heat from within a roof
  • The MEV Spider extracts moisture laden air from wet zones of medium sized homes and apartments
  • EnergiVent Q, Flow and Impact heat recovery systems

Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

A range of compact extract fans are suitable for a wide variety of kitchen, bathroom, wet room and WC applications. The systems offer simultaneous, low level extraction which is discharged outside via a single duct and grille. Options include:

  • Silent 100, 125, 150 and MV 160/100 ultra quiet fan
  • Ecowatt Profile 100 low energy axial fan
  • Profile 100 low profile fan
  • ENV 100 and 150 and Power 170 and 250 centrifugal fan
  • Classic 100 versatile WC and bathroom fan
  • Silent Design 100 completely silent stylish fan
  • Silentub 100 in-line duct fan
  • Kudos centrifugal kitchen and utility fan

Whole House Ventilation Systems

There is a range of complete home ventilation solutions which offer energy efficiency and require low maintenance for new build and refurbishment projects within homes and apartments. Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provide fresh air and improved climate control, whilst also saving energy by reducing the heating or cooling requirements. Products include:

  • HRQ low energy heat recovery systems that offer continuous, controlled ventilation without heat loss
  • EnergiVent Q Air Source and EnergiVent Q Solar are energy efficient heat recovery systems for new build and refurbishment programmes
  • EnergiVent Flow low maintenance and lowest energy usage heat recovery unit for new build properties
  • MEV Spider extracts moisture laden air from wet zones of medium sized homes and apartments
  • EnviroVent Loft or wall Mounted PIV unit offers whole house ventilation and condensation control
  • MIV Air Source unit offers year-round quality filtered air and utilises the benefits of solar gain

Heated Towel Rails

EnviroVent offer a range of electric, stylish towel rails in a diverse range of styles with horizontal or vertical rails and multiple towel slots in straight and curved designs.

EnviroVent has a nationwide team of installers who are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of ventilation. All installers are certified to IEE Wiring regulations and HVCA standards to give clients peace of mind and a high quality finish.

The company is passionate about providing innovative, environmentally friendly products which are designed for durability and which use minimal energy resources. All products carry comprehensive warranties and the dedicated sales team is on hand to offer advice and information on all aspects of ventilation. EnviroVent is approved by the British Board of Agrement, BEAB and CPD and is a member of CHAS.

For more detailed information please contact Environment using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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