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  • Standard Kitchen
  • Standard Kitchen
  • Standard Kitchen linked to marquee
  • Standard Kitchen with awning
  • Kit Kitchen - double sided
  • Kit Kitchen - sink and cooker unit
  • Kit Kitchen - single sided wash
  • Mobile kitchens with access from all sides

Event Kitchens Company Profile

Event Kitchens is a leading provider of portable temporary kitchens for use in a vast array of locations and environments throughout the UK. The company has many years of experience in supplying hygienic and well-equipped temporary and portable kitchens to meet individual client specifications exactly, when and wherever they are required.

The portable temporary kitchens have been designed with versatility as a key priority. The kitchens are suitable for numerous types of environments and locations and are routinely specified by hospitality caterers, crew and security catering, hotels and restaurants, nursing homes, military field kitchens, film crews and production companies and schools. Temporary kitchens can be used for outdoor events or when refurbishments, breakdowns or repairs are required.


Working with a broad selection of clients throughout the UK, Event Kitchens delivers the temporary kitchens directly to the desired location. The kitchens can be set up in fields and sites which are uneven and have no existing infrastructure such as water, electricity or hard-standing. Water must be located within 50m of the kitchen in the form of mains supply or a bowser. The kitchens are available for hire for as long as they are required and can be set up in around one hour. The team will not vacate the site until all equipment is commissioned and the client is completely happy with the operation of the kitchen.

Temporary Kitchens

Temporary kitchens are increasingly becoming an essential piece of equipment for the outdoor event industry due to the requirement to prepare and serve food and beverages in a clean and versatile environment. Every kitchen has been developed in compliance with Environmental Health regulations and contains high specification commercial catering equipment, including a full extraction system.

The portable kitchens from Event Kitchens have gained a highly respected reputation as hygienic and well-equipped work-spaces, which are well laid out and create an excellent working environment. There are two main types of temporary kitchen available:

  • Standard Kitchen: The Standard Kitchen self-contained temporary kitchen has been developed and manufactured to exceptional standards. The kitchen comprises all the features that would be found in any commercial or production kitchen. The Standard Kitchen opens out on site, providing a work space of 6m x 4.3m, with the option of an awning to increase the space to 6m x 6m. The Standard Kitchen is simply towed onto the chosen site, unlike many other portable kitchens, which require a crane to position them. The kitchen requires two 32amp single phase power from a generator or mains. Internal waste water tanks can gravity drain or pump waste water to a drain or tank. A 2m awning can be provided to enable linking of the kitchen to a marquee or other building. Equipment included in the kitchen consists of two 6-burner ovens, double basket table-top deep fat fryer, hot cupboard, 49cu/ft fridge, dishwasher, three sinks, stainless steel work surfaces and hot and cold water.
  • Kit Kitchen: The Kit Kitchen incorporates a layout which makes optimum use of space to maximise productivity and efficiency and is designed to provide complete flexibility. This style of mobile kitchen is available in various forms as a "plug and go" system which can be delivered for use in any temporary structure, marquee or building. The Kit Kitchen is freestanding and can be laid out according to the client's requirements. The kitchens can be supplied as a double-sided unit which is positioned as an island, with access to all sides or as a single-sided unit which is positioned against a wall. Event Kitchens appreciates that every customer has differing requirements and offers the option to arrange the kitchen elements to suit their specific requirements for cooking, food preparation, dish washing, refrigeration etc. The units comprise interchangeable commercial catering equipment with an extraction system canopy and high quality stainless steel work surfaces, sinks, racking, shelving, dishwashers and fridges. The versatile units can be linked together to create a unique and practical working space. Each Kit Kitchen is pre-plumbed and wired, eradicating the need for temporary pipe work and cabling which can be a trip hazard.

Event Kitchens prides itself on offering superior quality temporary kitchen solutions for event and commercial catering industries. The experienced and knowledgeable team is committed to providing customers with temporary kitchens which are clean, practical, pleasant to work in and versatile. Event Kitchens welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information on specifying the most appropriate solution for any temporary kitchen requirement throughout the UK. All the kitchens are designed to comply with Environmental Health regulations.


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