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Express Toughening Company Profile

Express Toughening is the leading provider of toughened glass in the South East of England. The company was founded in 2001 and has seen rapid growth over the years, with a distribution network across Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, the Midlands and further afield. Express Toughening manufactures, processes and supplies a variety of products including coated, clear, low E, patterned, painted and conservatory glass, a comprehensive range of fittings and associated tools and equipment.

The company has invested heavily in state of the art equipment for toughening, shaping, drilling, routing, mitring and polishing glass, providing trade and individual glass contractors with a comprehensive range of new and replacement glass products and services. Express Toughening also offers a full bespoke design service to produce glass to exact, individual specification.

Services available from Express Toughening include:

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is manufactured by simply heating standard float glass after it has been cut to size and edged. This produces a glass that if broken, will break into small pieces without any sharp edges. Toughened glass is widely specified for glazed doors, low level windows and table tops.

Computer Numerical Cutting (CNC)

CNC equipment allows float and laminated glass of up to 19mm thick to be shaped and polished for applications such as glass canopies, balustrades, display cases and cabinets, fire resistant and security glass, worktops and breakfast bars.

Glass Polishing

Glass polishing produces a perfect, highly bright finish for any type of glass. A flat polish is the standard finish; with pencil edge round finish available on request.

Glass Drilling

A glass drilling service is available for holes from 4mm up to 99mm in diameter, in any type and thickness of glass.

UV Bonding

UV bonding provides an extremely strong, crystal clear or transparent joint in glass. The adhesive is cured by ultra violet light and depending on the adhesive used, will be very hard or elastic. This adhesive method is clean and easy to apply, cures in a very short time and is extremely stable.

Glass Types

Express Toughening utilises the state of the art equipment to offer a large range of glass products to satisfy the ever changing demands of the market, these include:

  • Low E (Coated) Glass: Low E glass incorporates an invisible film coating which retains internal heat produced from heating systems and light, preventing it from escaping outside and allows the passage of solar energy into a building. Options include Planibel A low E hard coating, Low Iron K Opti White (KOW) extra clear glass in 4mm thickness, Planitherm Total+ in 4 and 6mm and Pilkington K in 4 and 6mm.
  • Clear Glass: Clear float glass is a multi-purpose glass which is available in a range of thicknesses. There are two options within this range; Clear Glass is available in 4 to 19mm thicknesses and can be processed into insulated, laminated, toughened, screen-printed, etched, sandblasted, edge worked and lacquered coloured glass and is suited to many applications including structural facades, roofing, windows, furniture and shelving. Low Iron Clear is an extra clear glass which allows a higher light transmittance. Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10mm thicknesses, Low Iron Clear glass is suitable for furniture, shelving, display cabinets, shower screens and table tops.
  • Patterns: Express Toughening can provide glass with a wide range of pattern finishes, to provide privacy and d├ęcor to windows and doors. Patterns include Oriel patterns such as Brocade, Canterbury and Laurel in 4mm thickness, Warwick in 4mm thickness and a range of standard patterns including Autumn, Chantilly, Contour, Everglade, Oak, Stippolite, Sycamore and Taffeta in 4 and 6mm thicknesses.
  • Conservatory Glass: Conservatories can become very hot in the summer and cold in the winter, therefore it is vital that the glass installed should offer excellent thermal qualities and incorporate optional features such as self-cleaning, solar control and anti-sun. Express Toughening offers a range of glazing options in various thicknesses including Planitherm 4S, Anti Sun, Bio Clean Cool Lite Aqua Green, Activ Blu, Bio Cool/Activ Neutral, Cool Lite and Bio Clean/Activ Clear.

Fittings and Accessories

Express Toughening supplies an extensive range of fittings to complement the glass ranges, these include:

  • Hinges and brackets
  • Door hardware
  • Glazing channels
  • Balustrade fittings
  • Glass seals
  • Tie bars
  • Patch fittings
  • Installation accessories including adhesives, gloves, cleaners, knives, cutters, glass coating detectors, toughened glass indicators and protective pads

Express Toughening prides itself on offering clients a wide and varied product range and flexible service options. All glass products are compliant with the British Standard Kite Mark safety requirements and are accredited to ISO 14001. With many years of industry experience, the skilled design and manufacturing teams can create a quality piece of glass for any glazing project, regardless of size and complexity. The friendly customer service team is available to offer comprehensive advice and product information.

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