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Fakro (GB) Company Profile

Fakro is a privately owned world renowned company which was established in 1991 specialising in the manufacture and supply of roof windows, access rooflights, skylights, loft ladders and accessories. The GB division of the company was formed in 2000 and is based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, where the complete product range is available for dispatch to the company's nationwide distributors.

The company's aim is to provide clients with superior quality products at highly competitive prices. A team of business development managers covers the whole of the UK, providing advice and support; this is backed up by a product support and service division which can resolve installation and technical difficulties. Fakro roof windows have achieved a BBA certificate, meet the standards set by the NHBC and are manufactured from timber sourced from FSC approved forests.


Fakro roof windows and accessories are the leading choice for architects, contractors, house builders, merchants and consumers and have been designed to offer high performance, functionality, quality aesthetics and value for money. All Fakro's products are available from recommended merchants throughout the UK. As well as the standard range of products, the company also offers a variety of non-standard sizes and shapes to cater for individual designs and requirements.

Roof Windows

Roof windows provide light and a feeling of space into a room and allow loft areas and darker rooms to be transformed into useful spaces. Roof windows are available with various opening options and are manufactured from aluminium and PVC, PVC with internal galvanised steel profiles or pine, vacuum impregnated and coated with acrylic lacquer. The windows are made using Fakro's patented topSafe anti-burglary reinforcement; this offers the highest standards of safety and security currently available to the minimum Class III – EN13049. This reinforcement prevents the timber from splitting, hinges being pulled out or the sash being broken and also incorporates automatic ventilation air inlets as standard. Glazing options include tinted glass, obscure glass, stained glass, reflective glass, self cleaning glass, laminated glass, energy efficient glass, sound proof glass and security glass.

Window options include:

  • Top Hung and Centre Pivot: Top hung and centre pivot windows are suitable for roof pitches of 15 to 55 degrees and are equipped with two independent opening mechanisms, an opening outward function which allows the window to open to 35 degrees and a pivot function which allows the sash to open through 180 degrees. Options include FPP-V, FPU-V and PPP-V U3 preSelect and FEP L3 emergency escape.
  • Centre Pivot: FT centre pivot windows are the leading choice of roof window. The centre pivot allows the window to be opened in a range of positions and can be rotated through 180 degrees. Options include FTP-V U3, FTU-V U3, FTP-V U3 Electro, PTP U3, PTP-V U3 and FTT U5 Thermo.
  • High Pivot: The high pivot window range features an axis of rotation which is situated above the centre of the window and is suitable for roof pitches of 20 to 65 degrees. The sash can be rotated through 0 to 45 degrees which is held by a support mechanism which allows the window to be held in a particular position. Options include the FYP-V U3 proSky and FDY-V U3 Duet proSky.
  • Conservation Window: The conservation window has been developed for older or traditional properties. The window features a sash bar in the centre of the window and black metal covering. The conservation window is available in centre pivot, top hung and pivot and emergency escape options.
  • Combinations: Fakro has developed a range of windows which are designed for installation in vertical combinations and which can be installed beneath a standard roof window. The windows can be linked together with a vertical jointing module and greatly improves the amount of light entering a room. The windows are equipped with a locking mechanism and glazed externally with toughened glass.
  • Non Standard: Fakro can create any desired window shape to accommodate unusual building styles and designs. Other options include arc windows, non-standard metal flashing, various sash and frame colours and glazing options.
  • Flat Roof System: The flat roof system allows for the installation of opening or non-opening windows onto flat or low pitched roofs. The system consists of two basic elements: a wooden housing, bonded with an insulation material and flashing and brackets for installing the wooden housing.
  • Roof Access and Escape Windows: Roof access windows are designed for easy access onto a roof, allowing the user to gain entry safely for maintenance work or as an emergency exit. The FWR and FWL side hung escape windows can be equipped with the same internal accessories as other roof windows.


Recently introduced by Fakro, the skylight range combines modern design with easy installation. Skylights are installed in ceilings and roofs to provide extra light. Opening and non opening versions are available and installations have included restaurants, galleries, factories, stairways, halls and domestic properties.

Sunlight Tunnels

Sunlight tunnels are specified in properties where more light is required, but cannot accommodate a roof window or vertical window. Sunlight tunnels are widely installed in dimly lit areas including corridors, dressing rooms, bathrooms, staircases and basements. The light is transmitted into the building through a dome which is mounted onto the roof. The suns rays are reflected off the sides of the flexible tube and onto a light diffuser within the internal ceiling. Light tunnels can be installed on flat roofs and roofs with a pitch of between 15 and 60 degrees.

Loft Ladders

Manufactured from pine, the LWS Smart and LWK Comfort wooden loft ladders are easy to install, incorporate non slip treads, are extremely durable and have a 36mm thick insulated door. The ladders are available with three or four sections and an optional handrail. The Miller MSU staircase is a non-folding solid pine staircase with handrail. The Miller can be used as a standard staircase between floors and the maximum height of a room in which it can be mounted is 290cm. A loft balustrade is also available to make exiting a loft easier.

Other Products

To complement the extensive range of products, Fakro offers a selection of accessories including:

  • Roof membranes
  • Flashings
  • External awning blinds and rollers shutters
  • Internal venetian, roller, blackout and pleated blinds and insect screens
  • Installation accessories
  • Automated and switched electric window controls
  • Window hardware

Fakro is committed to providing clients with a vast array of products to suit all roof window applications. Fakro products are available through an extensive network of distributors located throughout the UK; additional accessories can be purchased on the company website. The experienced and knowledgeable customer service team is available to offer comprehensive product advice, information and technical specifications. Fakro can also offer an installation service for loft ladders, windows, sun tunnels and other products.

For more in-depth information please contact Fakro using the buttons above or by visiting the company website.


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