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  • Captive Jackmounts
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  • Floating Floors
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  • Isolated Foundations
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  • Structural Bearings
  • Structural Bearings
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  • Isomat Acoustic Floating Floors

Farrat Isolevel Company Profile

FARRAT ISOLEVEL LTD is a specialist manufacturer of vibration, acoustic, shock and thermal isolation products that are used globally in a wide range of construction and industrial applications. The company was established over 50 years ago and is still family owned and operated.

Products & Applications

Structure Borne Vibration Isolation

Farrat offers a high quality range of products focused on the isolation of structure born vibration, acoustic noise and shock as well as building movement.

The product portfolio, manufactured mostly by Farrat in the UK, includes:

  • Neoprene CR Structural Bearings (Laminated, Plain pad and Isomat)
  • Anti vibration / Acoustic Pads, Washers and Bushes
  • Low frequency FSL coil spring and viscous damper systems
  • Isolated Foundations (Isomat, FSL Coil Spring and FV Damper systems)
  • Slide Bearings
  • Resilient Seatings
  • Isolation strips for blockwork and formwork walls
  • Wind Turbine Damping Gaskets

Isomat Acoustic Floating Floors

Farrat Isomat Acoustic Floating Floors are used extensively in buildings as architectural isolation products to prevent acoustic and structure borne vibration disturbance from propagating through the structure especially where quiet spaces are located near noisy areas. They have been developed to provide high levels of acoustic and vibration isolation performance whilst being economical, easy and quick to install and incorporating mostly recycled or sustainable components. They can be used in a vast array of applications including: cinemas, performing arts facilities and concert halls, bowling alleys, nightclub dance floors, broadcasting and recording studios, conference rooms, hotels, gymnasiums, hospital operating theatres and sensitive equipment areas, mechanical equipment, plant and back up generator rooms, helipads, manufacturing facilities, instrument & nanotechnology facilities, anechoic chambers, city centre residential dwellings and offices, buildings near road or rail networks etc.

Why choose a Farrat IFFS?

  • Excellent acoustic & vibration isolation performance
  • Flexibility in design, layout, acoustic & load bearing performance
  • Natural frequencies down to 6Hz
  • Acoustic air gap between 20 & 200mm
  • Floating concrete slab thicknesses between 50 & 2000mm
  • Load bearing capacity up to 900kN/m2
  • Sustainability

The 'dry' system (excluding concrete) can comprise of up to 90% recycled or sustainable materials

  • Flexibility in delivery

Can be supplied as fully installed system or as an isolator kit for customer installation

  • Ease, speed and adaptability of installation with minimal waste
  • Economical
  • Uses high quality, long lifetime materials

Thermal Break Connection Plates

Farrat Thermal Break Connection Plates are high performance, medium and high strength thermal insulators used between flanged connections of internal and external steelwork and concrete to prevent thermal / cold bridging.

Produced from high performance materials they provide a simple, economical and extremely effective solution to meeting Part L of the building requirements by way of reducing heat loss and the risk of internal condensation.

Farrat Thermal Breaks are also ideal for hot climate conditions to insulate the cool, air conditioned interior from the hot outside conditions (hot bridging).

Pads are supplied according to the customer's drawings, cut to size with all holes or slots etc drilled and clearly labelled for easy identification on site.

  • High load TBG 300
  • Medium load TBN 100

Precision Levelling

Farrat’s Levalators and Precision Wedge Levelling Elements provide a system of installation of large, heavy, long bed or precision equipment which require a very rigid connection to their foundations as well as accurate alignment for satisfactory performance; for example machines which are subjected to significant changes in load distribution during operation. Farrat Precision Wedge Levelling Elements (WL-LE) can be used for supporting and levelling machinery and equipment during construction, erection and operation.

Farrat also offer a comprehensive range of Machine & HVAC equipment levelling and anti-vibration mountings.

Farrat are happy to offer technical advice and system design input.

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