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  • FIL Acrylic Coatings
  • FIL Fire Pillows
  • Fire Resistant Suspended Ceiling
  • FIL Pipe Collar
  • FIL Pipe Wrap
  • FRC Pigmented System
  • FIL Pipes

Firespray International Company Profile

Established in 1992, Firespray International Ltd operates from an Essex headquarters, under the brand name Flamebar, to design and manufacture fire ducting systems and innovative fire protection systems, reaching customers worldwide.

Fire Protection Products:

Fire Ducting Systems:

The range of products available offers a maximum of four hours fire protection. Firespray International Ltd supplies the following fire ducting systems: smoke extract, commercial kitchen extract, basement and enclosed car park, escape route ducts, pressurization ductwork, basement smoke extract and ducting systems for high risk areas. The company also offers the Flamebar Mark 1 Fire Ducting system, manufactured from galvanised sheet steel which consists of a 3 dimensional wire cage that is guaranteed to provide fire protection that will stay in place throughout the fire. As well as offering further information on the systems available, the company’s website contains pages about Fire Triangle and Fire Growth.

Fire and Smoke Stopping Compartmentalisation

Firespray International Ltd provides fire and smoke stopping compartmentalisation in the following ten categories:

  • Intumescent butyl tape
  • Fire resistant suspended ceilings
  • Ceramic tape
  • Pipe collar and wrap
  • Fire pillows
  • Acrylic coatings
  • Silicone sealant
  • GFS 1000
  • Intumescent acrylic sealants.

Flame Retardant Coatings

Designed specifically for the protection of suspended ceilings and the refurbishment of wooden surfaces, the Pigmented System slows the spread of flames on new and existing timber products. The company’s Clear System is available in clear matt or clear satin finishes. The emulsion solution is a water based coating for timber and timber panelled products. Finally, Firespray International Ltd also offers a hardcoat system designed to be durable, clear and provides the surface with a hard finish. This final solution is suitable for application on various timber types, including: hardwoods, veneered MDF, veneered chipboard and plain MDF.

Structural Fire Protection Systems:

Firespray International Ltd offers the FIL Structural I.C-1 of water based protection systems, designed for application on interior steelwork. This product provides structural steel with protection against fire for a maximum of 120mins.

Acoustic Control Systems:

The Audex System is a range of spray-applied acoustic coatings for the improvement of sound reverberation within a building. Firespray International offers 3 models of Audex systems:

  • Audex G System - Designed for interior application, this coating is manufactured from exfoliated vermiculite and gypsum plaster. (Available in Ultra and Neutral options)
  • Audex P System - Manufactured from exfoliated vermiculite and Portland cement, this product is ideally applied where high impact resistance is required in areas of consistently varied humidity. (Available in Ultra and Neutral options)
  • Audex W System - Suitable for areas where high thermal conductivity and acoustic control are prerequisites.

The Mandolex System is a range of anti-drumming compounds for the suppression of vibration generated noise by dampening sound waves. The product consists of panel damping material designed to suppress vibration and vibration generated noise. Firespray International Ltd’s Mandolex System is a water based compound, ideally applied to primed steel, stainless steel, aluminium and vitreous enamel panels.

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