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  • Combi Cooling System
  • Fully Ventilated Assembly
  • Installation
  • Marmary Fan
  • Optimization System
  • Room Ventilation Regulator
  • JM Aerofoil
  • JM High Temperature Aerofoil
  • Box fans
  • Air Curtains
  • Compact air handling unit
  • Air cooled water chiller
  • eQ Air Handling Unit

FläktGroup UK Company Profile

FläktGroup UK specialises in the manufacture and supply of intelligent air-technology based solutions for the ventilation and air treatment of buildings and air movement for the infrastructure and industry markets. The company has a long history and has earned world renown for its innovation, technological expertise and understanding of applications. FläktGroup UK is a globally respected provider of energy-efficient high quality products including air handling units, fans, chilled beams and chillers.

For buildings, FläktGroup UK offers a range of indoor air comfort products that provide the occupants with clean, comfortable and fresh air. The company has specialised teams in 30 countries and sells across 65 countries to sectors including commercial, retail, education, health and industrial. Its systems have been proven over many years in projects across the world. Factories are quality approved by ISO 9001 and environmental approved according to ISO 14001.


Air treatment solutions are provided for just about any man-made construction including offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, laboratories, green buildings, car parks and cruise ships. All products offer energy savings and life cycle cost efficiency. Engineers are constantly developing new products in accordance with environmental legislation and work closely with customers to understand requirements.

Air Comfort Solutions

Air Handling Units

FläktGroup UK produces air handling units for the European, Asian and US markets that have the capability to cover a vast range of environments. They range from single supply air or exhaust air units to complete units with heat recovery, energy efficient components and built-in control systems. The European options include:

  • eQ™ Prime: A fully packaged air handling unit offering low installation and operating costs, available in eight sizes. Energy efficient components include PM motors, SEMCO sorption rotor and integrated controls.
  • eQ™: This flexible design unit has many innovative features and comes in 21 sizes. It is easy to install and maintain and the range covers everything from simple applications to integrated solutions.
  • Marine EUMM: This high-specification unit has different functional sections from damper, air filter, heat exchanger, fan, cooling and heating coils, dehumidifier to smoke dampers to meet virtually any air handling requirement. The sturdy frame members and aluminium corner pieces form a very stable framework which is well suited to the full range of sizes. Airflow range: 1.0 m3/s to 6.2 m3/s.
  • eQ™ Top and Topmaster: Two compact units requiring minimal space, each available in two sizes. Both are simply installed, with all connections facing upwards, and have an integrated control system.
  • CC line: The Clean Concept range has been designed for hospitals, micro-electronic, pharmaceutical and food industries but is also the right choice for commercial buildings, offices and hotels where the indoor climate influences the wellness and productivity of employees. The CC range handles air flows from 2,000 to 250,000 m3/h.
  • VEKA: With a low overall height, this supply air unit is ideal where installation space is limited. It comes in two sizes and the white casing makes it suitable for places where the unit is visible.
  • RoomMaster ABR: A simple-to-install unit in two sizes for efficient ventilation in areas such as schools, daycare centres, offices, conference rooms, shops, foyers - waiting rooms, leisure centres, production premises. The design allows for an even outward flow that reaches into corners.

Decentralised Comfort Control:

A wide range of top-rated rectangular, circular, nozzle and swirl air diffusion system products suited to every application. Choices are:

  • Chilled Beams: Free hanging and integrated chilled beams for high quality, quiet indoor air free from draughts. Ranges include the new generation iQ Star®, offering virtually endless possibilities, and units specially designed for hotel rooms.
  • Fan Coils: The QZB fan coil and QFDK chilled water cassette suit areas where individual room control is essential.
  • Air Heaters: A choice of horizontal or vertical models for heating and ventilating many premises. The ATD is available as hot water or steam versions in three sizes to suit industrial, workshop, retail and warehouse spaces. The LVDV is a fan-assisted heater with low overall height designed for space heating in areas such as shop entrances and lobbies, workshops and garages. It can be fitted with an air discharge device to increase the throw.
  • Perimeter Wall Unit: The QVFC has heating, cooling and ventilation functions for high comfort in the occupied zone.

Energy Recovery Wheels:

FläktGroup UK’ range of desiccant-based products and systems provide a cost effective way to provide continuous ventilation while controlling humidity at any operating condition. There are three choices including Econovent, the original rotary heat exchanger, and the TE-3 and TS series, designed to meet the ASHRAE 62 mandate for building codes in the US.


FläktGroup UK’ range of air cooled or water cooled chillers meet all relevant European standards and are Eurovent and CE certified. They are designed to minimise the overall annual energy consumption in all types of buildings. Four lines offer cooling capacity up to 1800kW with low sound and vibration levels.

Integrated Cooling:

All FläktGroup UK air handling units can have an integrated cooler built in. No noisy outdoor condenser fan is necessary, so the right temperature can be achieved within a compact energy-efficient installation.

Air Distribution –

fittings, tubes and silencers.

Air Terminal Devices –

diffusers; air valves for supply, exhaust and natural ventilation; grilles, transfer air grilles; air distribution systems and external louvres and cowls in various sizes.

Air Flow Management –

Circular and rectangular dampers for regulation or measurement of air flow; flow variators for controlling air flows in VAV systems.

Energy Recovery Units –

A choice of cross flow exchanger, counter flow exchanger or rotating heat exchangers offering typical temperature efficiency of up to 75-85%.

Fans –

The widest range of fans on the market. A fan selector tool via the FläktGroup UK website helps find the right one for any requirement. Ranges include:

  • Axial fans - A wide choice for general air movement or special applications such as high temperature smoke extraction, pressurisation and ATEX explosive atmospheres
  • Centrifugal fans - For general air movement, emergency smoke extraction or ATEX explosive atmospheres
  • Roof fans
  • Box and Duct fans - A huge choice for all types of installation requirements
  • Smoke Extract fans - Smoke Angel pressurisation system
  • Demand Control ventilation
  • Car Park ventilation systems - highly efficient thrust fan system
  • Air curtains - Eight types of air curtains in various sizes and shapes, for many applications
  • Domestic and commercial fans in a choice of styles and sizes.

Fire Safety –

Fire dampers and control systems; exhaust valves; smoke control dampers; high temperature axial fans, radial fans and roof fans.

Natural Ventilation – New to FläktGroup UK are natural ventilation products, in connection with Vision Vent. The environmentally conscious company offers products to cover all aspects of natural ventilation, including:

  • Air Stacks providing intake and extract through a fixed turret
  • Intelligent Fixed Wind Turrets with wind speed and direction sensors
  • Rotating Wind Cowls available in intake, extract or combined formats
  • Specialist Ventilation Turrets to meet specific architectural criteria
  • Solar Shading Systems.


FläktGroup UK provides a range of services and preventive maintenance for HVAC Products and systems, refrigeration plant and control systems. The company combines unparalleled resources with world class engineering skills to offer a total solution from a single source.

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