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  • 3 & 4 Pole Plug & Socket Sets

Flex7 Company Profile

Flex Connectors manufacture the flex7 lighting connection and control system. The system is entirely modular - which gives you extreme flexibility when creating your lighting layout, and is built around a plug and play philosophy which allows for faster installation on site.

The system centres around the flex7 eZeBox. All boxes are 7-pole, 16A rated and are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ways. The eZeBox has been designed to ensure that the system is entirely future proof – an extra socket on the end of each unit means that extra boxes can be plugged in at any time, to cater for changes in user requirements.

The Flex7 System

Power up - The flex7 System provides power to your lighting circuit using an eZeBox unit or single socket outlets, alternatively make use of the modular design, and add extra units to build a complete plug together connection system.

Expansion units can be used to extend a previously installed switched circuit or use a Tap-off unit to extend just the supply.

Light up – Once you have provided power for your installation you will need to consider connection to the luminaires. Choose from our huge range of Pre-wired Luminaire Leads, Extender and Double Extender Leads (piggy back), pre-wired and unwired Plug and Socket Sets, or just Plugs. Panel Mounted Plugs and Sockets are also available for incorporation into luminaires.

And Control – To get the most out of your flex7 system, select a plug-in control device from our comprehensive range of sensors and switches. The control can then be plugged into any unused outlet to control that eZeBox.

The Flex7 lighting controls range operates at protected extra low voltage and includes occupancy, presence, daylight linking, daylight dependency, manual dimming/switching and remote control. We also offer a range of mains voltage plug-in switch drops.

Project Service

We are very proud of our projects service, and the support we provide our customers. We pack each project on room-by-room basis, provide full telephone support, and if necessary a free visit to site. And if you'd prefer to do it all yourself, we've helped you by creating some project quotation software - free to download from our website.


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