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Flexseal Company Profile

Based in Sheffield, Flexseal, which is part of the Fernco group of companies, was established in 1988. The company designs and manufactures low and non pressure couplings, which are suitable in a number of applications including drainage, sewerage and plumbing.

Flexseal manufactures and tests all products to meet UK and international requirements. As the European market leader, the company has recently widened its product range to include channel drainage, plumbing and pipe repair products with its German subsidiary company.


All Flexseal couplings, which can be used with concrete, clay, plastic, clay, cast iron and steel pipes, are suitable for drainage, sewerage, plumbing and vent systems. The standard product range is designed to connect and repair pipelines of different materials or sizes in underground applications. The reliable and durable products can be supplied with nitrile sleeves and sizing is 100 to 620mm diameter.

Large Diameter Standard Couplings are also available with nitrile sleeves and measure 6001 to 2100mm in size. The product is manufactured to order to meet individual requirements.

Other varieties of couplings available include wraparound, extra wide, Fernco, chemical, Euro, drain and adaptor.

Lateral connections:

Flexseal is renowned for its saddle connectors, which are both designed and developed by the company. The pioneering lightweight lateral connections can be used in any application and benefits include a fast turnaround and easy installation helping to reduce costs on site, with no concrete, adhesives or sealants being required. Products types include Fa Saddle, Pa Saddle, Ua Saddle, Fernco UNI-T and Ancillaries.

Channel drainage:

The unique Fernco Storm Drain system, made from lightweight plastic moulding, includes end caps, end outlets, sump units, leaf traps and 90 degree corners. Ideal for block paving and grassed areas, it is able to withstand a five tonne vehicle weight and is supplied as standard in black. Other colours are available for all types of applications including green, terracotta, sandstone and grey. The low maintenance product complies with the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and is also manufactured to the BS EN 1433 standard.

Plumbing range:

Flexseal has a number of replacement and repair plumbing products. The range consists of five different types including the EPDM commercial plumbing range, which is 30 to 100mm diameter, the Fernco Black PVC plumbing range, 23 to 100mm diameter, the Fernco Grey PVC plumbing range, 32-130mm diameter, the Fernco Pow-R Wrap and Fernco air admittance valves, 32 to 110mm waste and soil pipes.

Fernco Pipe Doctor:

Fernco pipe doctor is used to repair damaged pipes and restore them back to watertight status. The pipe doctor product ensures that no excavation work is needed in the application. Fernco pipe doctor radius is a unique system that can repair 150mm pipe on a bend. Suitable for a 90 degree bend, it is the only product on the market able to achieve this.

As well as the standard pipe doctor and Fernco pipe doctor a number of accessories are also available. These include resin, contractor packs, packers, a manhole lifting key, an internal pipe seal and a Fernco access point.

Due to mass growth in the 1990s, the company built its own production facility in 1998, which marked the company’s 10th year, in Wombwell, Barnsley. From the start of the business, employee numbers have grown from two to now more than sixty. Fernco group of companies, based in the USA, bought Flexseal in 2002 establishing a global group.

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