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  • Quick and easy to install
  • Flood Protection for Garage Doors
  • Flood Protection for Garage Doors
  • Flood Protection Installation
  • Doorway Flood Protection
  • Air Brick Flood Covers
  • Commercial Flood Protection
  • Garage Flood Barriers
  • Sliding Folding Door Food Barriers
  • Flood Protection for Factories
  • Flood Protection for Pubs & Restaurants
  • Flood Protection for Pubs & Restaurants

Flood Ark Company Profile

Flood Ark is based in Lenwade, Norwich and is a specialist in the field of bespoke flood protection systems for commercial and domestic premises at risk from flooding across the United Kingdom. Designed by their sister company Forge Fabrications Ltd, the BSI Kite Marked flood barriers are manufactured and installed by Flood Ark.

Climate change has increased the likelihood of flooding in many areas across the country, with around 10% of homes and businesses currently affected and many more predicted to be at risk in years to come. Flood defence and improved drainage systems may take Local Authorities many years to install. By adding temporary flood barriers to windows, doors, patio doors, garages and vents, buildings can have a good standard of protection. Properties that have installed Flood Ark flood barriers can now obtain cost effective insurance where they were previously refused or were offered only high premiums.


The Flood Ark Flood Protection System uses an unrivalled closed cell silicone sponge technology, which is simple to install and provides an extremely effective barrier against flooding, compared to other systems on the market. Benefits include:

  • Lightweight and strong PVC boards, fast installation in under 5 minutes
  • 200 mm high boards for varied height requirements and easy storage
  • Easy access to property
  • Materials used for the systems are weatherproof and resistant to ultra violet light
  • Various lock combinations for extra security
  • Can be fixed to the majority of surfaces
  • Lower insurance premiums

Flood Barriers

The aluminium frame of the flood barrier is permanently recessed into the floor and fixed to the walls. The unique click and fix boards are then simply installed by the client when there is a flood alert. Once the boards are fixed in place, the compression locks are rotated to seal the boards into the frame for a water-tight barrier.

  • Doorways - The system can be installed in most doorway situations, entrances and exits, patio doors and garages, up to a height of 1 metre, in board increments of 200mm.
  • Windows - Using the same system as for doors, the bespoke frames are made to fit any aperture on a low level window.
  • Air Vents - Flood water can enter a property through openings such as air vents. Bespoke covers are available for any style of vent.
  • Commercial Properties - For extra large doorways and roller doorways an extendible barrier system in modular form can be installed. This systems uses removable metal stanchions which then allows for a series of barriers to be joined together for a water-tight seal.

Flood Ark Flood Protection Systems are installed by a team of fully trained technicians. Installation times vary according to the number of apertures to be covered. The system is approved by planning officers and has been rigorously tested and passed by Aston University, the British Standards Institute and meets specifications required by PAS 1188-1:2003.

The company prides itself on understanding every customer's individual requirements, and is widely respected for the high quality products and effectiveness of the system. A knowledgeable team are available to assist customers on any aspect of the flood defence system from design and manufacture through to installation and aftercare.

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