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  • Demountable Flood Barriers
  • Demountable Flood Barriers
  • Flip Up Automatic Flood Barrier
  • Flood Proof Security Doors
  • Glass Flood Barriers
  • Left Hinged Flood Gates
  • Swing Hinged Flood Gate
  • Pivot Barrier

Flood Control International Company Profile

Flood Control International specialises in the design, supply and installation of flood barriers, floodgates and flood doors. With many years’ experience, Flood Control International offers consultant civil engineers providing comprehensive, professional advice on all aspects of flood related issues. Our client list includes the Environment Agency, Utility companies, Supermarket chains and office developers as well as individual property owners.

Products by Flood Control International include many types of flood barrier, floodgates, flood proof glazing and flood doors. All are available to both commercial and residential customers and can be provided on a supply only or complete design, supply and installation basis. We can design and install bespoke systems that suit individuals’ specifications. We are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and each design is backed by our specific Professional Indemnity Insurance for complete peace of mind.


Slot In Barriers

Flood barriers utilise aluminium beams and are able to span 2.5metres up to 2.7metres flood height. Our system is designed to protect doorways and garages, commercial units and retail outlets from flooding, or can be incorporated into floodwalls where access is required. whilst maintaining the aesthetics of a property. A galvanised steel frame is permanently fixed to the walls and, the boards are simply fitted by the client when there is a flood alert. Once the required numbers of boards are in place, they give a water-tight barrier.

Demountable Barriers

Demountable Barriers use the same beams as the slot in barriers, but for longer lengths. These vertical removable barriers are ideal for use in roads and driveways, shop fronts, utility sites and buildings with large expanses of glazing. Using our strong and durable, narrow profile interlocking aluminium beams, our demountable barriers offer complete water resistance for any length or configuration for depths of up to 2.1metres and will not be permeated by flood water. With a choice of three heights, the barrier can be added should water levels rise further. The barriers are completely self- supporting and removable – leaving surfaces flush and unblemished when not in use.

Flood Gates

Our aluminium and steel Flood gates offer the ultimate in flood protection and security from impact damage and violent water surging during floods. Our lift hinge gates allow flood protection across flat and level thresholds, which is ideal for vehicle accesses or disabled access areas. Our gates allow easy daily usage, and easy defence against floods. Our standard gates can provide flood protection of up to 1.8 metres and fitted to a width of up to 6 metres and we can design and supply steel gates to any size – our largest to-date is 4.4metres high and 6.4metres wide!

Flood Proof Security Doors

Our flood-proof security doors offer full time protection against flooding, can be security rated and also specified as 60 minute fire doors where required. Our doors come with a range of security rated door furniture including emergency escape bars, door closers and a range of handles.

Flood Control Glazing

Our glass flood walls use specially designed flood-proof glass and engineered frames which are designed for a variety of flood defence heights and impact conditions. The result is a clear glass flood barrier with minimal visual impact that is always ready to defend against flood conditions. Our glass flood barriers can be used individually as flood proof windows, incorporated into hard flood defences, or as a complete freestanding barrier..

Pivot Barriers, Drop-down barriers, Flip Up Barriers

Flood Control design and manufacture the widest range of barriers, from manual barriers, to powered push-button operation, to fully automated flood barriers that only rise when required and safe to do so. Our barriers can pivot vertically out of the way when not in use, or rise up on rails above the opening, or disappear into the ground. These allow complete flexibility when designing buildings, or open areas whilst retaining the aesthetic features of the building or site.

Flood Control International prides itself on understanding every customer's individual requirements, and is widely respected for the high quality and effectiveness of our solutions. A knowledgeable and experienced team is available to assist customers on any aspect of our flood defence systems, helping to select and install the most appropriate system for each situation.

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