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Floodsafe Projects Company Profile

Floodsafe Projects design, install and maintain flood mitigation products for commercial clients. As a specialist in commercial flood protection, Floodsafe Projects is dedicated to providing clients with high quality products to mitigate their loss in the event of a flood.

Working with an experienced team of specialist designers, engineers and project managers, we offer bespoke and innovative solutions to protect your business and provide business continuity. We work with a wide range of clients, and we take pride in designing bespoke solutions, which are cost effective and suitable to each client.

With design and innovation at the heart of everything we do, we protect your business with high quality, robust products. Our team of experienced engineers and designers will work with you to make sure the solution delivers complete protection to your business.

Buffalo Flood Barriers have now been independently tested and passed the New BS 851188:2019

Why Install Flood Mitigation Products?

Our commercial flood mitigation products are designed to keep your business running in the event of a flood. By installing our products, clients benefit from:

  • Business continuity
  • Protection of key assets and investments from future damage
  • Reduced financial impact of future claims
  • Evidence to your insurers that you have taken reasonable precautions to mitigate the loss and reduce a claim
  • Lower insurance premiums and excess

What flood mitigation products do you use?

Buffalo Flood Systems, the most robust and reliable flood mitigation products on the market. The Buffalo product range is built on our experience working with customers to improve the quality of flood mitigation products available on the market. This constant innovation and engineering means the Buffalo Flood Systems use the most up to date flood technology to deliver the strongest and most reliable solution.


Floodsafe Projects solutions for peace-of-mind flood protection include:

Flood Doors

Flood doors manufactured by Floodsafe Projects to look just like a normal door and come in a range of styles, materials and colours to suit different properties, but act as a flood barrier in a flood situation. With UPVC and composite flood doors no barrier is needed and it provides 24/7 peace of mind at the close of a door.These give guaranteed protection up to 600mmhigh and are independently tested to PAS 1188-1:2014. UPVC flood doors come in a variety of colours and styles and are bespoke made for each customer.

Flood Barriers

  • Buffalo & Buffalo HD Flood Barrier: This reliable flood defence system is manufactured from aluminium and steel to last a lifetime. The demountable barriers are very quick and easy to use and can be adapted for any commercial or domestic application. Available in heights from 400mm - 2000mm, they can protect openings up to 3m wide in a single expanse while also being versatile enough to create demountable walls to any width and create dry compounds areas around electrical equipment and sub stations. Once installed, the post holders with their protective caps remain inconspicuous and allow unimpeded access to the site.

Sewerage Defence

Sewerage Non Return Valves

  • Universal Non-return valve fits both clay and plastic 110mm or 4in pipes. Stops rodents and noxious fumes from entering properties. Stops backflow of effluent during flooding. The NRV is simple-to-install in to inspection chambers without the need for any tools.

Other products available to complete a flood protection solution are:

  • Anti-flood airbricks - allows air to pass through, but under flood conditions will automatically shut off activated by just one moving part. It is Kitemark accredited and can be retro fitted or used in new builds.

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