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Floraselect Company Profile

Floraselect is based in Writtle, Essex, and specialises in the supply of a wide range of superior quality garden plants, trees and pots. The company provides a nationwide delivery service to a wide range of domestic, trade and commercial clients and most products are available for delivery within 5-10 working days. Products include bamboo plants, climbers, fruit trees, grasses, ferns, hedging plants, perennials, topiary plants, trees, shrubs, garden planters and watering and irrigation equipment.

Floraselect has been a leading provider of garden products for many years and can offer comprehensive advice and information on the most appropriate plants for a particular location. The team of skilled gardeners can also put together a selection of plants, trees, topiary or bamboo into a stylish and contemporary planter and deliver directly to the client to add an instant impact to any garden, terrace or commercial property. Special gift orders are catered for and can be delivered with beautiful presentation wrapping to any address. Floraselect offers highly competitive prices on bulk orders for trade and domestic clients.

The product range includes:

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo offers an exotic look in a wide and varied range of colours and sizes and is moderately easy to maintain. There are two main types of bamboo plants which are popular in the UK, the Fargesia with slender stems which grow in clumps and Phyllostachys which offers a thick woody stem, making it ideal for screening and hedging. Floraselect also offers the thick stemmed Pseudosasa bamboo.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are greatly valued for their ability to cover walls, tree stumps, buildings, trees and other plants, providing fast growing, stunning displays of colour. Many climbers are self-clinging, twining, scrambling or trailing. There is an extensive range of climbers available including roses and varieties of Clematis, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Passiflora, Vitis and Wisteria.

Fruit Trees

There is a huge variety of fruit trees available including Plum trees, Apple trees, Pear trees, Fig trees, Quince trees, Cherry trees, Peach trees and Guava trees.

Hedging Plants

Hedging plants are used in many gardens as simple features or for screening and separating areas. Options include Cherry Laurel, Red Firethorn and Orange Firethorn.

Perennial Plants

Perennial plants generally live for more than two years and when mature, will flower on a yearly basis. The herbaceous plants form a flowering stem every year before seeding and dying back in the autumn, ready for new growth in the spring. With a vast array of shapes, sizes and colours available, perennials are ideal for new and experienced gardeners to form colour and texture in any garden, pot, window box or border.


Topiary is an extremely old art of trimming and training shrubs into ornamental or defined shapes. Topiary is used for many modern and traditional landscapes and suits most architectural styles. Topiary can be planted in pots or mixed with existing plants to create a stunning feature. Topiary plants available from Floraselect include Box, Photinia Fraseri Red Robin Standard, Taxus Baccata and Bay.

Trees and Shrubs

Floraselect has a huge range of trees and shrubs available in all sizes, shapes and colours. There are deciduous and evergreen plants, annuals, bi-annuals, ground cover plants, shrubs, hedging, bushes, ferns, grasses, lilies and many more. Incorporating a broad selection of plants in a garden can provide a natural habitat and shelter for a wide range of birds and other species of animals.

Garden Planters

Floraselect offers a wide range of planters that can transform any garden, patio, terrace, balcony or entrance in domestic and commercial settings. Floraselect can put together a client’s selection of bamboo, plants or topiary and plant it into a chosen pot for delivery to the desired location. The beautiful and stunning range of planters is available in many shapes, colours, sizes and finishes to complement any external space.

The range includes:

Polystone Planters

Our sleek, designer polystone planters are made from an amalgamation of fibreglass and powdered stone, giving the appearance of solid stone planters, that are lightweight and easy to move. An all weather planter, durable, lightweight and tough with a stunning designer look.

Polyterrazzo Planters

Handmade from crushed granite, mixed with fibreglass and resin, offering a lightweight polyterrazzo garden planters with added strength and stability. For a terrazzo look, but lightweight and easy to move, tough and durable, our all weather poly-terrazzo planters are a must for any garden situation.

Zinc Planters

Our contemporary range of zinc planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, finished in either a smooth polished black or a titan, stainless steel look Made from zinc plated steel, they are lightweight and durable, creating a sleek and modern look.

Garden Plants

Floraselect have large range of Bamboo, Topiary, Climbers and Shrubs, Trees and many more garden plants to create instant impact when planted in our stunning contemporary pots and planters.

All stock on the website can be delivered immediately and discounts can be given for bulk orders.

Watering and Irrigation

Floraselect supplies a range of equipment for watering gardens from simple portable or wall mounted hosepipes and reels to automatic winding hose reels with wheels from the manufacturer Claber. There is also a range of indoor and outdoor irrigation kits which automatically control the quantity of water given to a plant in set timed intervals.

Floraselect is committed to providing trade and domestic clients with a wide range of superior quality trees, plants and planters that will complement any home, garden or business. The friendly and experienced sales team has extensive knowledge of the product range and can provide advice, information and quotations on all products. Deliveries are available throughout mainland UK and outside this area by special request. Orders can be placed on the website or over the telephone.

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