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  • Extinguisher Stands
  • Extinguisher Stands
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FMC Manufacturing Company Profile

FMC Manufacturing Company is an independent manufacturer and supplier of trade fire equipment. The company offers an extensive range of fire extinguisher cabinets, stands and fire points, equipment cabinets, extinguishers, signs, fire blankets, alarms, bells and trolley units. The product range can be purchased via the company website, email or over the telephone.

With many years of industry experience, the team at FMC provides trade clients with superior levels of service, advice, support and products at the lowest possible price, regardless of the quantity purchased. The fully trained sales team has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the product range and are available seven days a week.

The extensive product range includes:

Extinguisher Cabinets

Extinguisher cabinets are an extremely popular choice of storage for fire extinguishers. The range includes:

  • Glass Fibre DM Range

Available in four size options for 1 to 5 x 10kg extinguishers. Floor, wall or post mounted and constructed in strong GRP with a polyamide wing closure. This range comes in red as standard or in any BS or RAL colour by order.

  • Rotary Moulded JS Range

An ultra-tough polythene construction, ideal for food preparation areas, featuring twin vision panels on hinged door models, padlock facility, neoprene weather seal and chemical resistant. The JS range comes in two sizes to hold one or two 9kg extinguishers in a variety of colours.

Equipment Cabinets

FMC has developed a range of equipment cabinets for different applications. The range includes:

  • Fire Hose Cabinets

The HE cabinet is manufactured in strong GRP to house branch pipes and lay-flat hoses. This cabinet can be bespoke designed to meet individual specification incorporating features such as shelves, harnesses and plastic fittings. There are six size options and a marine option is also available.

  • Holiday/Leisure Park Cabinets

Developed for holiday parks, the SX GRP range offers protection for 2 x 9kg extinguishers, featuring quick release catches and an optional alarm system.

  • Tamper Proof Extinguisher Cover

The LOC cover protects a 9kg extinguisher from unauthorised use or in dusty or oily environments.

Extinguisher Stands

FMC has a range of fire extinguisher stands in various sizes and colour options. Fire extinguisher stands can be wall mounted or free standing in single or double sizes. The stands can be used in schools, residential buildings, offices, factories and food preparation areas. Options include the UNI universal high gloss stand, the CS chrome stand, the JS rotary moulded stand and the Classic high gloss styrene free-standing stand. Also available is the TR trolley unit, ideal for forecourts, schools and building sites. This portable wheeled trolley can hold two extinguishers and a sand bucket.

Extinguisher Fire Points

Extinguisher fire points are placed in a specific fire point location, hold a single or two extinguishers and come in red or grey as standard or any colour by special order. The Classic is manufactured in high gloss styrene and offers total flexibility with regards to CO2 + water/foam combinations. The Universal fire point can hold a whole range of extinguishers and includes a multiple disc system that is moulded into the base to allow different sizes of extinguisher to sit firmly.


The EXT range of extinguishers is manufactured to exacting standards and carries the Kite Mark and CE mark. The extinguishers come in a wide variety of sizes and include CO2, foam, water and powder options to tackle any type of fire. A comprehensive range of ancillary products is available such as signs, key storage, alarms and glass breakers. A range of fire blankets also complement the extinguisher range. The FB range is Kite marked and certified to BS EN 1869:1997 and B.A.F.E approved.

ID Signs

The correct signage is vital to accompany any fire extinguisher, fire point or escape route. These signs can display fire types and how to deal with them, identifying the type of extinguisher, fire blanket usage, assembly points for people, fire action notices, exit signs and equipment location signs. FMC has a full range of signs available.

Alarms and Bells

An alarm sounding is often the first sign of a fire occurring and FMC has a range of evacuator alarms and hand bells.

  • EVA Evacuator Site Alarms

Non-wired, manual self contained fire alarms with break glass or push button alarm activators.

  • EVAMINI Evacuator Mini Guard Alarm

A compact design with multiple linking options, additional call points are available and reset break glass.

  • Rotary Hand Bells

The RHB range is a die-cast aluminium rotary hand bell in a powder coated red finish, featuring a tough polymer revolving handle.

FMC Manufacturing Company has designed and developed the product range to satisfy and comply with many strict safety regulations. The vast product range can be used in a multitude of settings and applications for a wide range of clients and requirements. Many of the products can be tailored to individual specification. The friendly and knowledgeable team at FMC is happy to offer comprehensive advice and information across the whole product range.

For more detailed information or to contact FMC Manufacturing Company please use the buttons above or visit the company website.


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