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Frames Direct Company Profile

Frames Direct has over twenty years of experience within the building and surveying industry and is the UK’s premier supplier and installer of the globally renowned Internorm windows and doors. The company works in partnership with Internorm who continuously delivers superior quality and performance throughout their whole product range.

Frames Direct understands the needs of the client and the ever increasing demand for high insulating windows and doors to reduce fuel costs. There is a dedicated technical department who can provide reliable product advice and on-going after-sales care.

Benefits and Services

Frames Direct sales are usually through word of mouth and repeat orders from contented customers who have benefitted from extensive choice, excellent service and competitive prices. As Frames Direct is a supplier and not a manufacturer, the company can utilise the enormous international market to provide a flexible and specialised service to each individual client. Frames Direct offers an extensive array of glazing solutions including double, treble and quadruple glazing in timber, uPVC, aluminium and stainless steel frames covering styles such as classic, contemporary and state-of-the-art.

The skilled and specialised team source products which offer quality, choice of range, innovative technology and affordability. There is a showroom open to the public which is based in Ruislip where there is a comprehensive range of products on show and a team of expert staff to guide the client through every step. With Frames Direct and Internorm’s range of products, clients can be assured that they will receive innovative products which are reliable, durable and secure and a superior customer service throughout the whole process. Internorm windows and doors can also assist builders and architects to achieve the standards set out for low energy and passive houses.


Internorm windows are available in numerous colours, styles and finishes which makes them an ideal choice for new-build, renovation, low energy houses, passive houses and older properties. The glazing is available in double, treble and quadruple options depending upon the frame design and application and all feature security of mushroom fittings and built-in security locks. There are many optional extras available within the ranges including integral sun screening, insect-proofing, visibility protection and handles. Options include:

  • uPVC/Aluminium Windows

uPVC/Aluminium windows offer excellent features including durability, storm-proof and sound-absorbing properties. The windows are easy to maintain, can be formed into virtually any shape and can be finished in various colour options. With innovative Fix-o-Round technology, heat insulation of up to Uw = 0.86W/m2K and superior sound insulation of up to 46dB, this range offers excellent choice and performance. Designs include Dimension+, Dimension 4, Passion and Thermo 3.

  • Wood/Aluminium Windows

Suitable for all property types, the wood/aluminium ranges incorporate concealed fittings and they are storm-proof and feature a protective exterior aluminium shell. This range is ideal for low energy and passive houses and features wood on the inside and aluminium on the outside with a high insulation thermal foam between for optimal heat insulation of Uw = 0.68W/m2K and soundproofing of up to 43dB. With individual window solutions in a wide range of styles, colours and optional extras, the wood/aluminium window range offers excellent design possibilities. Design options include Edition, Edition 4, Varion 4, Genion, Generation XL and Vetro XL.


Frames Direct supplies a range of exterior doors in attractive designs to suit all types of property. There is a wide range of unit shapes incorporating side panels, top lights, glazing options, decorative features or various other structural alternatives. Every door utilises innovative design technology and first class engineering, sound and heat insulation, are triple sealed and a five-bar mortice lock featuring central locking, two security bolts and two claw locks. A passive house certified alternative is also available. Clients can create their own individual front door using the comprehensive range of imaginative styles, colours and glazing options. Design options include:

  • Linea Aluminium Door

The Linea aluminium door is a smooth flat design without mouldings which features a special body with triple compact laminate plate construction and aluminium inlays inside to ensure stability and insulation.

  • Portal Aluminium Door

The Portal aluminium door features a soft profile for an impressive look and is a high quality door which offers superior sound and heat-proofing, security and durable surfaces. The door is available in any RAL colour and incorporates a three-layer profile with thermally insulating polyamide spacers and a foam filled insulation core.

  • Selection Wood/Aluminium Door

This is a certified passive house front door manufactured from wood, thermal foam and aluminium. Selection doors incorporate a reliable security system through a combination of a high security cylinder, X-tra and a security door furniture set. Selection has gained Class WK2 and offers a heat insulation value of 0.73W/m2K.

  • Patio Doors

Frames Direct offers a complete range of Internorm patio, balcony and side doors to match the window and door systems. Options include folding doors, push and tilt doors and specialist door solutions in numerous colours and styles with various features and functions to satisfy individual requirements. All incorporate innovative design features, excellent insulation properties and high security locking systems.

Frames Direct is fully committed to providing a wide range of products and services to satisfy the requirements of individuals, designers, architects and building contractors. The extensive range of products is backed by a comprehensive customer care package and the assurance of Internorm’s strong reputation within the international market. The professional sales team at Frames Direct welcomes enquiries and will guide the client through the whole process from the initial consultation through to assembly and offers excellent after-sales services.


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