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Freezteq Products Company Profile

Freezteq Products is based near Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucestershire and has been a leading provider of superior damp proofing products since the early 1970s. Invented back in 1965, the Freezteq Frozen Damp-Course System has been widely specified for damp proofing all types of walls including brick, stone and rubble infill of any thickness.

Freezteq prides itself on providing a highly effective and affordable rising damp solution which is easy to use and is guaranteed for 30 years. Freezteq’s main business is the rising damp treatment, but also offers a range of alternative building preservation products.

What is Freezteq?

The Freezteq Damp Proof Course System has for over four decades been used to provide a damp course to various brick and stone buildings throughout the world. In 1975, Freezteq was awarded a gold medal at the 4th Salon International des Inventions et des Techniques Nouvelles in Geneva.

Freezteq is a completely unique and extremely effective damp proof system which offers many advantages over other chemical techniques. The damp proof course system is based upon siliconate solutions which are supplied in the form of circular section, pre-frozen packs, known as ‘ice sticks’. The ice sticks’ slow melting formulation maintains a continuous water-repellent barrier throughout the treated area because the system is dependent on diffusion, a highly effective method for fluid distribution in masonry.

The Advantages of Freezteq

Freezteq Damp-Course System offers a vast array of benefits which make it a leading choice of DIYers, contractors and architects throughout the UK and overseas. The key benefits include:

  • Easy to Use: Freezteq is easy to use and is suitable for use by contractors and confident DIY enthusiasts.
  • Easy Handling: The frozen siliconates can be easily handled and can be applied extremely quickly.
  • Delivery Method: Diffusion is the most effective method for the installation of chemical damp courses. Capillary action guarantees that the siliconates follow the natural pathways of the rising damp. This method ensures that the damp course is deposited where it is most needed.
  • Direct Installation: Freezteq ice sticks can be inserted directly into mortar joints, which are a major pathway for rising damp.
  • Reduced Costs: With easy installation, Freezteq can lead to a substantial reduction in costs, as employed labour is not generally required.
  • Wall Types: Freezteq is suitable for treating any wall thickness, as the amount used can be easily controlled. The thicker the wall, the more frozen ice sticks are needed. Any type of stone or brickwork can be treated.
  • Treatment: The majority of walls can be treated from one side only; this is generally the external wall.
  • No Specialised Equipment: No specialist equipment is required to install Freezteq, just a hammer drill, a 22mm drill bit, sufficient Freezteq packs and the means to freeze packs for 48 hours.
  • Correct Dosage: Administering the correct dosage can be assured at all points; diffusion prevents the collection of the solution in large, unsuspected cavities.
  • No Liquid Spills: As Freezteq is frozen, there are no spillable liquids which could create a health hazard or damage to furnishings and décor.
  • Non-Flammable: Freezteq is non-flammable and causes no fire risk.
  • Odourless: Freezteq is completely odourless.
  • Guarantee: Freezteq is guaranteed for 30 years.

Using Freezteq

Every box of Freezteq ice sticks is supplied with comprehensive installation instructions. The sticks are simply inserted into holes which have been drilled into the wall within 25mm of the wall thickness. Sufficient ice sticks must be used to fill each hole. Once the Freezteq ice sticks have dissolved, the process should be repeated until a total of four applications have been carried out within a 24 hour period.

Freezteq is available to purchase directly with the company or via a dedicated distributor. Freezteq is available in packs of 50, 100 or 250 ice sticks. One box of Freezteq containing 50 ice sticks will treat 1.4 metres of 230mm thick walling, 100 sticks will treat 2.8 metres of the same walling and 250 ice sticks will treat 7 metres.

Ancillary products

Freezteq also sells other useful building preservation products. These are:

  • Freezteq Masonry Water Repellent for Walls: This concentrate is used to form a water-repellent yet breathable surface on external brickwork, rendering, stonework and concrete structures. It is also available with added moss inhibitor.
  • Freezteq Sand and Cement Admix: For waterproofing sand and cement floor screeds and renders.
  • Freezteq Timber Treatment: This is used on wood against woodworm and wood-boring insects.
  • Freezteq Masonry Fungicide: For eliminating dry rot in masonry.
  • Freezteq Concentrated Masonary Water Repellent for Original Floor Screeds: This product saves original floor screeds being taken up and thus saves costs. The product is applied until the floor screed is fully saturated thus forming a water repellent barrier.

Like all Freezteq products, these are aqueous based and contain no solvents.

Freezteq Products is committed to providing a damp proof course system which is reliable, easy to install and a cost-effective solution for any masonry building, regardless of age or size. The friendly and experienced customer service team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth information and advice on the Freezteq Damp Proof Course System.


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