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  • Door Grille
  • Grille Border
  • Industrial Grilles
  • Single Deflection Grille
  • Double Deflection Grille
  • Fixed Blade Supply/ Extract Grille
  • Perforated Face Grille
  • Non Vision Door Transfer Grille
  • Adjustable Jet Nozzles
  • Circular Face Air Jets
  • High Capacity Swirl Diffusers
  • Heavy Duty Duct Dampers
  • Fully Sealed Slimline Duct Dampers
  • Weather Louvres

GDL Air Systems Company Profile

GDL Air Systems is based in Glossop, Derbyshire, and specialises in the manufacture and supply of air distribution products to the construction industry. The company is a privately owned business with regional offices located in London and Bristol and has seen extensive growth over the last three years, doubling annual turnover. The product range includes grilles, diffusers, louvres, dampers, solar shading and natural ventilation.

GDL offers a wide and varied range of air distribution products for clients including architects, contractors and consultants for the air conditioning, heating and ventilation sectors. The company employs a team of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who have many years of experience within the technical, manufacturing and product development fields. This allows the team to reliably provide clients with a selection of products which are best suited to specific applications.


To complement the product range, GDL offers a range of services that ensure high standards and quality. The technical team has extensive experience and knowledge for the most demanding projects, which is coupled with a specialised manufacturing capability for bespoke products. Around 50% of products are tailored to individual specification. GDL manufactures over 3,000 air distribution products which are all fabricated from extruded aluminium alloy, stainless steel or steel with a keen emphasis upon the final appearance. Every product manufactured by GDL is compliant with current UK and European standards.

GDL provides an anti-bacterial powder coating system for air flow hygiene control for grilles, louvres, diffusers and dampers. This anti-bacterial powder coating is vital in areas where hygiene standards are high such as healthcare, food hygiene, education and many public and private sectors and protects against the spread of harmful bacteria including MRSA.

The product range includes:

Air Terminals

GDL designs and manufactures an extensive range of grilles, diffusers, air valves and air jets for providing clean air within buildings and extracting stale air. The ranges include high induction slots, floor grilles, security grilles, anti-ligature grilles, tile replacements and high capacity air jets. Every product is supplied with a paint finish and accessories to suit individual specification.

  • Grilles: Air grilles are suitable for a vast array of applications including wall duct and ceiling mounting for the supply or extraction of air. Options include deflection grilles, fixed blade supply/extraction grilles, pressed steel register, eggcrate core grilles, flat cover grilles, non-vision and flush mounted door grilles, computer room grilles, linear bar grilles and security grilles.
  • Diffusers: The diffusers range can be specified for the extraction or supply of air for many applications and can be wall, duct or ceiling mounted. Diffuser options include high induction slot, linear slot, narrowline slot, rota-jet, adjustable jet, circular face, air jets, multicone, curved vane, swirl and angled vane.
  • Louvres: Louvres are specified for numerous small and large scale applications for the intake or extraction of air. The louvres have been carefully designed and incorporate excellent integral rain defence features. Louvre options include weather louvres, combined intake/discharge louvres, louvre doors, turret/penthouse louvres, acoustic louvres, moveable blade louvres, screen louvre doors and sit assembly clip-on louvres.

Solar Shading

GDL manufactures and supplies horizontal and vertical solar shading systems for the natural provision of year round energy management. The horizontal system is perfect for providing shading during the warm summer months. The shading minimises the amount of heat entering a building and reduces energy costs for cooling occupied areas. The shading continues to offer uninterrupted views through the windows and lowers the effect on light transmission in the winter months. The vertical solar shading system offers a superior reduction to solar gain through glass and in turn reduces the requirement of internal cooling, therefore saving money. A variety of blade types and sizes allows the architect to have total flexibility within the design to create an aesthetically pleasing fa├žade for any building.


GDL dampers are used for directing and balancing air supply and extraction systems. Every damper is fitted with opposed blade action air foil blades as standard. The standard duct dampers range includes heavy-duty, fully sealed slimline and heavy duty back draft dampers. Fire dampers are designed to halt the spread of fire through duct work, walls, floors and ceilings, options include low and medium velocity and intumescent fire block dampers. Fire and smoke control dampers are designed to stop the spread of both fire and smoke and options include fire and smoke control, heavy duty back draft and lightweight pressure relief unit dampers.

The Intelivent Natural Ventilation Range

Intelivent is the name of our environmentally friendly Natural Ventilation and Renewable Energy Range which consists of our unique wall mounted units, our penthouse turrets and our solar powered option, the Solarstore solution.

The system comprises two primary devices, a penthouse turret and a wall unit. The idea of the system is to create a stack effect through the space and control incoming air temperature through a natural ventilation heating element. The device is made up of a series of dampers and grilles which allow for a controlled environment using fresh air. The wall units are controlled by CO2 and temperature sensors that work together with the penthouse turret. The unit is controlled using wireless technology that can be connected to any BMS or internet system.

The Solarstore option works on the same principal but incorporates a solar photovoltaic cell that is situated on the penthouse turret. This option harnesses the suns energy through the solar cell and converts this energy to drive the supply and extract fans allowing 24 hour ventilation.

Swirl-Light Diffuser

The Swirl-Light diffuser unites both air distribution and lighting in a single panel system, saving space and costs in congested ceiling grids. The system offers draught free air performance and can be used with fan coil units and ducted ventilation systems. The lighting is provided via a high efficiency T5 circular fluorescent tube that, with its low profile offers an ergonomic, glare free environment which can be used in many different situations.

GDL Air Systems is committed to providing a variety of standard and bespoke product ranges which are manufactured to the highest specification. With a wealth of experience in the manufacture, design and development of the products, the team can provide a reliable and quality service. The company has recently gained the internationally recognised accreditations ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For more detailed product information please contact GDL Air Systems using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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