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Geobond (UK) Company Profile

Geobond was established 18 years ago by a team of highly experienced construction professionals. The company’s directors capitalised on their wealth of experience in the construction and geotechnical industries (which amounts to more than 60 years) in order to launch a modern business able to offer specialised and state-of-the-art piling and foundation services.

Over the years, Geobond has developed close ties with qualified contractors and now relies on an extensive network of fully trained piling engineers who have proven able to successfully handle the most complex projects. The Geobond team consists of specialists who are experts at identifying the needs of their customers and at providing comprehensive and one-of-a-kind solutions for the construction industry.

As up-to-date knowledge is crucial in this industry sector, Geobond's team undergoes regular training to ensure that all projects are carried out in compliance with the current regulations. Geobond is also known for offering customers full support throughout the project, as the skilful and knowledgeable team is always available, from initial consultation to the last stages of every project. Personalised attention and continuity of service are some of Geobond's most distinguishing features.

Piling and Foundation Solutions

Geobond puts at the disposal of its clients a wide range of specialised piling and foundation services. The team’s extensive knowledge means that the company can offer comprehensive piling and foundation solutions for virtually every soil type and in locations that are notoriously difficult to access.

Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is used to provide structural support in basements and small-sized areas like underground car parks or residential foundations. This piling solution can also be used in embankments, covered tunnels, cofferdams and containment areas. Geobond use steel sheet piling of the highest quality and offer an ample selection of sheet piling grades and sizes.

Mini Piling

Mini piling is used to support new or existing foundations that are built on unstable ground. This solution also has applications in areas where space is at a premium or where the structural load is light. Geobond's range of mini piling solutions includes mini piling rigs that are suitable for use in low headroom locations.

Pile Foundations

Geobond has completed large-scale projects for local authorities, building insurers and private construction firms nationwide, offering a range of specialised pile foundations suitable for all ground conditions and load types. Geobond can design and install shallow and deep foundations that ensure optimal vertical control. These can be used in conjunction with various piling methods and boring systems, including Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Auger Bored, steel, concrete, timber driven piling, Grundomat horizontal boring and temporary and permanent steel sheet piling.

Design Solutions

As part of its comprehensive range of services, Geobond offers professional design solutions that comply with all the relevant NHBC standards. Geobond can provide on-site investigations, desk studies and preliminary design for piling systems and reinforced concrete foundations. These are just some of the engineered design solutions on offer by the expert team at Geobond.

To find out more about the range of piling and foundation services available or to request an on-site visit and quotation, contact Geobond by phone on 0870 801 0020 or use the enquiry form available at on the Contact Us page of the website.


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Tel: 0870 801 0080