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  • Solar panels
  • Solar Heating
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Geothermie Company Profile

UK homes are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions and it has been widely publicised that everyone need to consider ways to reduce their output. Geothermie was established to eradicate some of the hype and provide solutions for micro generation are going to have a positive impact to the carbon emissions from your property and in saving money on energy bills.

Geothermie deals with commercial applications and large domestic projects in and around London and the South East. The company is a specialist consultancy, supplier and installer for

Ground source heat pumps

• Underfloor heating

• Biomass

Solar panels

Heat Pumps:

Geothermie will ensure a full survey is completed before recommending ground source heating as a solution for a building’s heating requirements. A few metres under the ground there is a constant ambient temperature of up to 15 degrees, this can be captured using “Captor Coils” filled with cold water which is heated by the ground and then extracted for use by the heat pump. Not all properties are suitable for ground source heating and Geothermie will ensure that the results from an installation will be suitable for the size and type of building.

Geothermie has established a strong business relationship with Avenir Energie, who is one of the market leaders in Europe for geothermal technologies.

Solar Heating:

Solar is becoming more and more popular but again a full assessment of the potential output must be considered before installation. There two types of solar heating, panels and evacuated tubes, both systems use the sun to heat water which is pumped to a heat exchanger. Geothermie offer a complete installation and maintenance service.

The company only installs the highest quality of panels manufactured by Solar Thermal and which suit the UK climate.


This is an advanced and sustainable way of heating your home. Using wood pellets or logs the boiler heats water to produce a renewable and control based heating system. Biomass is a carbon dioxide neutral and sulphur free method of burning fuel and enables a building to become self-sufficient for heating and hot water reducing energy bills and reliance on fossil fuels.

All systems installed by Geothermie are manufactured by Vaillant and have a 5 year warranty with an annual servicing agreement and guaranteed pellet fuel supply.

Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor heating is one of the most cost efficient ways to heat a property particularly with ground source heating solutions. A full assessment as to the heating requirements of each room will be undertaken and a floor plan created as to how the heating tubes will be laid and what output will be available. Rehau are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of underfloor heating and as a partner with Geothermie the reliability of your system is ensured.

Our customers are usually clients with large domestic projects or commercial applications please use the buttons above to visit our website or send an email enquiry.


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