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Glass Houses by Jeremy Uglow Company Profile

Inspired by the seductive charm and potential of glass buildings, Glass Houses evolved from an architectural practice into a specialist company offering an integrated design and construction service. Every project starts with listening and observing, with analysing your individual needs and surroundings. Each of our unique glass and timber designs is an imaginative response to those needs, created to use space with maximum effectiveness and sensitivity.As you will see, our designs are meticulously detailed with an eye for proportion and order, with a passion for period architecture, fine quality and detail. Every building is individually constructed in our own workshops, to the very highest standard.

Our work includes: conservatories, orangeries, architecture in glass, garden houses and roof lanterns. All our designs offer clear architectural solutions that combine visual strength with an often deceptive simplicity. You will see diversity and yet a common architectural language throughout our site. We believe that the quality,sensitivity and integrity of Glass Houses is unsurpassed.


Our conservatories are essentially glass and timber structures carefully integrated to blend with the existing architecture of a home. The form of a conservatory is mainly determined by the design characteristics of its roof while the facades generally take their cue from their surroundings, which means that no two designs are the same.


The classic style of the orangery originated in the 17th century when they were first used by the nobility to cultivate citrus fruit and other exotics. In the 18th century they became fashionable with wealthy homeowners as a pleasing setting for summer entertaining.

Today recreating these elegant rooms has become a popular way of adding light and space to a home. The essence of an orangery is that whilst offering exceptional light it is more substantial building than a traditional conservatory combining masonry with timber.

Roof Lanterns:

A roof lantern can create a very dramatic appearance in a room and give a stunning effect to a dark stairwell or hall by adding light and space. Flat roofs can be transformed and small awkward spaces can be made into bright living areas with a simple roof lantern.

All Glass House by Jeremy Uglow roof lanterns are hand crafted individually designed to the client’s specific requirements. Whether for domestic or commercial use, – all Glass House roof lanterns are made in hardwood pre-assembled in the Farnham workshop and then delivered ready to be installed.

Pool Houses:

A Glass Houses pool house creates a light-filled, practical leisure area and makes a striking focal point in the garden.

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