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GM Techtronics Company Profile

GM Techtronics was established in 2008 and specialises in the distribution of innovative and intelligent security systems and products which are aimed at commercial and residential market sectors. The team at GM Techtronics has many decades of experience working in the security industry across Europe and North America; manufacturing, installing and providing technical support services and product training to clients.

GM Techtronics is the only distributor in the UK and Ireland of the Daitem wireless product range which is manufactured by Atral SA of France. This coupled with long term contracts and reliable European manufacturers, enables the company to provide high quality, affordable security and safety equipment to both the security and electrical industries.

The product range includes:

Daitem Wireless Alarm Systems

Daitem wireless alarm systems are suitable for domestic and commercial properties and provide simple and effective protection against unauthorised access. Wireless systems can be positioned virtually anywhere and do not damage décor, furniture or fittings. There is a wide array of sensors and accessories available and each system can be tailored to specific requirements. Not only do the systems protect against unwanted intrusion, but also against fire and domestic hazards such as flooding, freezing and freezer breakdown. The remote monitoring and control systems work via telephone or GSM link and voice, SMS and data messages can be sent to users, neighbours and monitoring centres. Each of the systems is highly secure and incorporates anti-tamper protection against unauthorised access, removal or components and sabotage. Products include:

  • A comprehensive range of motion detectors
  • Transceiver control communicators
  • Remote PC services
  • Deterrent sirens and strobe sirens
  • Radio repeater relays
  • Remote controls and keypads
  • Voice keypads with IR proximity detector and tag reader
  • Hardwired control interface remote keypads
  • Multi-functional mobile keypads

Wireless Entry Controls

Daitem wireless entry controls are used for controlling and filtering visitors into homes and businesses. The Daitem system can remotely open or close up to four sets of entrances including driveway gates, doors and garage doors and can activate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, pool or even fountain pumps remotely from handsets. The system is easy to install and no major work is required. Main features of the system include:

  • Welcoming, filtering and controlling incoming visitors
  • Control and communication via remote entry controls
  • Easy access control via key pads or proximity badge readers
  • Visitor identification
  • Easy installation

Wireless Video Entry Systems

Wireless video door entry controls allows for the easy identification of visitors to a property from the safety and comfort of the home or office. The user can see, hear and talk to the visitor via a mobile handset from anywhere in the property and when satisfied, can allow the visitor entry via the electronic release button on the handset. Options include the Vu-Com Series 2000 and the Vu-Com Pro Series 3000 Advanced wireless video door entry control system.

GSM Monitoring and Control

Daitem GSM telephone communications can be used for a wide range of applications such as security, monitoring and operating procedures from a distance. Options include mains powered or battery operated GSM communicators, which are easy to install and operate. The systems can be linked to a hard-wired anti-intrusion alarm system in a shop, factory or warehouse or a wireless control panel in a home or building site. The GSM communicators can also monitor temperature and water levels and operate solenoids or electrical motors and are capable of calling up several telephone numbers at any time.

Intruder Movement Detectors and Energy Management Presence Sensors

The intruder movement detectors and energy management presence sensors are manufactured by Suren Systems and are designed to be reliable, simple and easy to use whilst incorporating the latest innovative technologies. The detectors and sensors combine a range of unique features to ensure reliable intruder detection. DFIR movement detection ignores an alert created from a single frequency and uses special sensors that search for signals from two different infra-red frequencies for a more reliable intruder alarm.

HighBar is a waveform processing system which separates real pulses from noise and requires alternating polarity pulses to confirm the alarm trigger. Digine digital amplifier features ceramic capacitors which are more accurate than traditional aluminium capacitors. PyroFlex offers between 10 and 100 times more signal than conventional detectors and therefore reduces false alarm rates. SureSpot uses micro-controller waveform processing to assess signals which often trick other sensors.


GM Techtronics has introduced a new basic, but intelligent entry level GSM remote switching device which can be used for opening doors, barriers and gates and resetting almost any electrical device. Any call from an authorised user’s number is recognised by the system and will then carry out the selected command. The device is easily programmed via a simple PC based software which is provided free of charge and comes with a USB connector cable which can be plugged into any laptop or PC.

GM Techtronics is committed to supplying the highest quality security solutions for a wide variety of residential and commercial clients throughout the UK and Ireland. The experienced and knowledgeable team welcomes enquiries and can provide comprehensive advice and assistance on specifying the most appropriate solution for a particular application. Full product details and specifications can be found on the company website.


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