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  • Fitting out pillar clock dial boxes in our factory
  • Stunning bespoke stainless steel cube clock
  • Skeleton style clock
  • Modern illuminated bespoke square clock
  • Two Good Directions traditional clocks on an appartment block
  • Bespoke clock
  • Cupolas
  • Glazed Cupolas
  • GRP roof turrets
  • Roof Turrets
  • Roof Turrets
  • Square Cupolas
  • Bezel Clock
  • Drum Clock
  • Traditional Clock
  • Pillar Clock
  • Roofs
  • Spires
  • GD Signage
  • GD Signage
  • Weathervane
  • Weathervane

Good Directions Company Profile

Good Directions is a specialist designer, manufacturer and installer of exterior clocks and clock towers as well as roof turrets, bezel and projecting clocks, cupolas, GRP structures, finials and copper weathervanes. The stunning range of products is available in an extensive range of sizes and styles and a bespoke design service provides unique and individual products to suit customer specifications. Good Directions has designed products for a varied range of domestic and commercial clients throughout the UK and has offices located in Hampshire and Derby.


The company has not only gained a highly respected reputation for product quality, but also for the extensive range of services available. The majority of enquiries can be easily dealt with over the telephone, but for more complex designs and projects, meetings at the offices or on-site can be arranged. By utilising the latest CAD/CAM technology, the company can produce stunning designs or adapt products from the standard range to satisfy customer requirements. The team can work with drawings, digital photographs or written ideas to create realistic visual impressions of the final product.

The manufacturing processes involve modern and traditional techniques coupled with high quality materials. The majority of cupola and roof turret designs are finished with a real timber grain surface, that when coloured is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Every clock is hand finished with the finest 23½ carat gold leaf for an authentic traditional quality. A complete installation, restoration and maintenance service is also available.

The product range includes:


Every clock is suitable for internal or external installation and they can be wall mounted or housed within a cupola, drum or bezel. The high quality clock mechanisms are manufactured from brass or stainless steel to ensure many years of trouble-free operation. The clock hands are manufactured in powder coated stainless steel and are hand finished in gold leaf. A range of control systems have been developed for automated BST/GMT changes, power failure correction and accurate time synchronisation. The clocks come with simple wiring and full instructions and other features can include internal illumination, protective covers, sign writing or company logos. Components include dials, hands, mechanisms, control units and bell striking and chiming. The clock range includes:

  • Classic, Traditional and Skeleton style clocks
  • Bezel single-sided clocks enable a clock dial and mechanism to be surface mounted. Standard GRP decorative profiles are available for dials up to 1500mm
  • Drum clocks are available in standard GRP designs and bespoke stainless steel or aluminium designs. All drum clocks can be supplied with a bracket for projecting off a wall or ceiling hanging
  • Pillar clocks are free-standing external clocks available in a range of standard and bespoke designs with four or two dialled features.
  • Each pillar is supplied with a clock operating system for automated time changes
  • Bespoke clocks including modern, traditional, medieval and floral designs and monoliths and pillar clocks
  • Traditional clock conversions are also available for existing mechanical and electrical clocks and driving mechanisms


Good Directions offers a wide range of cupolas and roof turrets in an extensive range of styles and sizes. The GRP roof turrets can be used for decorative purposes or for particular functions such as clock towers and weather vanes, as a source of natural light or as a venting outlet. The cupolas are designed with careful consideration to the moulding details and roof finishes, ensuring that the original style, colour and aging effects of a real copper roof are maintained. Styles include Oxford, Winchester, Salisbury, Sarum, Cambridge, Ventilation, Glazed, Hexagonal and Octagonal.


There is a range of GRP and copper finials that provide the finishing touch to clock towers and roofs. The GRP finials replicate lead and Verdigris copper finishes. The copper range is lightly polished and will age gradually over time. Custom finials can be made to individual specifications such as crosses for churches and crescent moons for mosques.

GRP Structures

The GRP structures can be produced to bespoke designs. There is a large range of special moulds for uses such as for lift shafts, restaurants and entrances. Replicas or replacements of old or historical structures can also be produced. Examples include:

  • Roof turrets
  • Clock towers
  • Decorative features
  • Domes and Minarets
  • Canopies
  • Spires and roofs


Good Directions produces a wide range of signage solutions including shop fronts, sign boards, free-standing signs, vehicle graphics, engraving and gilding. Bespoke signage can be incorporated into the standard range of clocks, roof turrets, weathervanes and LCD digital displays. Other projects have included monoliths, rotating parts, time and temperature displays, stainless steel, glass and GRP.


Weathervanes offer the ultimate finishing touch to any building or structure. The attractive range of copper 3D weathervanes come with an aged Verdigris finish as standard and partial or fully gilded versions can be made in Traditional, Cottage or bespoke designs.

Good Directions has been operating since 1988 and is a renowned provider of clocks, towers, weathervanes, roof turrets and GRP structures. The friendly and experienced sales team has extensive experience in specifying the most appropriate solution for any domestic or commercial application. The team welcomes enquiries regardless of the size and complexity of a project.

For further information please contact Good Directions using the buttons above or visit the company website.

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