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Green Roof Tile Company Profile

Green Roof Tile Company manufactures and distributes an innovative alternative to slate and concrete roof tiles. Envirotiles are environmentally friendly roofing tiles made from recycled materials normally destined for landfill disposal.

Envirotile inventor Trevor Wakefield has over 35 years experience within the roofing industry and recognised the benefits of a technologically advanced roofing tile that not only supports sustainable homes initiatives by using recycled polymer, but can outperform traditional roofing materials.

The unbreakable Envirotile is lighter to carry and faster to lay than tiles made from conventional materials, so can help reduce build and labour costs as well as improve health and safety for those working at height. Its light weight – just 8.4 kilos per sq metre – also reduces transport costs and cuts CO² emissions and places less structural requirement on roof supports.

Before its launch, the Envirotile roof system underwent rigorous testing at the British Research Establishment (BRE), earning high praise from the inspector in uplift resistance tests and driving rain tests. In pr EN15601 tests conducted at BRE, Envirotile was found to be five times stronger than conventional tiles. It is fire tested to BS476-3 and fully resistant to mould, moss and fungus.

The system is easy to fit and requires no eave courses due to the innovative interlocking system. Each tile interlocks with adjacent tiles in eight places and is fixed at the head with a single screw. The system maintains integrity at a minimum low pitch of 12.5 degrees, providing an alternative to flat roofing.

Being unbreakable and interlocking also means the tiles are significantly more resistant to vandals and burglars.

Envirotile is manufactured by injection moulding process, conforming to ISO 9000 and ISO TS 16949 standards. It can be customised to suit a colour and finish specified by the client.

Green Roof Tile Company is fully committed to helping the environment and Envirotile is BREEAM compliant, supports sustainable homes initiatives and involves no mining. The system is made from reprocessed material and is completely recyclable, so there is no waste.

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