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GreenBrook Electrical Company Profile

GreenBrook Electrical has over 55 years of industry experience and specialises in the manufacture and supply of new and innovative solution driven products and electrical accessories. The extensive range of products including RCDs such as sockets, adapters and spurs, emergency lighting, outdoor power systems, ventilation equipment, weatherproof devices, bells and chimes, timers and sensors, industrial relays, wiring accessories and much more is available to electrical distributors and contractors throughout the UK.

The company is committed to providing a professional service and has a nationwide sales team who can offer comprehensive advice and information. All the products are certified to meet British and European standards, are compliant with all RoHS, Weee and REACH regulations and GreenBrook is accredited to ISO 9001:2008. GreenBrook products are streamlined into three brand names which will satisfy every electrical installation requirement. The brands include:


The PowerBreaker range specialises in electrical protection and is the leading brand for Residual Current Devices (RCDs). The PowerBreaker range has been developed to exceed existing standards and sets a new industry benchmark. RCDs are devices that provide a very high degree of protection against electrocution and fire caused by earth faults. Products include:

  • Unswitched sockets
  • Switched sockets
  • Fused spurs
  • Plugs and adapters
  • Heavy Duty RCD in-line for use on building sites, plant applications, industrial manufacturing where water presents a danger.


The KingShield range of products has been developed to satisfy the demands of both the installer and the user. This ‘value added’ collection of electrical installation products includes the UK’s widest range of weatherproof products which can tolerate the demands of outdoor power requirements. The KingShield brand encompasses timers and sensors, metal clad wiring accessories, ventilation fans and ducting and LED lighting. Key product areas include:

  • Bells and Door Chimes: Wire-free and wired door chimes, bell pushes, security sensors and door chimes accessories
  • Emergency Lighting: Twin spot and bulkhead lighting, metal exit signs, hanging LED signs, recessed lights and emergency CFL bulkheads
  • Indoor Lighting: LED striplights, low voltage, mains voltage and fire rated downlights, energy saving pendants, T4/T5 link lights, cabinet lights, strip lights and shaver lights
  • Outdoor Lighting: Anti-corrosion lights, brick lights, CFL bulkheads, floodlights, sign lights, spike lights and portable halogen lights
  • Timers and Sensors: Socket box timers, immersion and dual tariff, plug-in timers, central heating timers, thermostats, PIR sensors, photo cells and smoke alarms
  • Ventilation: Axial and SELV extractor fans, centrifugal fans, controllers, in-line shower kits, gravity shutters, fixed grilles, wall kits, window conversion kits, ducting and hand dryers
  • Weatherproof Products: IP68 junction boxes, IP67 fused spurs, IP66 sockets, IP55 and IP66 sockets, spurs, timers and switches, IP44 sockets and switches, outdoor socket systems, cable connectors and outdoor power boxes
  • Wiring Accessories: Metal clad sockets, fused connection and switches, SafetySure RCD range, shaver sockets, ceiling accessories, rotary isolators, cable reels, adapters, extension leads, plug tops and converters
  • Plug-In Relays and Bases: Two and three pole round terminals and two and three pole square terminals


Norslo is a comprehensive and varied range of installation equipment and accessories which have been available in the market for over 20 years. The new and extended range of products that has been recently introduced includes cable termination, cable management and fixings, accessories, tools and consumables. The Norslo range includes:

  • Cable Termination: Cable connection, jointing kits, junction boxes, service connector blocks, compression cable lugs, crimp terminals/connectors and earthing products
  • Cable Management: PVC conduit accessories, tubes and channels, galvanised steel channels, mini trunking, cable accessories, grommets, PVC sleeving, malleable conduit accessories, plastic junction boxes, PVC enclosures, switch and socket boxes, adaptable boxes and rubber gaskets
  • Fixings and Consumables: Wall and ceiling fixings, tools, hole saws and cutters, fuses, solder wire, conduit pipe benders and consumables (paint, tallow, adhesives and cutting compounds).

GreenBrook prides itself on offering a wide and varied range of competitively priced, superior quality products and accessories that will satisfy the requirements of electrical distributors and contractors throughout the UK. GreenBrook is an EDA affiliated manufacturer and is part of the Electrical Safety Council.

The sales teams welcome enquiries and are available to resolve any issues and answer any questions. The company will endeavour to source any alternative products not listed on the website. The majority of products are available for next day delivery within the UK.


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