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    Hanse Haus Company Profile

    Hanse Haus, based in Germany, has more than 80 years experience in quality pre-fabricated building construction and, with more than 30,000 houses built throughout Europe, is renowned not only for its efficiency, but for its imagination, quality, flexibility and personal service.

    “One of our goals is to show that it is possible to realise individual designs, exceptional ideas and unusual forms in pre manufactured homes”, explains Giles Hirst, Hanse Haus’s main sales agent for England and Wales.

    With Hanse Haus, individual budgets and requirements always come first and as such 3 customised service packages; ‘Starter’, ‘System’ and ‘Turnkey’ are offered.

    As a guideline, a ‘Starter’ house gives you a water and weather proof house which may be best for customers wishing to have a full ‘do it yourself’ involvement, whilst a ‘System’ house is equipped and installed by Hanse Haus and may be best for customers wishing to have a limited ‘do it yourself’ involvement. A ‘Turnkey’ house on the other hand includes everything from paintwork and tiling, ready for you to move in.

    Whatever your preference, Hanse Haus guarantees that your new home will be built both on time and on budget.

    Sustainability and reduced running costs

    Talking of budget, Hanse Haus recognise that it’s not only about the cost of building your home but running costs are also of primary importance. “In today’s climate, anyone who is thinking of building their own home, should be asking their prospective builder or self build company, these questions; how airtight does my home need to be, how much is it going to cost to run, what sustainability code will it meet, and how will it improve my quality of life?”, says Giles Hirst, head of UK sales.

    With Hanse Haus, these concerns are taken care of. The detailed technical construction ensures that not only are Hanse Haus houses airtight but they also have outstanding thermal insulation. This is achieved with 150mm rigid external insulation, internal mineral wool insulation and a vapour diffusion barrier for optimal air tightness, as well as an additional layer of heavy gypsum boarding to ensure a comfortable environment in all seasons. A strong insulating layer is also provided in the roof space, with very low heat conductivity preventing heat loss. “With this extremely efficient insulation and a building shell that is airtight, Hanse Haus homes achieve an extremely low space-heating requirement, therefore costing little to run”, adds Giles Hirst.

    Hanse Haus also offers a variety of energy saving technologies and utilities. For example, the whole house ventilation system, with heat recovery to constantly change the air in the living areas and recycle warmth contained in the exhaust air via a heat exchanger into the incoming fresh air, can save a lot, not only in terms of the environment, but on your pocket as well.

    Hanse Haus also install air to water boilers and solar panels for reduced costs and maximum efficiency, as well as gas-fired technology such as modern boilers that optimise energy consumption with a pollution-free burn, and rainwater harvesting systems. Whatever features you choose for your home, the Hanse Haus lifestyle doesn’t have to cost the earth!

    Certified Passive House

    Launched in Germany last year, and currently being built in the UK, the Hanse Haus Passive House is first and foremost a house which achieves outstanding thermal insulation and an extremely low space heating requirement of only 15 kWh per square metre of floor area per annum.

    With detailed technical construction, particular attention is paid to the building envelope – the shell – to make sure it’s completely airtight, ensuring that no heat can leak out through joints or gaps. Large, south-facing windows mean that natural solar radiation is used efficiently to heat the Passive house. But inside the house itself, heat is also produced by the occupants, from electrical appliances, cooking and lighting and utilised through a central ventilation system with heat recovery constantly changing the air in the living areas and recycling warmth contained in the exhaust air via a heat exchanger into the incoming fresh air.

    On the few very cold days in winter when there’s no sunshine, heating would be provided by a micro heat pump. In addition, high performance solar collectors on the roof would heat domestic hot water.

    “Where conventional heating methods are no longer required, the Passive House gives freedom from rising energy prices. As a result, Passive house owners can look forward to spending just £25-£30 per month on their energy bills”, explains Giles Hirst. And, not only does the Passive house make long-term economic sense but due to reduced CO2 emissions, it offers pro-active care for the environment aswell.

    With many new build contracts including South Wales, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire, Avon, Surrey, Scotland, Guernsey and Somerset, product development across the brand, building standards that are already meeting future regulations, and certified passive house credentials, Hanse Haus are at the top of their game and ensure a reliable choice for the future of sustainable homebuilding.

    To view a completed Hanse Haus, or one that’s currently being built, or to join Hanse Haus at an exhibition or site open day in the UK, including that of the first certified passive house, please contact Giles Hirst on 07968 117160. For more information, go to:


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