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Howells Patent Glazing Company Profile

Howells Patent Glazing is a renowned designer, manufacturer and installer of superior quality patent glazing, rooflights, skylights and canopies. The company is based in Cradley Heath, West Midlands and supplies the comprehensive selection of products to commercial clients including retail centres, educational facilities, office developments and hospitals.

Howells Patent Glazing can design and deliver contracts on a supply only or supply and fit basis. The company also has experience in acting as a main contractor, carrying out smaller aspects of building work and supporting framework. All products are fabricated at the Cradley Heath manufacturing facility and are delivered to sites via Howells’ own tailored transport network.


With dedicated sales, quotation, technical and contracts departments, Howells Patent Glazing is confident that it can deliver a solution to any requirement. The experienced team offers design assistance, 3D graphic models and full AutoCAD services, as well as providing full support throughout the duration of a project. The company endeavours to guarantee the shortest possible lead times and with a national delivery service, ensures orders are delivered as they are needed.

Rooflights and Daylight Constructions

Howells Patent Glazing has many decades of experience within the specialised area of glazing systems and offers a range of full aluminium thermally broken rooflights/skylights and lantern roof lights which offer maximum thermal efficiency. There is a comprehensive range of standard designs which include double hipped, pyramid, octagonal, pyramid lantern lights, mono pitched and non-standard rooflights in bespoke designs. The rooflights are manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 by fully trained craftsmen.

Rooflights/skylights are ideal for a vast array of industrial, commercial and residential applications. They introduce natural light into a property and a feeling of space. This is extremely beneficial in dark rooms and rooms without any natural light or ventilation. The roofs are powder coated to any RAL/BS colour and the roof lights are mounted on steel, aluminium, timber or concrete bases. The roof lights can incorporate roof vents for ventilation which are available in either manual or electronic formats which are controlled by a switch, thermostat, rain or smoke sensor. Key features of the aluminium rooflight systems include:

  • Thermally broken system which offers premium thermal efficiency
  • Roof pitches from 5 to 45 degrees
  • Manufactured to any size
  • Large spans are possible
  • Accommodates glazing of different thicknesses.

Glazing Bars

Glazing bars are installed horizontally or vertically and sub-divide a window to hold the panes of glass in place. Howells’ glazing bars include:

  • Double Glazed Units: Glazing bars for double glazed unit applications can accept 6mm to 32mm thickness materials and the range includes HGR1 Rafter Therm thermal glazing bar system, HG57 Light Duty self-supporting bar system, HG57 Medium Duty self-supporting system, HG-(VR-VT)-Box Bar self-supporting aluminium glazing bar system and Aluminium (extruded) gutter system.
  • Single Glazed Units: Glazing bars for single glazed units and polycarbonate glazing materials. Options include HGR1 Rafter Therm single glaze non-structural glazing bar system, HG1 single glaze aluminium self-supporting glazing bar system, HG2 and HG3 single glaze self-supporting glazing bar systems, HG50 and HG57 Light Duty self-supporting bar systems, HG Wing 1 Medium Duty and HG Wing 2 Heavy Duty aluminium glazing bar systems.
  • Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting: The majority of Howells glazing bar systems which can accommodate double glazed units can be altered to suit single glaze and polycarbonate glazing materials. The Budget rafter bar system is perfect for multiwall polycarbonate sheeting 10mm, 16mm and 25mm thick.

Contract Glazing

Howells Patent Glazing can provide bespoke solutions for a wide and varied range of glass roof structures for numerous types of building. The company can design, manufacture and build systems such as canopy glazing, swimming pool enclosures, covered walkways, polycarbonate shelter systems, rooflights, double and mono pitch canopies, hipped roofs, concave glazing, single hipped canopies, faceted roof glazing, low rise barrel vault canopies, glazed entrance systems and much more for schools, hospitals, retail outlets, shopping centres, railway and bus stations, churches and sports facilities.

Mardome Rooflights

Mardome Rooflights enable the customer to have the flexibility in specifying the right dome for the right price. The Mardome Trade and Ultra Rooflights offer the ultimate in improved style and performance. The standard Mardome Trade dome unit is a combination of stylish and sleek design coupled with exceptional thermal performance and the Architectural Ultra Dome offers a package of maximum security, high insulation and a sleek design. Other design options include Mardome Premier, Mardome Circular and Mardome Reflex rooflights. Glazing options available include clear, textured, opal and bronze finishes. Other features to be taken into consideration include acoustics packs, thermal requirements and manual or electronic opening options.

Roof Vents

Roof vents are installed to provide natural ventilation through a rooflight. The roof vents are available in manual and electronically operated versions. Manual designs can be operated via crank handles, worm gears or spindles. The electronic designs can be operated via an electrical chain motor, rocker switch or digital control panel.

Smoke Vents

The natural smoke ventilation system is suitable for accommodating any type of roof patent glazing application using single or double glazing. The system features roof mounted pneumatic or electrically operated opening ventilators which are linked to a remote control panel. The ventilators assist in aiding the safe evacuation of properties in the event of a fire and are compliant with BS 7346 Part 1. The vents can also be used to provide daily ventilation. The ventilators are easy to install and come in a range of colour options.

Glazing Infill Materials

The glazing infill materials range includes Pilkington Active self-clean glass, Pilkington Active Clear self-cleaning glass, Pilkington Active Blue Tint or Neutral with solar control, Pilkington Optilam Diffuser White and patterned and textured glass. 16mm and 25mm polycarbonate sheets in clear, bronze, opal or Heatguard options are also available.

Howells Patent Glazing is committed to providing cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions to a wide and varied range of domestic and commercial applications. The friendly and experienced team welcomes enquiries and can offer advice and information on specifying the most appropriate solution for any application. Howells Patent Glazing conforms to a wide range of BS installation and manufacturing standards.


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