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  • Cieling And Wall Bars
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  • Floating Flooring
  • Floating Flooring
  • Floating Flooring
  • Floating Flooring
  • Floating Flooring
  • Floating Flooring
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  • Resilient Flooring Battens & Cradles
  • Resilient Flooring Battens & Cradles
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  • Joist Infills
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  • Perimeter Seal
  • Perimeter Seal
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Hush Acoustics Company Profile

Hush Acoustics is a specialist in the design and manufacture of acoustic flooring and sound insulation products and systems. The company has over twenty five years of industry experience in providing products for new build and refurbishment projects which all exceed the requirements of UK Building Regulations. The product range includes floating acoustic flooring, resilient flooring battens, joist infills and sound insulation systems and accessories.

The dedicated team at Hush can satisfy a wide range of acoustic flooring, sound control, sound reduction or insulation needs. Services include economical solutions, comprehensive technical advice, standard and bespoke design options, Robust Details solutions, easy-fit systems and a national distribution service. To assist clients in specifying the correct solution, Hush offers a FastrackCAD database that has accurate layered CAD drawings of all the systems.

Bespoke Manufacture

The design team understands that certain projects require a more customised solution. The team has the capability to carry out bespoke design and manufacture of products such as special sized, one-piece bathroom floors in WBP plywood and special height battens.

The product range includes:

Floating Flooring

Hush offers a range of floating acoustic structural boards, overlay boards and joist treatment for new build and refurbishment projects. Products include:

  • Hush Panel 28 Structural Board

Hush Panel 28 is an impact reducing floor panel for structural or overlay board applications. When used as an overlay board the Hushfelt resilient layer can tolerate minor undulations of the floor surface.

  • Hush Panel 32 Structural Board

Hush Panel 32 is an extra rigid impact reducing floor panel that can be used as a structural or overlay board. When used for structural floors, the stiffness of the upper layer accommodates wider joist centres up to 600mm. The Hushfelt resilient layer produces superior results for sound insulation systems for separating floors.

  • Hush Ply 28 structural Board

Hush Ply 28 is an impact reducing floor panel suitable for areas which require more moisture protection such as kitchens and bathrooms. It also offers a superior surface for application of the final flooring finish.

  • Hush Panel 17 Overlay Board

Hush panel 17 is a thinner overlay board that reduces impact sound transmission through separating floors. The MDF moisture resistant upper layer provides a smooth surface for applying floor finishes.

  • Hush Panel Premier 48 Overlay Board

Premier 48 allows an increase in floor height within new-build and refurbishment projects. Combined with the Hushslab 30 resilient layer to the underside, the panel provides superior acoustic qualities.

  • Hush Panel Premier 52 Overlay Board

Premier 52 combines two core components which are required to comply with Robust Details FFT4 over concrete and steel to enable simplified installation. This panel can be used for increasing floor height in refurbishment projects where pre-completion testing is required.

  • Hushfelt 25 Joist Treatment

Hushfelt 25 is an alternative to composite floating flooring. Used within the construction of floating floors layered over timber joists, the integral hardboard slats offer a firm, smooth and flat surface that will support various flooring boards.

Hush Resilient Flooring Battens and Cradles

Hush acoustic flooring battens and cradles can be specified for different sound control, reduction and insulation applications within new-build and refurbishment projects. Options include:

  • Hush Batten 55 Resilient Flooring Battens

Hush Batten 55 is a composite batten allows for the construction of a service void, whilst reducing impact sound transmission. Hush Batten 55 is a support for floating timber or chipboard floors.

  • Hush Batten 70 Resilient Flooring Battens

Hush Batten 70 is a composite batten which is compliant with Robust Details FFT1 over concrete and steel and provides a spacious service void and lasting support for floating timber and chipboard floors.

  • Hush Cradle Resilient Flooring Cradles

Hush Cradle cradles are designed as timber batten supports with an infinitely adjustable thread that allows for precise levelling across uneven sub-floors. Hush Cradles can help to correct discrepancies in concrete and timber floors and are ideal for creating service voids as part of a sound insulation system.

Hush Resilient Ceiling and Wall Bars

Hush Resilient ceiling and wall bars have been developed for different sound control, insulation and reduction applications. The Hush Bars optimise acoustic performance by almost decoupling the ceiling from existing joists. They also help reduce airborne sound transmission. The Hush Bar Plus system is an advanced bar and clip system to further enhance acoustic performance by mechanical decoupling, creating a more flexible ceiling that can tolerate heavier ceiling boards.

Hush Joist Infills

Joist infills offer extra sound insulation, reduction and control. The Hush Slab 100 sound absorber reduces airborne sound transmission through floors, ceilings and walls and is manufactured using renewable energy and sustainable raw materials. Hush Fill 60 Heavy Pugging is a granular mineral filler that meets the required density of 80kgs/m2 at the 60mm regulation depth specified in UK Building Regulations for sound insulation between timber joists. It is extremely effective at reducing airborne sound transmission between separating floors within timber construction.

Hush Accessories

Hush provides a wide range of accessories to complement the product range, these include:

Hush Seal 20 Perimeter Seal

  • Hush RD Flanking Strip
  • Hush 45L Flanking Strip
  • Hush Bond Panel Adhesive
  • Hush Grommet Fixing Isolators
  • Hush 10 Joist Strip
  • Hush Mesh Firewire Galvanised Wire Mesh

Hush prides itself on offering a range of superior quality acoustic flooring and sound insulation products. The company is committed to preserving the environment and is continuously researching and developing design and manufacturing processes, utilising recycled materials from sustainable sources. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Hush is available to provide comprehensive product information, technical specification and installation advice across the whole range.

For more in-depth information please contact Hush Acoustics using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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