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  • Nu-Base Floor Coatings

Hydron Protective Coatings Company Profile

Hydron Protective Coatings is the leading provider of high performance coatings throughout the UK and Ireland. The company develops and supplies anti-graffiti coatings, fire protection coatings, flame retardant paints, stone protection coatings, graffiti removers, floor coatings, steel protection and water repellents to numerous major companies and services all types of industry, as well as local and central government across the UK.

The skilled and dedicated team at Hydron Protective Coatings has established a highly respected reputation with clients by listening to and providing specific requirements. The team has in-depth technical expertise and is committed to offering a superior customer service.

The product range includes:

Fire Protection

Hydron has developed the Nu-Flame range of fire protection coatings for a number of different substrates. Options include:

  • Fire Upgrade Coatings for Walls and Ceilings

The wide range of decorative paints has been designed for application onto previously painted surfaces and has been developed to convert flammable painted systems to Class ‘0’ which is required by Building Regulations BS476 Parts 6 and 7. A selection of decorative finishes are available including anti-graffiti, flame retardant, acrylic eggshell and flame retardant matt. Other options include Nu-Flame Single Colour, SP Tack Primer, Heat Insulating Basecoat, AG and FR Colourcoat, AG Glaze, FR Undercoat/Gloss and Multi Colour.

  • Fire Protection for Timber

Clear Intumescent Varnish coating for timber and timber derivative surfaces provides a varnish type finish and enhances the natural colour and appearance of the wood. This coating can be used internally or externally and is used for upgrading to Class 1 and Class 0. Nu-Flame Clear Impregnation is a water-based fire retardant solution that is absorbed into the surface of the substrate to achieve Class 0 Surface Spread of Flame. It can be used internally and externally, will not leach, is colourless and odourless and is non-toxic and solvent free. Nu-Flame Timbercoat coloured timber finishes of flame retardant and intumescent paints are available for bare or previously painted surfaces where surface spread of flame or fire protection needs to be controlled to Class 1 and Class 0.

  • Fire Protection for Steel

Hydron provides a range of fire protection coatings for steel that allows the specifier the opportunity to choose from a range of attractive decorative finishes that are compliant with Building Regulations for fire protection. The water and solvent based coatings can provide 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of fire resistance and are available in Nu-Flame HB Metal Primer, W Steel Basecoat, Fireguard and Steel Topcoat.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Hydron provides an extensive range of anti-graffiti coatings which includes:

  • Nu-Guard siloxane anti-graffiti coating that contains 90% volume solids with an excellent decorative appearance and incredible resistance to solvents and chemicals. Nu-Guard is solvent based and comes in any RAL colour.
  • Nu-Flame is a water based urethane anti-graffiti coating available in any pastel colour for internal decorations.
  • Nu-Guard Clear AF is a solvent-based anti-graffiti glaze in matt or gloss finishes.
  • Nu-Flame A.G Glaze is a water-based urethane anti-graffiti glaze for internal decorations.
  • Nu-Cryl A.G is an acrylic-based impregnation anti-graffiti coating that is applied in one application and can be used on porous surfaces.

Graffiti Removers

Hydron has developed a range of graffiti removers for different substrates. The products are environmentally friendly and will remove graffiti from brickwork, concrete, glass, road signs and metal. Many local authorities and businesses have benefited from the Hydron training course which covers all aspects of graffiti removal, products and Health and Safety requirements. Options include:

  • AG2 Graffiti Remover, for sensitive areas such as plastic, has a low odour formulation and will not haze transparent polycarbonate sheeting.
  • AG3 Graffiti Remover for non-porous surfaces effectively removes graffiti from paintwork, glass, tiles, metal, anti-graffiti coatings and other non-porous surfaces.
  • AG4 GEL Graffiti Remover for porous surfaces effectively removes graffiti from brickwork, concrete, stone and other porous surfaces where a longer dwell time is required for effective removal.
  • SL1 Shadow Lifter for removing ghost shadows is a specially formulated alkaline cleaner used for the removal of difficult shadows from brickwork, stone and concrete.
  • SL2 Shadow Lifting Poultice is a specially formulated poultice cleaner developed to remove stubborn graffiti shadows from brickwork, stone and concrete.

Stone Protection

The Nu-Cryl range of environmentally friendly stone protection products protects brickwork, concrete, sandstone, reconstituted stone, limestone, marble, granite, slate and many more from water, oil, graffiti, pollution, staining, organic growth and chewing gum adhesion. The unique properties of Nu-Cryl will alter the chemical structure of a porous building or floor giving it oil and water repellent properties whilst retaining the appearance. Nu-Cryl offers 10-15 years’ protection, is moisture vapour permeable and is a one-coat application.

Floor Coatings

Hydron has developed a vast array of Nu-Base floor coatings that incorporate the benefits of dustproofing, durability, chemical resistance, anti-slip and waterproofing. The floor coating systems provide long-term resistance to both foot and vehicular traffic and offer superior decorative and hygienic qualities. The floor coating systems will resist the ingress of water, oil, grease, solvents and other chemicals and are available in various colours with a smooth or aggregated anti-skid finish. The floor coating systems can be used in factories, warehouses, hospitals, food processing plants, transport depots and other heavy wear areas. The Nu-Cryl WRS Extra is a unique oil and water repellent treatment for floors and is perfect for dense floors such as pedestrian areas, car parks and paving which is subject to heavy wear and staining.

Hydron is committed to providing clients with an extensive range of specialist high performance coatings that will offer many years of protection to numerous surface types. The development team is continuously researching and developing new and innovative products to satisfy the ever-changing market requirements and regulations. The friendly and knowledgeable customer service team can provide comprehensive advice and information across the whole product range.


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