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IAC Company Profile

IAC Ltd (Industrial Acoustics Company) is a world renowned specialist in the supply of noise reduction and acoustic control products, structures, test facilities and aero-engine testing solutions. The company has been at the forefront of industrial acoustics since 1949 and has clients located in over fifty countries throughout the world including the Middle East, Pacific Rim, Africa, Europe and the Americas. The IAC and IAC Boet Stopson brand names are known for their quality, reliability and performance.

IAC has a vast team of skilled, trained and expert engineers who have many years of industry experience, allowing the company to deliver a wide range of noise control solutions to a diverse range of industry sectors. IAC has the capability to design, manufacture, deliver and install tailored turnkey solutions to the energy, industrial engineering and transportation, commercial construction, healthcare, aerospace and education and media sectors. Clients include some of the world’s leading companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Caterpillar, Sky, Coca-Cola and Jaguar.


IAC’s turnkey service includes noise surveys and acoustic evaluations and tailored design solutions that includes provision for maintenance access, ventilation and cleaning. All components and structures are manufactured to agreed specifications. IAC also offers delivery, installation and commissioning services.

Industry Sectors and Products

IAC has the knowledge and understanding of the specific requirements of each individual market sector. As such, the company has the necessary resources to offer products and solutions to satisfy each individual market. The IAC group has gained an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and IAC UK has achieved ISO 14001 and is fully committed to supplying and installing products to the highest possible standard. The industry sectors and products include:


The energy and power sectors require complex noise control solutions that can aid the reduction and control of unwanted noise pollution. Each custom-engineered product is tailored to individual applications and includes:

  • Sound Reducing Enclosures: Used for reducing noise pollution from turbines, auxiliary power units, diesel generator sets, gas compression sets, pump drivers and boilers
  • Acoustic Packages: Provide employees with protection from hearing damage and protect machinery to create comfortable and quiet workspaces
  • Acoustic Barriers, Screens and Walls: Used to halt low frequency noise pollution along sensitive boundaries such as power plants, roads, railways and bridges
  • Silencers: Used for gas turbine intake and exhaust systems
  • Heavy Duty and High Temperature Silencers: Used on off-shore platforms, pipelines, mining, marine and pressure relief valves
  • Mufflers: Specified for diesel engines and compressors which are used for land-based mining, marine and transportation applications

Industrial Engineering and Transportation

IAC has designed and created a wide range of product testing and development facilities, modular soundproof rooms, anechoic chambers and reverberation rooms. Having established a global reputation within this field, the company has clients from leading automotive and engine manufacturers. Other clients include universities and hospitals which use IAC facilities for their scientific and medical research, transportation companies, factories and processing industries which specify IAC silencers and noise barriers for the reduction of noise pollution. Key products include:

  • Acoustic doors, barriers, enclosures, louvres and windows
  • Anechoic chambers
  • Duct silencers
  • Fli-Pod multi-purpose acoustic office environments
  • Sliding acoustic doors
  • Test facilities

Commercial Construction

IAC has many years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of an extensive range of acoustic products for commercial buildings. The Building Services team can provide in-depth information based upon individual requirements for products including:

  • Conic Flow Silencers and Quiet Flow Plenums: These control noise from air-conditioning systems
  • Quiet Vent Silencers: Used for preventing noise pollution in air handling units
  • Acoustic Louvres: Combat environmental noise issues in mixed and residential areas
  • Vibration Isolators: For roof mounted plant and mechanical equipment rooms
  • Air Handling Units: For conditioning and circulating air in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Acoustic Walls and Doors: Used for noise reduction in hotels, conference centres and offices


The Healthcare sector includes hospitals and clinics that require rooms which offer privacy as well as acoustic solutions for testing and examinations. The IAC Architectural team can provide advice and information on:

  • Audiology Rooms
  • Acoustic Booths
  • Auscultation Units
  • Mini-Booth Audiometric Testing Rooms
  • Multi-Room Speech and Hearing Complexes
  • Hearing Research Facilities
  • Mobile Audiology Units
  • Refurbishment of existing facilities


IAC Aviation is a leading global company which is part of the IAC group designing, manufacturing and installing aero-engine test facilities and noise suppression systems for military and civil aviation sectors across the world. The company’s speciality is the construction of installed and uninstalled test facilities such as hush houses and tailored support packages. The test facilities are used for a vast range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. IAC can also provide refurbishment services and technical support for aero-engine test cells. Airport products include:

  • Jet Wake Barriers/Blast Deflectors
  • Ground Run Up Pens and Enclosures
  • Head of Stand Cabins
  • Acoustic Walls and Barriers
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge Acoustic Protection and Ventilation

Education and Media

The IAC Architectural team designs and manufactures an extensive range of products for the education and media sectors. Television studios, music rooms and broadcasting facilities require rooms which offer excellent levels of acoustic performance and options include:

  • Soundproof Study Rooms
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Modular Radio Stations
  • TV Studios
  • Video Post-Production and Recording Facilities
  • Acoustic Windows, Doors, Walls, Partitions, Screens and Enclosures
  • Floating Floors

IAC is committed to providing a wide range of industry sectors with products that offer high acoustic performance. The dedicated teams of designers can offer advice, information and quotations across the whole product range. The company is continuously researching and developing the product ranges by using modern and sophisticated equipment to satisfy the ever-changing demands and requirements of the client. IAC is a member of the UK Institute of Acoustics, American Academy of Audiologists, The Environmental Noise Barrier Association and The Institute of Noise Control Engineers.


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