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  • Wall Cappings
  • Trims and Flashings
  • Roof Edge Protection
  • Roof Gardens
  • Roof Vents

ICB ( International Construction Bureau) Company Profile

ICB Ltd is based in Bournemouth and is one of the UK's leading companies specialising in the supply of high quality sustainable roofing products to the construction industry. With over twenty years experience in the field, the highly skilled team is available to develop the correct solution for a wide variety of roofing requirements.

The company is committed to supplying environmentally friendly products and roofing systems that are ecologically advantageous. The systems are designed to last for many years and are manufactured using recycled parts where possible, fitted to flat, pitched, barrel or dome shaped roofs.


There are four main product ranges that are supplied by ICB Ltd, these are:

Alwitra Single-ply Roofing Membranes and Accessories

  • Evalon is a high performance, flexible and strong membrane, resistant to weathering and chemicals, has a life expectancy of around twenty five years, is suited to overlaying metal clad and asbestos roofs and can be fitted to flat, pitched or curved roofs
  • Evalastic (thermoplastic elastomer) is an environmentally friendly substitute for Evalon. A complete roofing system for all applications, inverted roofs, roof gardens and new builds

Alwitra Flat Roof Products

  • Rainwater outlets are required to stop ponding surface water
  • Roof vents are watertight and have airtight connections for vapour control layers in warm roof constructions
  • Paving slab supports for load bearing strength and durability on terraces and balconies
  • Wall cappings for parapet and perimeter wall protection
  • Wall flashings for securing membrane upstands
  • Perimeter profiles for fascias with optional colour coating
  • Roof lights with various options including ventilated units, access hatches, sun blinds, blackout screens and automatic smoke venting systems

Evalon Solar

This is a single-ply waterproofing membrane incorporating a thin film of amorphous silicon photovoltiac cells. Electricity can be generated from sunlight for use within the building, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. Evalon Solar is suitable for warm deck roofs and ventilated roof constructions.

Diadem Roof Garden System

A green roof is installed on a waterproof system. Roof garden systems incorporate the required protection, drainage and reservoir layers and appropriate growing medium substrate, drain gratings, rainwater outlet inspection boxes, edge kerbing and gravel boards for intensive and extensive roof gardens. Roof edge safety systems are also available, these meet European standards: NF EN ISO 14122-3 and NF EN 13374 category A.

  • Extensive System - A green roof requiring very little maintenance. Made up of a hardy mat of sedum vegetation.
  • Intensive System - Simply a garden on a roof. Using trees, shrubs, plants, lawns ponds or landscaping, requiring the same care level as a ground level garden.

ICB roofing installations are carried out by a team of fully trained and licensed roofing contractors based throughout the UK. All ICB and Alwitra products come with a ten year guarantee which can be extended to fifteen or twenty years. Insurance backed and latent defect warranties are available for periods of ten, fifteen and twenty years. All products supplied by ICB carry the required certifications. The company offers a technical back up service, including production of specifications and NBS plus, wind uplift calculations, roof drainage capacity, condensation risk and U value calculations and information on insulation and cut to falls/tapered schemes.

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