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  • INSTA-STIK Roofing Adhesive 13.5kg
  • INSTA-STIK Roofing Adhesive 750ml
  • Elotene DSN Self-Adhesive Vapour Barrier
  • Bond Strength Testing
  • InStar Type-R: Rubber Paving Supports
  • Rubber Paving Supports
  • InStar Type A: Adjustable Paving Supports

InStar UK Company Profile

Instar UK specialises in a range of flat roofing products that help reduce cost, installation time and third party health and safety risk. Each innovative product is carefully researched and designed to improve on conventional roofing techniques and provide advantage to those that use them.

INSTA-STIK Professional Roofing Adhesive

INSTA-STIK roofing adhesive for professionals has been developed for the attachment of insulation boards to a variety of substrates on flat roofs. It is a cold applied system that is quick, easy to use and provides fast adhesion within 20-45 minutes. It is offered in two different sizes and formats which will suit application on all sizes of flat roofs:

  • INSTA-STIK 13.5kg: is offered as a portable, disposable pressurised container requiring no external power source
  • INSTA-STIK 750 ml: is offered in a canister, which meets the roofers need for a highly portable version for the fixing of rigid insulation boards on smaller commercial and residential roofs

Elotene DSN Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier

Elotene DSN is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total barrier against vapour and gases. It consists of a self-adhesive low-thickness bituminous compound self protected by a glass fibre and a reinforced aluminium film. The glass fibre and polyester reinforcement makes the membrane resistant to heavy worksite traffic - can be used in conjunction with INSTA-STIK and most PU adhesives designed for the fixing of roof insulation boards.


Bond Strength Testing

Instar are able to offer bond stength testing using ANSI and SPRI approved equipment. Manufacturers developing built up systems may well want to carry out testing to prove bond strengths of single or multiple layer sytems prior to going for full scale testing and approval. Alternatively, a previously untested system may require testing prior to specification and installation.

InStar Paving and Decking Supports

As well as increasing speed of installation and providing accurate spacing between slabs. InStar paving and decking supports also lift the pavers or decking joists off the underlying surface allowing for improved drainage and the installation of flat walking surfaces over angled roof surfaces.

Other benefits include:

  • Drainage: Allows for efficient drainage between and under walking surface
  • Protection: Provides protection to waterproofing and insulation against effects of UV degradation, temperature extremes and physical damage.
  • Contracting Benefits: Improves speed and accuracy of laying whilst accommodating roof falls
  • Easy Access: Provides easy access to waterproofing and drains for periodic maintenance, damaged slabs and decking can easily be replaced
  • Aesthetics: Provides accurate spacing between slabs and improved drainage deters unwanted vegetation growth
  • Safety: Improved drainage helps reduce standing water and algae growth on the walking surface
  • Services: The creation of cavities beneath the walking surface allows for service pipes and cables to be hidden

Instar Paving support system Type P (plastic)

These paving supports can be stacked to achieve a maximum height of 150mm above finished roof level i.e.(5 x 30mm) Three sizes are available 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, shims are also available in 3mm

Rubber Paving Support System

Rubber paving supports are 9mm thick and cannot be stacked. 2mm shims are available for fine adjustment

Adjustable Paving Supports

InStar adjustable paving supports enable the paving slabs to be lifted off the substrate surface. Fine adjustment, by rotation of the head, enables gradients and irregularities to be accounted for. These are available in the height range from 25mm to 270mm (larger on request).


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