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Jackpad Company Profile

Jackpad is a re-usable foundation system to support modular buildings in permanent and temporary situations. Jackpad can support buildings manufactured from virtually any material in single, double and triple storey configurations.

Based in Leicestershire, Jackpad Ltd can offer foundation systems for hire or purchase across the UK for use on modular buildings, ISO containers, timber framed buildings, pavilions, club houses, spectator seating, staging and decking.

The Jackpad System

Jackpad is made from recycled plastic and steel and is suitable for use on the majority of surfaces without the need for groundworks. Jackpad offers builders and construction companies the ability to complete a fast and uncomplicated installation of a building.

Jackpad is fully calculated and accredited by Building Control and has obtained a Local Authority National Type Approval Certificate (LANTAC).

The three key elements of the Jackpad system are:

  • Adjuster

This is made up of two parts, a painted steel adjuster for the final positioning of the system and the receiving plate which incorporates a 42mm thread and nut which can be tailored to individual requirements.

  • Jackpad 400 Support Block

The central part of the system is the Jackpad 400 support block which takes the vertical load and spreads it evenly through the base.

  • Incremental Packers

The incremental packers offer a solution to overcome fall of ground. With interlocking lugs the system becomes stable when used in multiples.

The Jackpad system is installed in single, double, quadruple and beam set up configurations to suit differing requirements and weight loads.

  • The single position is used for supporting single story buildings and has a SWL of 48kN.
  • The double position is used for single storey back to back and double storey single column positions and incorporates a bridging adjuster which can support a SWL of 70kN.
  • The Quadruple position has a SWL of 138kN and incorporates a plate adjuster supported by four Jackpads and packers. This system is suitable for double storey double columns and triple storey single columns.
  • The beam set up system is a beam that bridges two quadruple adjusters and is used for double and triple storey building configurations of up to 300kN.

System Benefits

The Jackpad system offers many benefits including:

  • Fully adjustable to accommodate uneven ground
  • Fast installation and can be set out as buildings are being constructed
  • No groundworks or remedial works required and leaves ground undamaged
  • Sustainable due to 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable
  • Neat uniform appearance and requires no wet trades
  • Fully calculated by an independent structural engineer
  • Re-usable
  • Widely used by various manufacturers since 2000

Jackpad Ltd offers a range of services to clients including delivery and collection, site surveys, installation and removal, individual project specification calculations and Jackpad hire or sale. The Jackpad system will assist companies in meeting their targets for sustainability and can help towards reducing CO2 emissions.

For more detailed information please contact Jackpad Ltd using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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