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Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi UK) Company Profile

Jacuzzi has become a brand synonymous with relaxation and luxury. The company was established in the US by seven brothers in 1956 with the invention of the hydrotherapy pump and captured American interest with the focus on health and fitness. By 1968 the whirlpool bath was in production and by 1970 the hot tub.

The luxury and relaxation of a whirlpool bath or hot tub has captured the imagination of people on a worldwide scale and Jacuzzi is one of the most renowned companies supplying the domestic market today. The company has also expanded its operations to include sanitary ware, shower enclosures, furniture, brassware and accessories in order to offer a complete solution for any bathroom space.

The range of Jacuzzi products available includes:

Hot Tubs

An extensive range of hot tubs are now available ranging from 2-7 people, overflow spas, coloured lights and headrests, waterfall features, a wide variety of massage pumps and even drinks holders. There are 4 main ranges in the product offering; Skyline, J-400, J-300, and J-200


Jacuzzi has developed exceptional whirlpool baths which provide a great hydromassage experience and which will add a whole new dimension to both the look and feel of your bathroom. The company has also developed the Twin Series which combines a whirlpool bath and shower enclosure and which can fit into the standard bath space. Design and innovation are key elements to Jacuzzi and for those who want the luxury of a bath without the whirlpool there is a range of products which will suit any requirement.

Shower and Steam

Jacuzzi now also offer shower enclosures which can either fit into standard design specifications or become part of the main feature of the bathroom. The company also offers steam enclosures which are self contained, multi functional showering and hydromassage centres with the addition of steam.

Additional Products

If you simply need sanitary ware, furniture or brassware to complete your bathroom Jacuzzi offer a wide range of excellent products.

Jacuzzi use approved stockists throughout the UK and you can find more information on the company website by clicking on the button above. If you would like technical information please send an enquiry or call us today.

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