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  • Jordahl Anchor Channels
  • Jordahl Toothed Channels
  • Jordahl Profile Metal Sheet Channels
  • Jordahl Railing Fastening Channels
  • Jordahl T Bolts
  • Jordahl Punching Shear Reinforcement
  • Hbau Isopro Balcony Insulation Elements
  • Hbau Ferbox Reinforcement
  • Hbau Pentaflex Sealing Systems
  • Hbau Transport Anchors
  • Pfeifer FS box
  • Pfeifer Thread System
  • Pfeifer DB Anchor System
  • Hbau Shuttering Tubes
  • RVKTSS Support Inserts
  • BSF and BFC Support Inserts
  • Becon at The SSE Hydro
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J&P Building Systems Company Profile

J&P Building Systems is a leading company specialising in the supply of building products for fixing, handling and structural support from internationally renowned brands H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer. These three parent companies of J&P Building Systems manufacture a comprehensive range of quality products primarily aimed at reinforced concrete construction and include anchor channels, curtain-wall connectors and insulated connections for balconies.

Products for the special needs of hybrid construction involving reinforced concrete and structural steel can also be supplied and J&P Building Systems has the engineering knowledge and expertise to provide bespoke solutions for individual applications. The technical and sales team are fully experienced at working with specifiers and contractors on projects that require design input. By using the partnership with its parent companies, a complete fixing solution can manufactured and supplied to a high standard. Downloadable design software is available via the website.

In addition, J&P has a partnership with Invisible Connections, specialists in the ‘unseen’ structural connection of precast stair landings and beam-to-column connections. Also on a local level, via the J-UK banner, the company fabricates other fixing solutions which may be derived from the parent companies’ products.

J&P Building Systems and its parent companies are committed to the highest standards of integrity and quality control at all stages and all products and operations conform to the relevant European regulations including CE marking. The UK operation is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Most products are proprietary and can be readily specified. The comprehensive range includes:

Jordahl Products

Jordahl’s long history of engineering achievements includes inventing the cast-in channel and the anchor channels and bolts are recognised around the world for providing a reliable fixing solution for virtually any requirement. Available in a variety of profiles, the channels are made in stainless or carbon steel. Used with the matching steel Jordahl T-bolts, they are capable of accommodating a wide range of tensile and shear loads and are ideal for supporting and restraining façades of any type.

  • Anchor Channels JTA W and JTA K: Available in hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel, these anchor channels combine with Jordahl bolts to deliver a versatile and proven fastening system for reinforced and non-reinforced concrete structural components. Both can be delivered in any length up to 6 metres. The JTA W comes in six different cross-sections and the JTA K in five cross-sections.
  • Toothed Channels JXA and JZA: Toothed anchor channels are capable of absorbing loads in all directions. Together with corresponding serrated bolts, the system provides a secure, positive connection that will not slip.
  • Profiled Metal Sheet Channels: The choice for attaching trapezoidal sheet metal to reinforced concrete components without damaging the load-bearing components.
  • Railing Fastening Channels: These provide a safe and fast way of fastening railing posts on the front face of concrete slabs.
  • T-Bolts: T-bolts ensure perfect co-ordination with the Jordahl channel range and suitable materials for various corrosion influences.
  • JDA Studrail: A reinforcement solution which incorporates a minimum number of formwork and an optimum use of space.


Among the J-UK products developed by J&P Building Systems based on Jordahl channels is the Balcon system for connecting steel balconies into concrete slabs. Balcon offers great adjustability and a solution bespoke to each application. It is suitable for retro-fit balcony installations sometimes found in refurbishment projects.

H-Bau Products

H-Bau specialises in the production of innovative solutions to traditional issues found within the construction industry. Solutions include the Pentabox system which combines traditional reinforcement continuity with waterproof jointing and the Boxfer reinforcement continuity device for reinforced concrete structures. The product range includes:

  • Isopro Balcony Insulation Elements: Isopro allows thermal bridge problems to be addressed more effectively and economically. The Isopro elements incorporate special concrete compression blocks which replace stainless steel rebars in the compression zone. There are Isopro elements to provide positive locking connections for all kinds of balconies and walkway constructions. Isopro has an insulation thickness of 80mm and exceeds the minimum requirements of energy saving regulations.
  • Ferbox: Ferbox reinforcement continuity system provides continuous reinforcement across structural joints in concrete throughout a number of concrete pours. Ferbox is available in a range of designs and dimensions, with volume production in Germany augmented by UK-manufactured 'specials' up to 16mm diameter. Both plants are UK-CARES approved and Ferbox is the first UK product of its type assessed to the requirements of EC2.
  • Pentaflex: Among the many H-Bau waterproofing and sealing products supplied by J&P Building Systems is Pentaflex, a flexible sealing system for non-bituminous tanking. Connecting the special coating to the fresh concrete, halts the downward migration of the working joints and the penetration of water with a bonding depth of just 30mm. Other solutions include hydrophilic Swellflex, injectable Pluraflex and traditional rubberised PVC waterstops.
  • Transport anchors: A range of Type KE anchors for safely transporting and erecting pre-cast twin-wall elements. Also Multi-Rockets for use support during manufacture of twin wall.

Pfeifer Products

Pfeifer is a leading manufacturer of rope, anchoring and lifting systems in Europe. The company’s key business fields include steel wire ropes, building technology, cable structures, lifting equipment and attachment and lashing equipment. The product range includes:

  • FS Box: A new development that combines with the proven advantages of Pfeifer's VS system for the flexible connection of pre-cast concrete. The FS has been developed primarily for double walls but can be used for other applications. The inherent flexibility of the wire rope delivers huge flexibility and safety advantages. The FS Box can be bent as required during assembly and will spring back into the nominal position afterwards.
  • Pfeifer Thread System: This market-leading transport system for pre-cast concrete units comprises threaded anchors, lifting devices and a full range of accessories. It combines economy and a high degree of safety thanks to the proven strength of the Pfeifer round threads. Colour coding aids efficient handling and installation is straightforward.
  • DB Anchor System: DB-Anchors have high carrying capacities and suit a wide range of applications. They offer safe, economical and fast anchor system for any kind of fixing. The range includes waved anchors or base anchors suitable for the thinnest elements.

Invisible Connections Products

Among the specialist steel details manufactured by IC for various construction applications are:

  • RVK/TSS Support Inserts. These are suitable for a number of applications in the precasting industry, such as a direct connection for stairs, or support for balconies. Both systems enable fast erection with no on-site work necessary with bolts or welding. The hidden support allows freedom of design.
  • BSF and BFC Connector Units: These support inserts are specifically designed to provide concealed connections between corbels and columns.

J&P Building Systems supplies many other fixing solutions for the construction industry. The full range of products can be viewed on the website. The professional and experienced customer service team welcomes enquiries and will endeavour to find an appropriate solution for a vast array of applications. J&P is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of Health and Safety.


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