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JP Concrete Products Company Profile

JP Concrete supplies a range of precast and pre-stressed concrete products for the Agricultural, Construction and Civil Engineering industries. Their products are suitable for a wide variety of applications and used by customers across the UK.


Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

The retaining wall units are available in various heights from 1m – 4m. The L-shaped units can be cast into a concrete floor, or bolted on to a concrete foundation. The units can be manufactured as single or double-sided load bearing units; applications for these units include; salt barns, earth retaining walls, storage bays and waste and recycling centres.

Free standing concrete dividing walls

Our freestanding precast concrete wall units are ideal for many uses including but not limited to; concrete bunker walls, aggregate bays, waste & recycling storage, boundary walls and grain stores. The units are 1.2m wide and come in range of heights from 1.5m to 3.6m.

Pre-stressed Concrete Panels

The pre-stressed concrete panels are ideally suited for use in; industrial buildings, warehouses, livestock housing, grain barns and slurry storage. The panels are available in various heights, lengths and thicknesses and are made to order. The panels have a tongue and groove fitting and are supplied with; all necessary bolts, plates and sealant for installation.

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers are a cost effective solution for protecting your land or property and are available to hire or purchase. Thebarriers can be manufactured with precast grooves for easy handling with forklifts on site, or top lifters. The security barrier are available in 3 lengths; 1.5m 2.5m and 3m.

Slurry Channels

The slurry channels allow for the flow of slurry to, or between storage tanks. The slurry flows freely by gravity in combination with water in the channel. Transfer channels reduce the need to agitate manure inside farm buildings.

Concrete Tanks

We can supply a variety of different concrete tanks depending on the use and the volume required. Modular tanks can be used, alternatively we can supply above ground tanks, below ground or partially below ground tanks.

Slurry Store

We supply a range of concrete slurry pits that can be below ground, partially below ground or above ground. There are a number of options in terms of the products you can use, please contact us for more details.

Silage Clamp

There are a number of different products that can be used to create a silage clamp including; the pre-stressed concrete panels, and the L-shape retaining walls.

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