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    Kingspan Benchmark Company Profile

    Kingspan Benchmark specialises in the design and installation of exceptional quality wall and roof façades that create a complete insulated building envelope. The company has established a highly respected reputation for quality and service with architects, contractors, property developers, engineers and surveyors.

    Benchmark enables clients to create unique, contemporary and diverse building designs. There is a huge array of build options, façades and roofs in a wide variety of finishes and colours to satisfy the design requirements of each individual client. The company is continuously investing in product development to satisfy the ever-changing specification requirements.

    Key benefits of Benchmark’s roof and façade systems include:

    • Systems which offer superior performance and functionality
    • Flexible designs for ease of integration and installation
    • Trained experts on hand to offer design and technical advice and guidance throughout a project
    • Important measures are taken to ensure accuracy and integrity of the technical information provided
    • The Benchmark team will oversee every project from concept to completion
    • Complex designs catered for
    • Products meet BREEAM and revised Part L legislation, minimising environmental impact
    • Thoroughly tested designs which conform to CDM, thermal, airtightness, fire and curtain wall regulations
    • Trained experts available to oversee project installations
    • Total Guarantee Assurance.


    Benchmark has combined all of the elements to deliver a total solution. With a wide choice of build options, architects, contractors and property developers can construct a solid building core. The huge range of stunning façades in inspirational colours and textures enables designers to create eye-catching and unique architectural features. The roofing systems combine aesthetics and sustainability to elevate the building designs. The product range includes:

    Façade Systems

    Kingspan Benchmark unites all the elements to deliver the ultimate building envelope solutions to satisfy specific building designs and specifications. Benchmark’s build options have been developed with flexibility at the heart of the design. The systems are suitable for buildings of any height and can accommodate openings, penetrations and complex façades.

    The Connect wall system is a pre-engineered multi-spanning module which offers superior thermal, structural and fire performance and is a perfect partner for the Benchmark façade range. Connect is ideal for any project from high-rise apartment blocks and offices to controlled environments such as hospitals and leisure facilities.

    The Karrier metal-faced panel system is a unique insulated panel which can be laid horizontally or vertically, with or without a tophat section to suit the Benchmark façade range. This system offers exceptional weather resistance, thermal, acoustic, fire and structural performance and makes a building watertight. The façade options include:

    • Metallic: Modern panels in any colour option which provide superior aesthetics and weather protection. Design options available include Aluminium, ACM, Copper, Corten, Stainless Steel and Zinc.
    • Glass: With thousands of colours available, the glass range of coloured and mirrored glass façades provides designers and architects with a multitude of options. Screen prints are made with heat and light stable pigments for the ultimate fade resistance.
    • Ceramic: Ceramic tiles provide an affordable solution which is fast and easy to install. Ceramic Tile and Ceramic Granite options are available.
    • Cementitious Boards: The cementitious boards have been developed in conjunction with Marley Eternet and there is a wide selection of texture and colour options available within the Natura Pro, Pictura and Textura ranges.
    • HPL Trespa Meteon: A bold and colourful selection of architectural façades which are known for their strength and durability.
    • Timber: The timber façade system provides a warm and natural look for any building. The façades have been developed in partnership with Vincent Timber and are available in Accoya, Siberian Larch, Sweet Chestnut, Thermowood and Western Red Cedar. The timber is lightweight, easy to install and provides a fastrack solution.

    Design Wall Series

    The Design Wall series features a range of premium quality insulated panels with different profiles, textures and colours. These systems can be laid horizontally or vertically and provide superior weather resistance and thermal, acoustic fire and structural performance. The lightweight systems are a fast track solution for buildings and integrate with doors, windows, glazing louvres and traditional construction materials. Options include:

    • Evolution: An un-profiled, insulated flat panel which provides all the features of a rainscreen façade, but with the addition of insulated panel technology for a truly bespoke design.
    • Curve: A beautiful and contemporary curved profile which incorporates all the benefits of a PIR insulated panel system. Curve can be installed horizontally or vertically and is easily integrated with other panels to create a stunning visual impact.
    • Louvre: Louvre DW PIR insulated panels are an aesthetically pleasing solution for any building project. The secret fix panels offer a contemporary visual impact, coupled with airtightness and a lifetime of continuous thermal performance.
    • Render: A PIR insulated panel which is ideal for apartments, offices and education, healthcare and leisure facilities. Installed horizontally or vertically, the panels cover widths of 600-1000mm in 1mm increments. Every panel is consistent in colour, texture and flatness.

    Roof Systems

    Benchmark offers a complete selection of roof systems which are manufactured and supplied with BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certification and environmentally accredited to ISO 14001. The systems also come with the option of the Benchmark Total Guarantee. Options include:

    • Envirodek: Envirodek PIR insulated roof deck has been developed for green roof systems and enables designers to create green spaces in urban environments. The system enhances thermal and acoustic performance with less effect on sustainability.
    • Roofliner: Roofliner PIR insulated roof panels are perfect for zinc, stainless steel and aluminium standing seam waterproofing systems and single-ply membranes. Roofliner enhances water and thermal airtightness, fire resistance and the structural performance of a structure and is ideal for buildings with a pitch, low-pitched roof slope, flat roof and curved with convex and concave radius of 20m.
    • Topspan: Topspan PIR insulated roof deck is a combination of a structural deck and a metal top sheet. The panels work perfectly with zinc, stainless steel and aluminium standing seam waterproofing systems and single-ply membranes. Topspan has an 8m clear span capability and is a fast track system suited to flat or curved roofs.


    To perfectly complement a new façade or roof system, Benchmark offers a wide range of detailing features for the perfect finishing touch. Products include:

    • Window pods
    • Flashings
    • Tophats
    • Preformed corners
    • Louvres
    • Joint covers
    • Fin features
    • Column casings
    • Gutters.

    Benchmark is committed to developing a stunning array of architectural façade systems which are perfectly complemented by the company’s technical design expertise. The friendly and experienced team welcomes enquiries and will work closely with the customer to design, fabricate and install a unique, functional and durable solution for any building application. By choosing Benchmark, customers can be assured they are working alongside one of the most highly regarded names within the construction industry.


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