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  • Childrens Adventure Play Areas
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Kirton Playworks Company Profile

Based in Chester, Kirton Playworks specialises in the creative design of soft play and adventure play areas for internal public and private spaces. The company provides a design and fit out service to companies and businesses that wish to attract children and families through the provision of crèche facilities and play areas. Customers include leisure centres, shopping centres, large retailers and other businesses. Doctors’ waiting rooms and hospitals also benefit from Kirton Playworks’ products.

Products and Services

  • Adventure Play: a wide range of designs is available, featuring ramps, slides, climbing areas and playing mats. The company believes that these soft play areas have become an essential part of business outlook for many companies. The adventure play range is also suitable for birthday parties and activity sales, where they can generate income and drive up sales of food and beverages as well as merchandise.
  • Soft Play: these structures are smaller and cater mainly for the pre-school age. This equipment is maintenance free and, due to the quality of the material, minimal repair is ever necessary. These products are washable and create a safe playing environment for young children.
  • Play Panels: this product is most suited to areas where space is an issue and the children are expected to wait, such as a doctor's surgery, changing rooms, car dealerships or health clubs. They offer stimulating play activities for children for a limited period of time. The play equipment on the panels is fixed, durable and can be cleaned easily. Free standing activity centres and play tables are also available. A wide range of panels is available, catering for toddlers through to six-year-olds. For a full list of play panels, use the buttons above to be directed to the company website.
  • Themed play areas: Kirton Playworks can work with their clients to produce a strong brand image as part of a successful indoor play business. The company also offers to produce promotional literature to guarantee a consistent brand image.
  • Multi sensory environment: this mixture of materials encourages children to learn through visual, tactile and audio stimulation.
  • Safety Padding ensures the safety and protection for children if playing at height or around moving activity equipment.
  • Furniture: products such as restaurant furniture, party tables and chairs, arts and crafts furniture and bespoke furniture are available to order.
  • Staff training, maintenance and safety inspections.

Kirton Playworks’ market is UK based and they distribute their products country wide. The design, outlay and materials used in their products are approved by OFSTED and the DDA. The company has expertise in design and manufacture of safe, innovative play equipment for children. For more information please visit the website or click on the buttons above to send an enquiry.

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