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  • Thermatex Acoustic dB 41
  • Thermatex Acoustic dB 41
  • Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Perforated
  • Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Perforated
  • Thermatex Acoustic
  • Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Perforated
  • Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Perforated
  • Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Perforated
  • Thermatex Sonic Sky rafts
  • Thermatex Sonic Sky rafts
  • Thermatex Symetra
  • Thermatex Symetra
  • Thermatex Alpha
  • Thermatex Alpha

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Knauf Ceiling Solutions Company Profile

Knauf AMF is part of the Knauf group which is based in Germany and is represented in twenty seven countries throughout the world. The company's UK base is in Twickenham, Middlesex and specialises in the manufacture of high performance suspended ceiling systems and is represented throughout the United Kingdom via a network of distributors and specification and contract representatives.

A vast array of suspended ceilings are available to suit various applications and requirements, such as acoustic sound reflection, fire protection, hygiene, sound absorption, mezzanine floors and light reflectance. Suspended ceilings are used widely in educational sectors, offices, healthcare, industrial and leisure facilities, conference centres, hotels and retail outlets. The product range is available in various sizes, colours and finishes and includes:

  • Mineral Ceiling Range: AMF THERMATEX tiles are produced using bio-soluble wool, clay and starch; they offer superior fire resistance and acoustic performance. The tiles are given a special coating, have recessed edges (VT) which are hardened as standard and square edged by request, which gives them an extremely strong and durable finish. The vast range includes Thermaclean, Thermatex Acoustic, Laguna micro perforated, Thermatex pinhole and plain.
  • Wooden Ceiling Range: AMF FIBRAFUTURA is a lightweight wooden ceiling tile, produced using wood fibres bound together with cement. Widely used in sports halls and other large areas due to its excellent sound absorption qualities, resistance to humidity and impact. Available in range of colours the FIBRAFUTURA tile has an aesthetically pleasing look. The two options are FIBRAFUTURA and FIBRAPHON.
  • Metal Ceiling Range: KOMBIMETALL can be used in any of the suspension systems and is widely used as a free-span corridor plank and as a modular panel in a fixed grid ceiling. This system requires no further sound insulation, offers excellent fire resistance and can have integrated downlighters and sprinklers. The range includes fire resistant light box, KOMBIMETALL plain or perforated.
  • Gypsum Ceiling Range: The GYPSUM range is widely used throughout buildings due to its high technical performance, offering Class 1 and Class 0 ratings for reaction to fire and has superior acoustic properties with both absorption and attenuation of sound. The range includes Livada, Nevada, Rogada and Stellada.

Installation Systems

AMF has various suspended ceiling installation systems for the tiles, these are as follows:

  • System A Concealed Demountable: This is a smooth monolithic look that is obtained by concealing the suspension components. The tiles can be simply demounted to gain access to the ceiling void.
  • System A Concealed Non Demountable: Offering the same look as the System A demountable ceiling, the non-demountable system can be fitted close to the underside of the soffit to gain maximum floor to ceiling height.
  • System C Exposed: This system is used with AMF SK (square edge) and VT (recessed edge) tiles. This system is fast and simple to install and offers easy access to the ceiling void.
  • System F Free Span Corridor System: This versatile system can incorporate a large range of AMF tiles, which can be demounted for easy access or non-demounted to restrict access.
  • System I Bandraster System: System I offers highly versatile design options, the tiles can be adapted and altered to fit with the architecture and style of any building.

Other Products

AMF has a range of high performance, specialist products that compliment the suspended ceiling range, these include:

  • Audio System: Used for speech and music transmission, the AMF Audio System is a flat panel loudspeaker that is combined into the ceiling to produce Hi-Fi quality sound.
  • Beamex System: This electrically operated ceiling tile offers storage and safety to slide, video and LCD projectors that are stored within the ceiling void.

Knauf AMF has established a worldwide reputation for providing an exceptional range of quality products. The company has sales and contractor representatives located throughout the country. A team of highly knowledgeable staff are available to assist and guide clients on product and technical information. In addition, Knauf AMF is continuously investing into the research and development of new generation suspended ceiling products.

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