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  • Knauf Insulation Exhibition
  • Knauf Insulation Exhibition
  • Knauf Insulation Exhibition
  • Knauf Insulation Exhibition
  • Acoustic Rolls
  • Acoustic Floor Roll
  • Duct Roll
  • CarbonZero Loft Roll 44
  • FactoryClad
  • Frame Therm Roll
  • Loft Insulation Rolls
  • Rafter Roll
  • SteelTherm Roll
  • Universal Roll
  • Polyfoam Agriboard
  • EcoStud
  • Earthwool RainScreen Slab
  • Acoustic Party Wall Slab
  • Cavity Slab
  • Duct Slabs
  • Polyfoam Floorfoam
  • Polyfoam Cavityboard

Knauf Insulation Company Profile

Knauf Insulation is a globally recognised, family owned company and is the UK’s premier manufacturer of glass mineral wool, rock mineral wool and extruded polystyrene insulation products. The company offers an unrivalled range of products for building H&V, process and appliance insulation and fabrication applications. Knauf Insulation was established in 1946 and is the largest independent building materials group in Europe with over 150 production plants in forty countries.

The Knauf Insulation website offers comprehensive design information including CAD details, NBS specification clauses, Building Regulations and Part L compliance for new buildings, as well as key design considerations, energy savings and product and system accreditations. There is also in-depth information on specifying the most appropriate material for a particular application such as floors, walls, roofs, fire protection, acoustic and thermal solutions, industrial buildings and HVAC pipe and ductwork.


The product range provides a wide variety of insulation solutions for new-build and refurbishment, commercial and domestic buildings. Buildings account for around 40% of energy consumption and much of this is consumed through heating and cooling. Any building can vastly improve its energy efficiency with good quality insulation and in turn drastically cut carbon emissions. Knauf Insulation offers products under the brand names of Earthwool, Rocksilk, Knauf Insulation, Floorfoam and Polyfoam.

The mineral wool is made with Ecose Technology and offers a softer feel, is odourless, easy to cut and is environmentally friendly as it is produced from naturally occurring and/or recycled materials. Knauf Ecose has fire resistance, fire classification, thermal insulation properties, acoustic insulation, sound absorption and mechanical properties. Ecose Technology is a revolutionary, bio-based formaldehyde-free binder technology which reduces embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability.


Earthwool is a new mineral brand which features the benefits of Ecose Technology that is naturally brown in colour and offers significant improvements in feel, handling and performance. Earthwool is completely rot-proof, non-hygroscopic and will not allow infestation from vermin, fungi, bacteria or mould. Products include:

  • Loft insulation rolls
  • Acoustic rolls for floors, partitions, joists and walls
  • Glass mineral wool slabs for applications including cavity walls, solid walls, party walls, ductwork in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems and naval warships
  • Rock slabs for cavity walls, pitched roofs, floors and external rainscreens
  • FactoryClad, FrameTherm and SteelTherm rolls
  • Cavity barriers to stop fire and smoke spreading through walls, floors and cavities and for reducing noise levels


Rocksilk products include the Krimpact Façade Slab for use with external wall insulation systems. Krimpact Façade Slab is a high strength rock mineral slab that offers a consistent density which incorporates a water-repellent additive, excellent thermal and acoustic performance and superior fire resistance. Krimpact Flat Roof Slabs are rigid slabs made from rock mineral wool which offer the same qualities as the Façade Slab, but are specifically designed for flat roofs and have the option of two densities.

Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation loose mineral wool products are suitable for new-build or retro-fit applications and are approved by the BBA, easy to install by approved contractors and cost effective. Options include Supafil Cavity Wall Insulation, a non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation, designed to be blown into existing cavity walls and does not require site mixing. Perimeter Plus is a fibre glass blowing insulation which creates a thermal and acoustic barrier for timber frame buildings.

Knauf Rocksilk

Knauf Rocksilk is a range of insulating fire protection products which include:

  • Fireboard for structural steel columns and beams
  • Fire Tech Slabs which provide up to four hours of fire protection for structural steelwork
  • PyroDuct Slab for the fire protection of steel ductwork for up to two hours
  • Smoke and Fire Barrier for the compartments of large cavities and voids in timber roofs and suspended ceilings and beneath metal, concrete and timber decks

Floorfoam Extruded Polyethylene (XPE)

Floorfoam is a closed cell extruded polyethylene which comes in a roll and is used as a resilient layer in separating floors to cushion vibrations. Floorfoam is suitable for use with traditional or liquid screed solutions and is compliant with Building Regulations. Floorfoam Easy Edge Strip is used at the floor perimeter to cushion vibrations and isolate floors at junctions. Floorfoam can be used with underfloor heating systems and provides superior acoustic performance.

Polyfoam Extruded polystyrene (XPS)

Polyfoam extruded polystyrene is a strong and thermally efficient acoustic solution for a wide range of insulation applications. A vast array of strengths is available within the range for light and heavy duty areas. Products include:

  • Polyfoam Floor Insulation including Floorboard, floorboard Extra and Floorboard Super
  • Polyfoam Wall Insulation including Cavityboard, Linerboard, Agriboard and EcoStud
  • Polyfoam Flat Roofing Insulation including protected membrane roofing and single ply membrane waterproofing, options include Roofboard, Slimline Membrane, High Impact and Upstand Board and Cut-to-Falls
  • Polyfoam Pitched Roof Insulation for warm roofs, inter-rafter insulation and internal lining, options include Pitched Roofboard, Sarking Board System including Raftersqueeze and Rafetsqueeze
  • Polyfoam Fabrication Boards for specialised fabrication applications, options include General Application Laminate, Laminating Board, Panelboard and Polyfoam RVB

Knauf Internal Wall Insulation Systems

For internal wall applications Earthwool EcoBatt is ideal for the insulation of solid walls and is used in conjunction with the EcoStud patented internal wall insulation system. EcoBatt is a high performance, non-combustible, water repellent glass mineral wool slab which offers superior fire and thermal performance by knitting together to eliminate air gaps between adjacent slabs.

Knauf Insulation has established a worldwide reputation for expertise in glass mineral wool, rock mineral wool and foam insulation. The company can provide advice to ensure the specification of appropriate products for particular applications. Knauf Insulation is continuously researching and developing products and services for improved performance and customer satisfaction. With the environment being of such importance in society today, the company prides itself on offering a wide range of sustainable, high performance products which provide enhanced energy efficiency in buildings.

For more detailed information on the products and services offered please contact Knauf Insulation using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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