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  • Roof Lanterns and Skylights
  • Roof Lanterns and Skylights
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Lonsdale Metal Company Profile

Londsdale Metal Company

Established in 1946, Londsdale Metal Company is a London-based provider of roof glazing. The company provides an end to end service, employing architects, designers and manufacturers to work on both domestic and commercial projects.


SkyGard glazing bars:

these are an inverted T-bar design and suitable for unheated areas such as walkways. The product can be 6-7mm single glazing, is easy to install and economical.

PlasGard glazing bars:

this is a two-part glazing bar with continuous screw-on cap. Extra wide glazing rebates are available for exposed areas and the bars are suitable for either glass or polycarbonate. The glazing bar cross centres up to 1000mm.


with excellent thermal performance and superior U-values, ThermGard can be supplied as contemporary or heritage profiles. It is air tight and the box-rafter minimises risk of condensation.

SpanGard Lanterns and Skylights:

manufactured from the ThermGard patent glazing system and is fully fabricated for immediate installation. They are suitable for 15°-45° roof pitches and span up to 6m in width without supporting steel work. They can also be used with single or double glazing and polycarbonate. Irregular shapes are one of the company’s specialities and include: hipped, gable ended, pyramids, hexagons, octagons and polygons.

Glazatherm ventilators:

weather proof and durable these ventilators are easy to install with a variety of hanging options such as side, top or bottom. They are made to measure with factory-fitted opening mechanisms. Ventilators are available in white as standard and other standard RAL and BS colours to BS6494 regulations.


For home owners, Londsdale can design, manufacture and install roof glazing, incorporating any of the above products.

For architects, the company provides concise information to help in the design of glass roofs for all types of building.

For contractors, installation is arranged via a national network of registered dealers.

For installers, the ease of implementation means decreased labour time on site and advice on design and technical issues is also offered as standard.


Lonsdale has an online cleaning manual for the maintenance of its products which also suggests a list of professional cleaning suppliers. The company also works closely with the British Transport Police to manufacture products that would minimise injury in the event of an attack or bomb blast. Safety is also an important issue for the company and a technical advice manual is available on the website for designers and home owners.

The company has worked on prestigious buildings such as Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. Londsdale has an extensive portfolio of projects in many sectors including domestic, commercial and public. Their priority is customer satisfaction and providing value for money with high performance products.

For more information, visit the website or to send an enquiry, please use the buttons above.

New Products

New rooflight system from Lonsdale Metal Company: Lonsdale Metal Company has introduced a new aluminium rooflight system that sets the standard for safe and weather tight glass roofs.

The ThermGard TG 50 is a thermally broken aluminium sloped glazing system suitable for commercial, public and domestic buildings. It offers outstanding air-tightness and weathering performance that is independently certified and is suitable for double or triple insulating glass units.

ThermGard TG50 is designed to conform with the requirements of BS5516 2004 Parts 1 & 2 for the design & installation of sloping and vertical patent glazing when installed within the manufacturer’s recommendations. It can be used with a variable pitch down to minimum 5 degrees.

The wide centres and long spans mean there is less metal, allowing in more daylight. The system is tested to CWCT TN66-67 and classified Class 2 Non-Fragile. It may be deemed to comply with CWCT TN92 when used with recommended glass specifications.


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