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Maccaferri Company Profile

Founded in 1879, Maccaferri is at the heart of the Industrial Group and its continued growth is based upon long-held values of innovation, integrity, excellent service and respect for the environment.

Maccaferri’s mission is to become a leading international provider of advanced solutions to the civil engineering and construction market. Leading a strategy of vertical integration, Maccaferri researches, manufactures, designs, supplies and constructs solutions within its target markets.

The capabilities of the business are always expanding due to an acquisition plan to open new markets and grow existing ones; Maccaferri now offers engineered solutions from beach nourishment to advanced reinforced soil and from rockfall mitigation to tunnelling systems.

With over 2000 employees, 26 manufacturing facilities and local operations in 100 countries around the globe, Maccaferri can truly claim to have a global presence with local focus.

Retaining Structures

Our Retaining Structure solutions have a number of things in common. They are modular, flexible and can suit most ground conditions. In addition, the ease and speed of construction is essential in this market. Not only do our systems provide this, but the majority of our systems do not even require specialist labour.

  • Welded Gabions
  • MacWall
  • Woven Gabions
  • Timber Crib
  • MacRes Vertical Concrete Walls

Erosion Protection

Erosion of the earth causes numerous problems. Soils eroded from banks can cause loss of land, landslips can impact infrastructure and rock fall and slope instability can be hazardous to roads, buildings and people. Soils from the erosion process inevitably end up polluting watercourses leading to loss of ecology and habitat. We have a large range of solutions commensurate with the erosion risk you face.

  • MacMat R
  • Enkamat
  • Rockfall Netting
  • Rockfall Catch Fences
  • Biomac biodegradable mats
  • Steelgrid high strength rockfall netting
  • Reno Mattresses

Slope Reinforcement

With our specialist knowledge and comprehensive product range, Maccaferri can offer cost-effective solutions to your slope reinforcement problem, whether on a steep, shallow or soil nailed slope. Where the soil or ground is not inherently stable it will be prone to failure; the performance of the existing soils needs to be improved. There are many ways to achieve but increasingly geogrids are used to reinforce the soils within embankments or slopes.

Our unsurpassed range of geogrid reinforcements maximises the opportunity to reuse site won materials as backfill to a reinforced slope. This saves on the export and import of materials from site, embracing sustainability and reducing polluting truck movements. Cost savings through the reuse of site won material with geogrids can be substantial on a project.

  • Paragrid
  • Enkagrid
  • Terramesh
  • Green Terramesh


Pavements, whether bound or unbound, are exposed to repeated, high and focused loads. These can cause premature aging and failure of the road construction. Maccaferri offers the construction industry an unsurpassed range of geogrids and geotextiles, enabling us to select reinforcement optimised for your site conditions and loading requirements. A wide range of ground conditions, require a wide range of reinforcement products, and one style of grid will not be optimal for all ground types.

  • Roadmesh - Steel mesh pavement reinforcement
  • MacGrid AR - Glass Fibre pavement mesh
  • Enkagrid MAX - Biaxial geogrids for subgrade stabilisation

Basal Platforms

When constructing over ground where the foundation material is unstable, there is the possibility of settlement of the ground and hence any construction above. Differential settlement can be controlled by the construction of a basal platform to spread, span or dissipate the construction loads, downwards into the ground.

  • Paralink
  • MacTex W2

Maccaferri Construction

At Maccaferri, we are not just material suppliers to the construction industry. We add value to your project team by offering sound engineering solutions with in-depth technical and design support for our products. Our expertise in soil bioengineering and vegetation techniques enables us to enhance the environmental aspects of your project.

From offices in Oxford, Perth, Belfast and Dublin and supported by our in house team of Geotechnical and Civil Engineers, Maccaferri offers an unrivalled product range to the construction industry. Challenge us on your project today!

For more detailed information please contact us by using the buttons above or visit the company website.

New Products

New high-performance coating from Maccaferri: Maccaferri has launched a new high-performance polymer coating that is able to withstand 100,000 cycles of abrasion – 10 times that of traditional polymer coatings when tested in accordance with international standards.

What will the future be like in 120 years? As environmental conditions are changing more rapidly, the market has started to demand engineering solutions that adapt to these changes. To respond to these needs, Maccaferri developed PoliMac®, a polymer blend with excellent adhesion to the wire, specially adapted to withstand the extremely aggressive environments.

Designed to achieve the technical performance demands of hydraulic, geotechnical, erosion control and environmental protection projects, PoliMac® presents five technical advancements: Abrasion resistance; Resistance to low temperature; UV resistance; Resistance to installation damage and Chemical resistance.

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