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  • Chilled Food Display Bar
  • Chilled Food Display Bar
  • Chip Scuttles
  • Lincat Silverlink Worktop
  • Pizza/Sandwich Preparation Station
  • Gastronorm Containers
  • Polypropylene Gastronorm Containers
  • Gastronorm Containers
  • Food Containers
  • Lincat Preparation Table
  • Catering Sinks
  • Lincat Kitchen Sink
  • Baking Sheets
  • Measuring Spoons

Makro Company Profile

Makro is the UK’s premier cash and carry wholesaler and boasts thirty stores nationwide. The company offers professional customers an exceptional range of competitively priced catering and kitchen products, coupled with a superior level of service. Makro has established a highly respected reputation with customers is confident that it can fulfil the requirements for any catering business.

Makro’s product ranges provide tailored solutions to ensure businesses operate effectively and profitably. The products have been developed to offer quality, performance, convenience and affordability. Products are available to order through the online store and are delivered free of charge.

Catering Solutions

The expert purchasing team at Makro has put together an extensive, cost-effective range of products which includes pans, ovenware, preparation stations, knives, utensils, food storage, kitchen gadgets and measuring equipment. For a business to deliver the very best quality, it is vital it has the finest tools and equipment. The professional standard range of kitchen equipment is regularly specified by a growing number of catering professionals that rely on superior products to ensure their own reputation. The kitchen equipment has been carefully sourced and can be delivered in the busiest and most demanding of catering environments.

The product range includes:

Cutting Boards and Worktop Savers

The Sunnex chopping boards and worktop savers are ideal for all types of kitchen environments and are designed to be strong and durable. The 18 x 12 inch boards are available in six bold colours to ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination when preparing different foods.

Food Storage

Makro offers a huge array of hygienic storage solutions for food and beverages. The products are available from well-known and respected manufacturers such as Fine Elements, Kilner, Chefset and Gastronorm. Options available include:

  • Food Containers and Storage Jars: The storage range includes Sistema polypropylene boxes, cool bags, ingredient bins, food storage trays and glass Kilner jars.
  • Food Covers: Food covers keep food contamination-free and fresh. Options include heat retaining lids, food covers and lids to keep food cool.
  • Gastronorm Containers: Gastronorm stainless steel containers can be used for cooking, storing food, transporting food, blast chilling and presentation. A wide range of sizes and depths are available in standard and perforated designs.
  • Liquid Containers: A comprehensive range of travel mugs, flasks, water filter jugs and cartridges are available.

Knives, Utensils and Kitchen Gadgets

To ensure a professional kitchen runs effectively and efficiently, it is essential that a wide range of knives, utensils and gadgets are on hand. Makro’s product range offers high quality, cost-effective solutions from leading manufacturers such as Chefset, Henckles, Kitchencraft and Masterclass. Products available include boning, bread, carving, fillet, paring, chefs and cooks knives, chip scuttles, cleavers, graters, juicers, mashers, ladles, knife block sets, spatulas, whisks, tongs, spoons and much more.


The extensive range of measuring equipment available from Makro will ensure that every ingredient quantity is correct. The products include 250ml to 3 litre measuring cups, plastic and glass measuring jugs, electronic and mechanical weighing scales and measuring spoon sets.

Mixing Bowls

The mixing bowls from leading brands such as Mason Cash and Pyrex are available in sizes ranging from 0.5 litres to 3 litres in glass and stoneware options.


The wide range of ovenware equipment will enable professional kitchens replace lost items or fully kit-out the kitchen. The comprehensive ovenware range includes baking sheets, baking trays and tins, cooking rings, cooling racks and trays, oven dishes, ramekins, casserole dishes, roasting tins and dishes and baking equipment.


Makro has pans of all shapes and sizes to satisfy the requirements of the professional chef. The grill pans are ideal for meat and vegetables, frying pans, skillets, woks and omelette pans offer versatility for a range of foods and other options include saucepans, stockpots and boiling pots for larger quantities. Brand names available include Tefal, Sunnex, Horeca Select, Chefset, Jamie Oliver, Prestige and many more.

Preparation Stations

Preparation stations are an essential component of any commercial kitchen environment. Makro offers a wide range of Lincat Silverlink 600 worktops, stainless steel preparation tables, sink worktops and tables.

  • Shelving: Shelving enables kitchens to be uncluttered and is an ideal way of storing any type of food or equipment. Products include Lincat pizza/sandwich preparation stands, wall cupboards, stands, wall benches and sealed chilled food display and preparation bars/cabinets.
  • Sinks: Makro offers a range of Lincat commercial and catering kitchen sinks for large and small environments. The stainless steel single or double sinks feature left or right-handed drainers and a handy shelf underneath. Hand wash basins are also available.
  • Worktops and Tables: The worktop and table range from Lincat offers kitchens, restaurants, catering companies and hotels with affordable and practical stainless steel solutions in a range of sizes.

Makro is committed to providing customers with a broad range of superior quality products which offer cost-effective and practical solutions for kitchen and catering environments. The products are all available to purchase online and deliveries are free within the UK. As well as focusing on product availability and quality, the team at Makro aim to offer the very best advice and value for money to ensure customers’ business running costs are kept to a minimum.

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