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M&M Timber Company Profile

M&M Timber is the UK’s leading manufacturer of machine rounded timber products and a key supplier to the agricultural, utility, commercial, landscaping, land owner and play market sectors.

For more than 30 years, M&M Timber has processed timber at the 25-acre saw mill at Clows Top, near Kidderminster in Worcestershire. The timber is carefully selected from certified, well-managed forests including the Forest Garden sites in Scotland and Wales.

Every stage of the manufacturing process from responsible purchasing, debarking, machine rounding, profiling and manufacturing is undertaken with precision and care. Timber life is extended through kiln drying and by pressure treatment using Tanalith E wood preservative offering 15 or 30-year service life warranty.

M&M Timber is accredited by the WPA (Wood Protection Association) Benchmark Scheme and certified as a quality supplier for treated timbers. The WPA Benchmark is a quality assurance scheme providing independent verification that treated wood has been impregnated correctly in accordance with the requirements of BS8417 – the British Standard for preservative impregnated wood.


Agricultural: Agricultural: AgriPost, Agricised & Prestige

M&M Timber manufactures a complete range of fencing posts, strainers and rails for a diverse range of professional fencing applications including agricultural timbers, solar farm fencing plus a whole range of commercial and utility fencing choices.

The range includes three brands, a value AgriPost range of machine rounded stakes and strainers, Agricised a long-life range and Prestige scalloped fencing.

AgriPost is a standard, low-cost option for traditional perimeter fencing solutions. The range includes intermediate stakes, struts and strainers in a range of diameters, available in machine rounded and peeled and pointed stakes and strainers.

Agricised® is a long-life range of posts and strainers with a 15-year service life warranty. This highly acclaimed Agricised range of timbers feature a scientifically designed incising process for increased protection – a virtual ‘zone of confidence’ – at the critical area where the post is at most risk of decay. The agricised incisions allow deeper penetration of the wood preservative Tanalith E to provide more effective and consistent protection.

Prestige is a range of premium scalloped post & rail fencing which is ultimate in good looks. The range is perfect for high-end landscaping and perimeter fencing. Prestige is manufactured using specially selected kiln dried redwood timbers for giving strong and elegant fencing with chamfered tops.

Playground: PlayGuard

M&M Timber is a leading supplier of playground timber with over 30 years’ experience in sourcing, manufacturing and supplying timber products. The PlayGuard timber delivers an innovative natural solution for playground, educational and leisure applications suitable for a wide range of venues including schools, play area, parks and sports zones.

PlayGuard is manufactured using high-quality Radiata pine which has inherent low-split properties and is kiln dried and pressure treated with Tanalith E wood preservative for durability and long service life.

M&M Timber supplies a standard range of PlayGuard playground timber and a bespoke service for companies who design and build custom-made play equipment. To enhance and secure play areas, M&M Timber also supplies a range of palisade fencing manufactured using UK-sourced home-grown pine.

Landscaping: Unilog Pro, DuraSleeper & Bollards

Unilog Pro landscaping timbers are a trusted building material for a diverse range of landscaping applications including earth retaining walls, palisading, raised plant beds, border edging and pathways.

Unilog Pro is manufactured from specially selected pine timbers which are pressure treated with Tanalith E wood preservative for durability and long service life. The timbers, available in a variety of lengths, provide a natural, sustainable, flexible and cost-effective method of landscaping for all types of projects. Unilog Pro timbers are offered with a 15 or 30 years desired service life warranties.

DuraSleeper timber, a range of planed, sanded or rough-cut sleepers to lengths of 3000mm offering an alternative natural option for retaining walls. M&M Timber provides a bespoke cut service for specific measurements to meet design requirements for landscaping projects.

Bollards are a natural feature popular with schools and playgrounds, leisure parks, shopping centres, cycle lanes, industrial sites and even seaside resorts. Manufactured using Radiata Pine timber which is renowned for their low split properties and no feathering. Bollards are fully sanded to give a smooth top quality finish and are pressure treated with Tanalith E wood preservative in accordance with BS8417, and supplied with a 15-year service life warranty.

Transport & Utilities: SolarGuard & RailGuard

The SolarGuard range has been designed and manufactured to provide timber solutions for solar farm installations. Solar farm installations are often spread over large areas of open land, located miles from any public areas and therefore can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism, as well as to damage caused by incursions of wildlife such as deer. The range offers a natural looking secure fencing solution with 4 way pointed posts for ultimate stability and posts tagged for traceability.

M&M Timber is a proud approved supplier for Railside fencing into Network Rail and its framework contractors. Having demonstrated sufficient quality and controls throughout the pressure treatment process RailGuard timbers are approved for both:

  • Class A - Timbers with a minimum service life of 25 years
  • Class B - Timbers with a minimum service life of 15 years

RailGuard timbers are available in a range of sizes, which match the latest Network Rail specifications. A 4-way square point ensures that posts and strainers tighten firmly, even at the point of tensioning wire.

Timber: Gazebos

M&M Timber manufactures and hand builds a range of Gazebos to suit every size and style of garden, play area or office space at the sawmill and workshop in the heart of rural Worcestershire. All the Gazebos are made from kiln dried, pressure treated round timber, which has an attractive smooth sanded finish.

All the Gazebo uprights and crossbeams are made from Radiata Pine, sustainably sourced from well managed forests. This timber is ideal for Gazebos, as it is very stable in outdoor conditions and is less prone to splitting. The smooth finished round timber provides an attractive and robust structure that will give years of pleasure in the garden.

The comprehensive range includes a selection of sizes and styles with optional accessories to complete a dream but practical outdoor building.

Timber: Retail Plant Staging

M&M Timber manufactures a comprehensive range of natural timber merchandising units which are the perfect choice for garden centres, DIY businesses, nurseries, department stores and other retail businesses. The display tables and structures have been specially designed for both internal and external use with the benefit of pressure treated timbers with Tanalith E wood preservative to enhance durability. The range of natural timber display units is ideal for fresh plants, trees and shrubs, gardening or building products and promotional products.


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