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  • 1800mm Sealed Manhole Reducing to 1200mm
  • 3000mm Chamber Ring
  • Chamber Rings
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  • House Inspection Chambers
  • Rocker Pipes
  • 3000mm Weir Wall Chamber
  • Downstream Defender
  • Dry Weather Flow Channel
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
  • Perfect Manhole
  • Offsite solutions
  • Preformed Manholes
  • Redi Rock Dalry
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  • Railway Products
  • Railway Products
  • Railway Products
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  • Retaining Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Retaining Walls

Marshalls CPM Company Profile

Marshalls CPM is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of concrete products. The extensive product range of concrete drainage systems is complemented by an innovative selection of off-site solutions such as retaining walls, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling, stormwater attenuation and control, water treatment, bespoke precast concrete and manhole innovation.

Marshalls CPM has established long-term partnerships with both customers and clients including major contractors, water companies and national merchant distributors. The company understands customer’s requirements and works closely with them to create solutions based upon quality design and engineering knowledge obtained through years of precast concrete production. National coverage is achieved via four manufacturing plants and a network of specialist distributors.


As a major innovator within the precast arena, CPM operates a continuous and intensive research and development programme to ensure that the product range constantly evolves and provides imaginative solutions to specific requirements. There is a team of technicians and engineers who are at the forefront of precast technology and are fully backed-up by investment in plant, software and training. CPM has a technical department with qualified engineers who are on-hand to offer advice on every aspect relating to the products and services. CPM provides a complete design, engineering and technical support service which incorporates AutoCAD drawings, BIM/Building Information Modelling, designs, calculations, product performance and installation advice. All design work is supported by professional indemnity insurance for complete peace of mind.


CPM is the leading provider of concrete drainage products and the team works closely with the customer throughout contracts and has expertise on all aspects of drainage. The drainage solutions are all designed to be compliant with national and European standards and specifications. Options include:

  • Flexible Jointed concrete Pipes: Precast flexible jointed concrete pipes ranging from DN 225 to DN1800 including bends, junctions and fittings.
  • Ovoid Flexible Pipes: Ovoid flexible pipes for use with foul and surface water applications.
  • Perforated Pipes: Perforated pipes up to 600mm in diameter, used for the transportation and distribution of storm water into a rock-filled trench and eventually into the surrounding area through the circular perforations.
  • Manholes: Manhole solutions including bespoke manholes, manhole bases, preformed manholes, chamber units, DN 3660/4000 chambers, standard, special and landing/reducing slabs, adjusting units, side entry manholes, soakaway units, rectangular manholes, demarcation chambers, manhole steps, integrated ladder systems, chamber ring sealants and catch pits/silt traps.
  • Caisson Shaft Sinking Systems: Reinforced manhole units designed for sinking by the caisson method from DN 2000 to DN 4000 in varying depths. These systems are suitable for use in most ground conditions.
  • House Inspection Chambers: Precast concrete inspection chambers in various depths with tongue and groove joints. The units can be supplied banded and are a cost-effective and versatile solution to domestic drainage installations.
  • Gully Pots: The road gullies are made from precast concrete and feature 150mm trapped outlets. Produced monolithically on fully automated machines, the gullies do not require a concrete surround and are not subject to floatation.
  • Box Culverts: Box culverts are available in standard and bespoke sizes and are used for applications such as highways, sewers, sea outfalls, tunnels, stream crossings, open channels and attenuation tanks.
  • Sealed Manholes: The Perfect Manhole is designed and manufactured to speed up manhole installation times, whilst providing a cleaner, safer working environment for site personnel and offering design freedom for engineers.

Retaining Walls

The Redi-Rock retaining wall systems are innovative and space-saving solution for the retention of earth within a wide range of retaining, force protection, landscaping and flood protection applications. The big block system offers the look of stone and is versatile enough to achieve height without compromising on strength. Each one tonne block interlocks with the next and is dry laid for fast installation. Redi-Rock is partially manufactured from recycled materials and is a sustainable solution for various landscaping applications. A full design and installation service can be provided by CPM. Other key retaining wall products include:

  • Freestanding Walls: The Redi-Rock massive freestanding concrete blocks have textured faces on both sides of the block and are dry-laid and interlock with giant Lego blocks. Quicker to install than conventional systems, they can also be coloured to match the local environment and if your project plans alter, just dismantle to use again.
  • Reinforced Walls: CPM Redi-Rock reinforced walling or positive connection system (PC) is used in conjunction with a geogrid has been rigorous tested and is used when either an increased load or height is required. Due to the massive size of each block, using the system can reduce time and money spent on installation.
  • Landscaping Walls: CPM Redi-Rock landscaping collection features the timeless look of natural stone and is a great addition to Redi-Rock retaining and freestanding walls as they coordinate beautifully. It is ideal for private houses, housing developments, parks and gardens, industrial developments, river embankments, retail parks and country estates. Redi-Rock planters and sophisticated curves make Redi-Rock one of the most attractive retaining wall systems available.
  • Flood Protection: To answer the national challenge of rising water levels, CPM offers a range of flexible low cost, high quality solutions based on its innovative Redi-Rock interlocking modular wall system. Whether looking to heighten river banks, build new sea walls or construct flood plain defences, Redi-Rock offers considerable benefits over alternative solutions, not least the aesthetically pleasing finish that Redi-Rock offers, enabling it to blend perfectly into the local environment.
  • L section retaining walls and reinforced panels for soil retention, storage, cladding, security, blast/fire walls and agricultural applications.
  • Vehicle security barriers: Redi-Rock hostile vehicle mitigation walling (Vehicle Security Barriers, VSB) is an effective, re-usable solution to perimeter hostile vehicle attack. Ideal for utility and critical infrastructure, building of high importance, military facilities, crowded places, civil/nuclear installations and transport hubs. The Redi-Rock Force Protection system has been successfully tested by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) using the BSi specification PAS 68:2007, and achieved a classification of V/7500N2/48/90:1.6/0.0.

Specialist Precast

The specialist precast division designs and manufactures bespoke structural and non-structural elements for a wide range of applications. The design team will provide structural designs and drawings and the only limit to the size of the products is transportation or crane capacity. Products include:

  • Special cover slabs. As the demand for high loading and multi access cover slabs has risen, CPM has become expert at both design and manufacture, bringing together the expertise of the Technical Department and those in production.
  • Bespoke precast. The Specialist Precast division has an enviable reputation for service and technical expertise. From design to Eurocodes through to manufacture we concentrate on producing high quality structural and non-structural bespoke products, which provide best value for our clients.
  • Bollards. CPM offers high quality precast concrete bollards in three sizes with a smooth finish. The bollards are suitable for providing an effective security and perimeter protection, however if you are looking for a product that can offer protection against hostile vehicle attack please refer to the CPM Redi-Rock hostile vehicle security barriers section.
  • Waste management. CPM is able to offer precast concrete landfill shaft sections for waste management systems and landfills that successfully overcome the issue of high lateral forces and frictional drag within landfill sites.
  • Flatpack systems. CPM produces a bespoke range of flat pack chamber systems that can be used in situations where conventional circular chambers are not appropriate. The chambers can be supplied with pre-cored holes or be pre-fitted with pipe equipment to suit. The chamber walls can be rebated to take an access cover or heavy duty cover slabs (with rebate accesses if required) which can be manufactured to suit most dimensional requirements. The CPM Flat Pack system comes with pre-fitted watertight wall seals for jointing.

Water management

CPM has developed a range of solutions for water management in line with its environmental policy. Concrete offers many advantages over alternative materials for water storage and CPM has maximised the benefits to produce systems for collecting and storing rainwater and grey water in domestic and commercial applications. Products include:

  • Stormwater Management: Flexible jointed pipes, end entry and stop end pipes, side entry and mid entry manholes, connecting pipes, dry flow channel pipes, stormwater control chambers and stormwater treatment systems including downstream defenders, oil separators, Up-flo filters and First Defence stormwater treatment device.
  • Rainwater Management: Domestic and commercial rainwater harvesting systems and grey water recycling systems for domestic and commercial applications.
  • Wastewater Management: Sewer cleansing, combined sewer overflows and pumping chambers.
  • Flood Protection: Redi-Rock modular flood walls and spillway blocks and dam tiles.

Rail Products

CPM manufactures precast concrete signal bases, modular retaining walls, bridge components, bank revetments and bomac level crossing beams as well as a large range of precast concrete bespoke products.

  • Redi-Rock Retaining Walls: Redi-Rock concrete blocks providing the look of natural stone can be used for embankments and cuttings and are versatile enough to achieve height without compromising on strength.
  • Other Products: Other precast products include signal bases, bridge components and Bomac beams for level crossings.

Off-Site Solutions

CPM’s comprehensive selection of off-site products has been designed to provide a cost-effective solution to the industry’s demand for fast, modular systems which are designed and manufactured under strict factory conditions. This process ensures minimal site installation costs because the products are pre-fabricated and assembled to meet construction schedules. Key product ranges include:

  • Modular walls
  • Modular platforms
  • Modular tank systems
  • Bespoke precast products
  • Preformed manholes and bases
  • Watertight Sealed manholes.

Marshalls CPM is committed to providing customers with a wide range of bespoke and standard high quality products and services. The company has facilities in Somerset, Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Scotland and this combined with a network of specialist distributors, enables CPM to provide a UK-wide coverage. CPM has forged a highly respected reputation for providing an efficient and effective range of products and services at all times. The experienced and dedicated team at CPM welcomes enquiries and can offer in-depth information, design advice and technical specification across the whole product range.