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Metal Gutta Company Profile

Hampshire firm Coppa Gutta, the only UK manufacturer of copper guttering, has now expanded into producing stainless steel and zinc rainwater systems as well under the Metal Gutta name.

All Metal Gutta’s systems are designed for straightforward installation by any contractor or competent DIY enthusiast, without specialist tools. They are also environmentally friendly, using large amounts of recycled material, having no need for painting and offering unrivalled life expectancy.

The family owned firm has decades of experience of making and selling metal guttering and architectural features and has the expertise to create bespoke solutions when required. After initially importing copper guttering from Italy, the company realised there was as need for better quality copper guttering with an easier fixing method, so in 2002 started producing the Coppa Gutta brand which is now shipped around the world.

In 2015, the team behind Coppa Gutta started to produce zinc and stainless steel guttering and ancillary items too, for projects that require extremely long-lasting, low maintenance rainwater systems offering a different finish and colour to that of copper.

Coppa Gutta

Copper is a highly sustainable, natural product in line with today’s emphasis on green credentials and lowering carbon footprint. Copper has been used in roofing and guttering for thousands of years and has proved itself to be extremely durable, resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere and virtually maintenance-free. Copper is an ideal choice for rainwater systems as it has natural properties that will prevent the build up of algae and mosses, purifying water and reducing blockages. Copper guttering can be used for rainwater run-off from fresh or old concrete and is compatible with cedar shingles, lead, and cast iron.

Coppa Gutta copper guttering profiles and copper downpipes should last more than 100 years. With a cost very favourable compared to other metal guttering, copper is one of the most competitive materials available over the life cycle of a building.

The low thermal co-efficient of copper means that there is minimal movement due to expansion and contraction, with no need for expansion joints on continuous straight runs of up to 100 metres, simplifying the installation process. It can be worked at all temperatures.

Over 15-20 years, copper develops an attractive, protective green/blue patina that will naturally repair itself. It requires no painting. Copper’s high corrosion resistance and low maintenance requirements makes copper rainwater systems perfect for areas that will be difficult to access once a building is complete.

The longevity of copper products means that most mined copper is still in use. Some 90% of copper scrap is reused and about 60% of the copper in Coppa Gutta’s rainwater harvesting systems comes from recycling.

Copper products

All of Coppa Gutta’s copper guttering profiles and copper downpipes are made from 0.6mm copper.


There is a choice of three guttering profiles – half round, ogee and box:

  • Round - Available in standard size 70h x 125w or large 95h x 185w, each with a folded back edge for strength and a rolled front for added appeal. Pre-made corners plus outlets and brackets of different styles are available off the shelf and fitting is simple, with joined sections being overlapped and secured with silicone and rivets.
  • Ogee - This decorative design is particularly suited to older properties. Profiles are 98h x 127w or 130h x 152w and guttering is supplied in 2.4m lengths for ease of transportation and installation. Pre-made corners, brackets, outlet sections and stop ends are available.
  • Box - In standard profile 65h x 90w or large 90h x 120w, Coppa Gutta box guttering has a square front lip but can be manufactured with a rolled front lip as a special order. Outlet sections, pre-made corners and brackets are supplied along with internal box joints that are simply fitted with sealant and rivets.

The experienced team at Coppa Gutta is also able to produce segmented and curved radius copper guttering for individual projects. Technicians follow customer’s supplied details to produce the required gutter profile and can work off a template for unusual profiles that might not be a true radius.


Coppa Gutta makes round and square downpipes in 2.4m lengths. Each length is swaged at one end so they push together. Extra thick pipes made from 1mm copper are available in both styles for high risk areas such as alleyways.

Round downpipes are available in two sizes – 80mm and 100mm diameter; square downpipe is 80mm square. All necessary fittings such as bends, swan necks, spigots, dispensers and clips are supplied.

Hopper Heads

Various styles of copper hopper heads are available in the same high quality copper as the guttering systems. Each is supplied with an 80mm round outlet.

Rain chains and rain cups

Garden designers often use copper rain chains and cups to bring added visual interest to gazebos, greenhouses and water features. Chains are available with square or round links, or as double links.

Ancillary products

Installation components including silicone sealants, copper screws and rivets and downpipe spacers are supplied, along with ancillary items such as copper leaf guards. Verdigris patina solution is available for people who would prefer their copper to age within hours, rather than waiting months for the natural mellowing to occur.


As with copper, when zinc is exposed to the elements, it protects itself by developing a patina over time, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in virtually any atmosphere. Zinc rainwater systems offer material life expectancies far greater than those of guttering made of cast iron, aluminium and plastic and there is no painting required.

Most of Metal Gutta’s zinc rainwater products are produced VM Zinc coil, meaning the guttering systems will match VM Zinc roofing or cladding, as well as most other manufacturers such as Rheinzink.

Guttering - Standard half round and box profile guttering is produced in zinc and stock is held of most of the components in these ranges. Other guttering ranges can be made to order in zinc.

Downpipes - 80mm round zinc downpipes and components are available as standard. 100mm round and 80mm square can be made to order.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is another high quality material offering long life with minimal maintenance and no requirement for painting. Metal Gutta’s stainless steel rainwater systems are produced with a natural slightly shiny surface.

Guttering - Standard half round and box profile guttering is produced in stainless steel with components held in stock. Large profile round and box guttering and ogee guttering can be made to order.

Downpipes - 80mm round and 80mm square stainless steel downpipes are offered as standard, in 2.4m lengths. Stainless steel components include downpipe clips, shoes, bends and water butt diverters.

To complement the guttering systems, Metal Gutta offers necessary components such as stopends, corners, outlets and brackets in zinc and stainless steel as well as in copper.

Bespoke items

With in-house designers working alongside the manufacturing team, Metal Gutta can produce a wide range of bespoke items in copper, zinc or stainless steel. These include decorative clips and brackets, drain covers, flashings and fascias. Standard hoppers can be embellished with logos or dates and guttering can be made to custom sizes, subject to minimum quantities.

The friendly team at Metal Gutta is highly knowledgeable and happy to explain the benefits of using environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and extremely durable copper or long-lasting zinc and stainless steel. Swift delivery across mainland UK is available on the standard Metal Gutta product lines and enquiries are welcomed for bespoke items for various projects.


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