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    Metreel Company Profile

    Metreel has vast experience in providing solutions in the fields of powerfeed systems, materials handling and personnel fall arrest and access. Over 40 years of dedication to providing innovative products and first rate customer service has led to Metreel’s position as a respected specialist.

    With the ability to offer a full design service, Metreel can provide bespoke solutions to meet individual requirements, in addition to its wide product range which includes:

    Track Systems

    The SAFETRACK® range of horizontal Fall Arrest / Fall Restraint systems offers workers safe access to high level areas that would normally be considered high risk. The system comprises a fixed rigid anchorage rail with free running anchorage connectors housed within the enclosed profile. With a choice of standard or reinforced configurations, SAFETRACK® can be used for up to eight users with supports of up to 12m.

    SAFETRACK® is ideally installed in a way that minimises the possibility of a fall. Where it is not possible to use a fall restraint configuration, SAFETRACK® can be installed to provide employees with outstanding fall arrest protection.


    The basic SAFETRACK® profile comes in four sizes for applications including fall restraint, fall arrest and suspended access such as abseiling and can offer protection for up to four people using supports of up to 4 metre. The tracks are designed to accommodate fall angles up to 30° from the installed position.


    This range is ideal for applications that require wider spans to go around existing building steelwork – with up to 12 metres possible. Three profile sizes are available and the spine design has been developed to keep the profile weight to a minimum.


    The SAFETRACK® DUAL profiles solve the problem of colleagues passing each other and being able to move freely and productively around the work area. Two profile choices offer spans up to 10 metres and an impressive 8 users.


    ALUMINIUM AL360 meets the needs of installations where the profile must become integral to the aesthetics of the building. All connections are hidden away, giving clean lines. It is ideal for abseil applications such as maintenance of façades and caters for spans up to 3 metres with one or two users.


    This range provides an answer where a large span is needed – up to 6 metres – but the roof structure limits weight. With no possibility of rust or paint chippings flaking off, it also suits applications in the food industry.


    SAFETRACK® Abseil provides an unobtrusive track system in steel and aluminium profiles to be used by maintenance workers suspended on industrial ropes. The system enables inspectors and cleaners to access facades or large curtain walled/glazed areas and move across areas efficiently without the needs for multiple rigging and derigging.

    This track system operates with free running trolleys, providing much greater ease of movement than with standard abseil rails that require operatives to shuffle between supports and negotiate past them.


    FALLGUARD® A12 is an enclosed track vertical fall arrest system used by personnel in many industries around the world. It provides fall protection for maintenance workers on pylons and masts, railway signals, towers and silos, those accessing roofs of extremely high buildings or restricted spaces.

    The system has a unique asymmetrical track profile, which coupled with its retaining carriage, ensures correct orientation during insertion every time. FALLGUARD® systems are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN353-1.

    A major benefit of the FALLGUARD® system is that the operative can travel in a vertical direction using the turntable section and move into an adjoining horizontal profile without disconnecting from the safety of the system.

    Should a fall occur, the retaining carriage will ‘lock off’ thanks to the notches within the FALLGUARD® track profile. The retaining carriage is small and lightweight and simple to use.

    The system includes optional platforms that fit to the rear of the track profile and fold away when not in use. They are ideal as rest or work stations.

    The FALLGUARD® system is generally more cost effective than installing a fabricated ladder with an additional fall arrest system. It is available in either carbon steel with a galvanised finish, or 304 grade stainless steel. The two main forms are rail only, used for attaching to existing ladders and rail with rungs, a complete ladder system generally used for new installations.

    A visually impressive alternative to the standard FALLGUARD® product is the aluminium FALLGUARD® AL2 ladder system.

    INVISIRUNG™ is a folding rung ladder system which offers all the features and safety of a fall arrest safety system manufactured to EN353-1 standards but with minimal impact on the surroundings.

    The system is ready for use at any time. As the user climbs, each rung is folded down. Once the task is completed, the rungs are neatly stored behind the slim line rail.

    Both the rail and rungs can be painted according to the customers’ requirements, making the system a design-conscious way to achieve safe access.


    For non-permanent applications, FALLGUARD® AL2 MOBIL and MOBIL F systems offer a perfect solution. The ladder sections are taken to the work site and assembled within minutes as the user climbs. The result is a completely safe fall arrest ladder that can be dismantled after use and put away until the next job.

    The AL2 MOBIL comprises an aluminium central upright ladder with side stringers. The AL2 MOBIL F system requires no brackets fixed to the mast for its support.


    The CE-certified SAFEWIRE lifeline offers an economic solution for fall arrest / restraint applications utilising a semi automatic passage over intermediate supports and conforms to the European Standard EN795 Class C. With components manufactured from stainless steel, it can be used by up to three people at once and its features include:

    • Maximum length: 200 metres
    • Maximum distance between supports: 15m
    • Simple passage through intermediate brackets
    • Pretension indicator
    • Fall indicator
    • Dissipation Shock Absorber reduces end loads to under 8kN

    With just a small number of components, installation is simple with no special tools required, easy to fix support brackets and minimal support positions.


    Metreel designs and manufactures a bespoke range of mobile ladders known as LADDERTRACK® to provide permanent access internally or externally for cleaning and maintenance of facades, large curtained walled / glazed area or non-loading bearing panels.

    LADDERTRACK® uses an enclosed track for the suspension and guidance of the complete equipment. The system is available either manual or alternatively powered travel.

    Incorporating a LADDERTRACK® system into the design of a building provides a means of access to areas which would normally be unsafe to reach. The Metreel design team will set out to create a LADDERTRACK® system that uses the minimum of steelwork and complements the aesthetics of the building. Materials and finishes are chosen for suitability to the environment and a variety of finishes are available. Wherever possible, the installation of steelwork and fittings is obscured.

    These systems can, if required, be supplied with an integral fall arrest or restraint system.


    CRADLETRACK® is an alternative track system ideally suited for the suspension of mobile cradles and seats. It is perfect for installations where aesthetic requirements demand the support track is integral with the building design.

    The CRADLETRACK® range offers two track sizes – 600 & 700 – each offering high strength, low weight and small overall dimensions.

    The design of the profile ensures accurate wheel alignment with minimum friction, so eliminating snagged movement when moving across a facade. The enclosed profile also protects the traversing wheels from potential damage from external elements.

    As a complement to the CRADLETRACK® range, Metreel offers two powerfeed options, specifically chosen for their resilience to tough weather conditions.


    ALU-LIFT® Portable Aluminium Gantries are particularly lightweight and ideal for situations where a gantry needs frequent assembly and disassembly, such as use on a site.

    The gantries are available in 500kg, 1000kg and 2000kg capacities. The 500kg model offers 900mm height adjustment and with the 1000kg & 2000kg models it is 580mm. Other features include:

    • Spans from 2.44m - 5.87m with infinite span adjustment along the beam
    • Two straps for secure transportation
    • A maximum 1.4m wheel base, so they can be loaded into vans
    • Four position swivel lock castors, two of them with brake units
    • Corrosion resistant and suitable for use in temperature controlled environments such as refrigeration areas and clean rooms.

    Metreel regards the requirements of customers as it highest priority and to ensure that this is achieved the company operates under the quality standard ISO9001, certified by SATRA.


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