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  • High Pressure Industrial Fans
  • High Pressure Industrial Fans
  • Medium Pressure Industrial Fans
  • Bangalore Bird Scarers
  • Low Pressure Industrial Fans
  • Low Pressure Industrial Fans
  • Smaller Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Vacmart Floorcare
  • Agriculture Cleaning
  • Industry Cleaning
  • Construction Projects Cleaning
  • Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Michael Williams Engineering Company Profile

Michael Williams Engineering is a specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners, dust extraction and fume control equipment, fans, ducting, filter systems and bird scarers for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. The company is based in Fulbourn, Cambridge and has been developing and extending the product range for over thirty years.

Michael Williams has a team of designers who can provide a free explorative site visit and then put together a full CAD drawing and specification tailored around individual requirements for all industrial fans and fume extraction systems. All the products are manufactured within the company’s own fabrication facility, which allows for a more flexible design approach. The company can offer a fully designed and installed project or alternatively provide a set of parts for installation by the client.

Dust Control and Fume Extraction Systems

Michael Williams range of dust control equipment and fume extraction systems has been developed to cope with an extensive array of small, large, simple and complex industrial and commercial applications. The website has a downloadable catalogue which includes:

  • Filter units and chests
  • Wall and cased fans
  • Ballista centrifugal paddle fans
  • Caged waste separating fans for recycling plants
  • Wet filter units
  • Axial fans
  • Belt drive axial fans for paint shops
  • Motors and start units for duct fans
  • Ducting and fittings including pipes, bends, couplers, flexible hose, roof cowls, dampers, hose-clips, attenuators, reducers, branch-tees and square-to-round transitions

Industrial Fans and Filter Units

A Ballista industrial fan and a filter can be used together to extract dust and waste products away from work areas and machinery. The heavy waste and filtered dust is collected in waste bags and there is a wide range of ducting, fittings and model options to suit all budgets. A client’s own industrial fans or Ballista industrial fans with filter units can also be used to filter dust and waste from recovered air and the systems work with a range of waste containers to suit specific requirements. Options include:

  • Low Pressure Fans: The low pressure industrial fan range are simple wall fans which are used for moving clean air across walls or partitions and incorporate single or 3-phase operation, speed controllers and starters, ducting and anti-vibration mounts
  • Medium Pressure Fans: The medium pressure fans are used for dust-laden air movement and the company can supply the turbo tube ducted extraction system which can tolerate fine airborne dust and fumes and incorporates single and 3-phase operation, can accept standard ducting for DIY installation and is ideal for grain plants and grading lines
  • High Pressure Industrial Fans: The Ballista industrial fan range is capable of handling air which is heavily laden with dust and solid waste and is fully designed and manufactured at the Michael Williams Engineering factory. The systems can cope with wood chips, sawdust, onion husks and abrasive dusts and incorporates dynamically balanced steel plate impellers and fits the range of ducting and filter units

Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Big Brute industrial vacuum cleaners can be used in a variety of environments and can handle many types of industrial and agricultural waste products. In agriculture, Big Brute is used in feed and grain stores, combine harvester cleaning, underfloor cleaning and large warehouse floors. In industry, Big Brute is suitable for shot blast recovery, joinery shops, CNC machines and oil recovery. In construction, Big Brute is ideal for clearing building rubble, general dust and lumps and for large floor areas. Big Brute features long hoses for accessing difficult-to-reach areas, has three powerful motors, is easy to empty and offers a wide range of emptying options such as fork lift or overhead crane. Model options include:

  • Dry only
  • Wet and dry for solids and liquids
  • Wet only
  • Engineering options for swarf and CNC machines
  • Fill your own drums for waste recovery

Vacmart Smaller Industrial Cleaners

Vacmart industrial cleaners are suitable for smaller applications and requirements. The range encompasses a vast array of industrial, commercial and specialist vacuum cleaners which can handle hazardous dust, wet and dry, carpet extraction and pump-out applications. A full range of spares and accessories are available and Michael Williams can provide advice and information on specifying the most appropriate model for a particular requirement. There is also a comprehensive range of scrubber-driers, sweepers and polishers for light, medium and heavy duty applications and options include pedestrian and ride-on models. Servicing and service contracts are available within this product range.

Bangalore Bird Scarers

The Bangalore bird scarer range has been developed over the past twenty five years and provides superior crop protection. The unique design features include the SureFire ignition system which eliminates misfires, a test button, easy to program, completely weather-proof and a stable 3-legged design which will not fall over. Michael Williams Engineering has been producing Bangalore bird scarers for over twenty five years and still supports and offers parts for original models.

Michael Williams Engineering prides itself on a long history of producing high quality products which are designed to last. The experienced and professional team is on-hand to offer in-depth advice and information across the whole product range and can provide a full design and installation service as well as parts ordering and servicing contracts.

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