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Monodraught Company Profile

Monodraught Ltd seeks to explore, develop and create innovative low energy concepts and building services solutions in response to the need to reduce energy consumption of buildings and for their users to reduce energy costs. Accordingly, by maximising natural available energy from the wind and the sun, Monodraught’s products help their users reduce their energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint.


WINDCATCHER natural ventilation systems

The Monodraught WINDCATCHER® natural ventilation system channels a controlled quantity of fresh air into a room from roof level, whatever the wind’s direction, and without mechanical assistance. The WINDCATCHER is divided internally into four quadrants so that one or more face into the wind. Here, windward quadrants supply air under that action of positive wind pressure, and leeward quadrants extract stale air under the action of negative wind pressure. On still days, the WINDCATCHER acts as a conventional passive stack using the natural buoyancy of warm internal air to stimulate air flow out of the building. Volume control dampers located at ceiling level vary the rate of ventilation according to the building requirements. In addition, during summer months the dampers open at night to provide night time cooling, which can help to reduce peak internal temperatures. The Monodraught WINDCATCHER system eliminates the need for air conditioning without compromising the security of the building.

WINDCATCHER X-Air next generation natural ventilation system

The WINDCATCHER X-Air system is the result of four years intensive research and development, the system bristles with innovation and a number of patented technologies. One of WINDCATCHER X-Air’s defining features includes distinctive styling and patented LED architectural lighting.

The patented corner design not only increases performance but it also allows excess wind to bypass the system, reducing loading on the unit in high winds. Another innovation includes ACTIVLOUVRE® modulating aerofoil louvre technology featuring specially designed aerofoil blades that minimises resistance and maximises airflow combined with an internal system which provides significantly smoother internal airflow.

SOLA-BOOST solar assisted natural ventilation systems

The SOLA-BOOST® is an extension of the proven WINDCATCHER design, providing additional ventilation on sunny days whilst maintaining zero running costs. With the ever increasing threat of global warming and rising energy prices, the application of an increased range of successful energy free natural ventilation strategies has become even more urgent and important. The SOLA-BOOST includes the addition of a solar driven internal fan that increases the airflow up to 260l/s. Conversely the fan operation can be set up to extract stale air. All this without any energy cost. A unique feature of the system is the patented PowerTrack™ control system. This system works on the basis that the brighter the sun, the greater the speed of the boost fan. The unique switching results in 2½ times more power from the solar panel than can otherwise be achieved by a direct connection.

COOL-PHASE passive ventilation systems

The COOL-PHASE® passive ventilation system is a low energy, intelligent, passive cooling and heat recovery system for use within Commercial, Academic and Health Care environments. The COOL-PHASE system was developed in collaboration with The University of Nottingham, BASF Ltd, and the Carbon Trust, and is Monodraught’s answer to a mechanical air-conditioning system. COOL-PHASE provides powered fresh air ventilation, but can store and discharge large amounts of latent thermal energy by utilising a micro-encapsulated phase change material (PCM) slurry. The PCM can store up to 4kWh of thermal energy, and supply approximately 1kW of cooling. Incoming air is passed over a series of precision engineered spiral wound heat exchangers, through which the PCM is pumped. A significant difference between the temperature of the air before and after heat exchange can be achieved, using a fraction of the power required to run a conventional air conditioning system.

SUNCATCHER natural daylight and ventilation systems

The Monodraught SUNCATCHER® natural daylight and ventilation system provides controlled natural ventilation by utilising the Monodraught WINDCATCHER method and this is combined with the Monodraught SUNPIPE natural daylight system.

As with the WINDCATCHER arrangement, the prevailing wind pressure carries a continuous fresh air supply, through weather protected louvres, down into the room below, slightly pressurising the internal space. Warm stale air is expelled from the room by the principle of differential temperatures and natural buoyancy of air movement on the opposite side or leeward side of the system. At the heart of the SUNCATCHER system is the mirror-finish aluminium SUNPIPE tube which reflects and intensifies natural daylight down into the room below.

SOLA-VENT natural daylight and solar powered extract ventilation system

The Monodraught SOLA-VENT® natural daylight and solar powered extract ventilation system is a fully integrated bathroom light/ventilation kit, incorporating the Sunpipe, two compact halogen downlighters and a solar powered extract fan – all in one unit! The Sola-vent is available in two attractive, modern designs and is the ideal solution for bathrooms and shower rooms where ventilation is essential.

ABS Systems

Whereas the Monodraught WINDCATCHER and SUNCATCHER natural ventilation systems are aimed at larger scale applications for commerce and industry, it is recognised that there is an increasing demand for smaller low cost installations in Homes, Shops, Offices, Doctors’ Surgeries, etc. ABS systems are ideal to provide natural light and ventilation to bathrooms, kitchens, toilets etc.

ABS WINDCATCHER: Similar in operation to the larger GRP WINDCATCHER, the ABS WINDCATCHER offers a low cost option where ventilation is required on a smaller scale. The ABS WINDCATCHER is available in two sizes, an ABS 550 and ABS 350 system. The ABS WINDCATCHER is also available in a SOLA-BOOST version.

ABS SUNCATCHER: Designed to provide natural light and ventilation to bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc, this low cost ABS system is similar in operation to its larger stablemates the SUNCATCHER and WINDCATCHER natural ventilation systems. The ABS SUNCATCHER can be used on flat roof and any pitched roof applications as the ventilation is carried through flexible ducting. The system expels stale air from the room as a result of the passive stack ventilation principle, but also has the added advantages of bringing in a supply of fresh air on the windward side of the system.

Vertical Balanced Flues

The original patented system from Monodraught. For use on all commercial boilers and manufactured in GRP with nothing to rust, rot, wear out or break down. Highly developed bespoke system to complement any building profile based on natural ventilation.

The Monodraught vertical balanced-flue system provides all the requirements for combustion air, ventilation and flueing in one neat, composite unit, available in any size for single or modular boilers. Recognised by British Standards as an approved method for boiler house ventilation. This attractive, but highly cost effective balanced-flue system provides the perfect answer for every Architect and Building Services specifier.

SUNPIPE natural daylight systems

This effective system carries light from the outside roof through to the designated room below.

The pipe may follow any path within the building with as many bends as required. This energy-free system brings natural light that is diffused evenly by a translucent ceiling fixture throughout the room. Monodraught’s SUNPIPE system is available in models suitable for both domestic and commercial use, as well as being included in the ABS and SOLA-VENT products. Bespoke systems are also available.

iNVent control system

The iNVent system is a bespoke in-house designed natural ventilation management system for up to 4 zones of SOLA-BOOST or WINDCATCHER systems. Utilising our seasonally adjusted proportional control based on temperature and CO2. The unobtrusive look allows the system to be sited all around buildings rather than just the boiler room. This means each panel can be local to the zones it controls minimising cabling.


Systems may be fitted with CO2 sensors to calculate when the levels are too high indoors. These are recommended for classrooms, gyms and offices. Air Quality sensors may also be applied to reduce odours or heavy particulate contaminants that may be common in rooms which are consistently used by large groups of people.

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