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  • Solar Panels
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • Water Turbines
  • Wind Turbines
  • Wood Stoves
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

Navitron Company Profile

Navitron LTD was established in 2004 to produce high quality, low priced renewable energy systems. With a comprehensive range, Navitron can supply all types of energy such as: evacuated tube solar collectors, solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, water turbines, backup power generators, woodstoves and heat pumps. The company can also supply exceptional DIY installation kits equipped with easy to use accessories.

The company is committed to demonstrating that green energy is viable and that renewable energy can be a sound investment. Navitron LTD are renowned in the UK for being an environmentally friendly company supplying installations such as wind power which can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, the company can supply an excellent range of small scale renewable energy systems based on sustainable technology or full scale commercial systems across the UK and Europe.


Solar water heating

A complete range of solar hot water products are available from complete systems to individual components which include:

  • Solar Panels available in high efficiency single walled and twin walled vacuum tubes in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Hot water cylinders either vented or unvented as well in stainless steel. Navitron cylinders are manufactured to their own design but can be custom made should a client require it.
  • Controllers are manufactured by Sorel and Resol which are highly sophisticated brands, easy to install and set up.
  • Ancillary products such as pumps and non return valves.

Solar PV

The company can deliver a range of photovoltaic modules (PVs) ranging from 5W up to 160W. Other products available include: Charge controllers, Regulators, Grid tie inverters and Mounting systems.

Wind turbines

A wide variety of wind turbines are available from 200w upwards and have been specifically developed to provide better output in areas which only experience low wind speeds. Navitron’s standard wind turbines are provided as full packages which include ground stakes, wires, and sectional towers. The company also supply free-standing towers as an alternative option. Dump loads and dump load controllers are also provided to avoid over-charging batteries.

Wood stoves, Biomass and Accessories

Navitron can deliver high efficiency woodstoves which contain a unique pre-heated air feed. A complete range of chimney liners are also available in either flexible or sectional designs as well as boilers from 6000 BTU to 35 000 BTU. Other wood stove accessories are also available and can be found on the website. Navitron has invested in a new product range such as log boilers and pellet stoves which are all manufactured with the highest quality and utmost care.

Heat pumps

Navitron offers two types of heat pumps; air source and ground source. Air source heat pumps provide more units of heat than that of regular electrical heaters. Navitron can offer the very best in HP pumps which are easy to install and very reliable. Ground source heat pumps are available in 5kw, 9kw, and 16kw.

Batteries, inverters and off-grid

The company can offer deep cycle batteries for off grid and renewable applications plus a range of accessories such as charge controllers, dump load controllers, inverters and meters.


A wide variety of gadgets are available through the company such as: stove top fans used for providing enhanced air circulation, easy to install wireless weather stations, appliance and whole house power meters. The whole house power meters have a portable wireless remote display enabling the total power consumption of the property to be read anywhere in the house.

Grid tie equipment

Grid- tie inverters are manufactured by leading brands SMA and Powertek. The G83-certified grid connection inverters allow electrical power generation equipment such as wind turbines and solar panels to be connected directly to the National Grid to export surplus electricity. Other products available are isolators which can be supplied in AC or DC up to 315 Amp and in voltage ratings up to 800v.


A comprehensive range of tools are available from log splitting mauls (ground and polished to enhance strength), pipe benders, pipecutters, soldering irons (suitable for electrical work on small to medium wires), welders and chainsaws.


Navitron is well-known in the renewable energy sector for bringing low cost quality equipment to the marketplace. Navitron supplies hundreds of solar installers across the UK and through the company’s distributor partners, provides solar installations across much of Europe.

The company can deliver exceptional service in solar installation and fast deliveries. Navitron can arrange an installation with one of their recommended installers in which they will not only charge at an economical viable rate but also provide environmentally sound products. Navitron can also install Navicoil Retrofit systems using vacuum tube technology and Navitron Fornax systems which is the lowest cost, simplest and quickest way to add solar water heating to an existing vented hot water cylinder. This product is patent pending technology only available through Navitron.

Navitron are renowned in the UK for supplying the very best in renewable energy systems. With a comprehensive range of products and a premium installation service Navitron can ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The company is also dedicated to an environmental policy where the product range for ‘green’ products has been highly recommended by leading distributors and private clients.

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