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Newton Waterproofing Systems Company Profile

Newton Waterproofing Systems, est. 1848, is the UK’s leading independent supplier of structural waterproofing systems, damp proofing, water control and drainage products. Our solutions include a complete range of sheet and liquid membranes, waterproofing and pumping products together with technical advice and support.

Newton System 100 – Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

Comprehensive portfolio of liquid applied membranes for all substrates and all applications, ranging from very flexible liquid rubber products through to hard wearing and resilient cementitious membranes, suitable for the waterproofing of retained structures and both covered and uncovered decks.

Newton System 200– High Build Cement Mortars

Range of cement-based mortars suitable for where a high depth of repair or levelling to concrete is required.

Newton System 300 – Waterproofing of Concrete Structures

Range of products, Waterbars, Waterstops and Waterplugs used to waterproof construction joints and movement joints of retained concrete structures so that they become integrally waterproof – defined within BS 8102:2009 as Type B waterproofing.

Newton System 400 – External Waterproofing and Drainage Membranes

Complete range of preformed waterproofing and drainage membranes which can be applied externally to the structure to provide waterproofing solutions for earth-retained structures and covered decks.

Newton System 500 – Cavity Drain Waterproofing

The professional’s ‘waterproofing system of choice’ Newton System 500 is an internally applied waterproofing system based upon our range of cavity drain membranes, drainage conduits, and sophisticated pumping and control systems. Newton recommends that our structural waterproofing systems are installed by our nationwide network of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors who are trained by Newton and can offer full professional indemnity on design and insured backed guarantee on the installation.

Newton System 600 – Sheet Flooring Membranes

Range of flooring membranes which provide a complete damp proof solution. As well as providing protection from within the floor, our membranes de-couple the floor finish from the substrate, preventing damage due to substrate movement and cracking.

Newton System 700 – Liquid Applied Floor Coatings

Newtons range of liquid applied protective and decorative flooring products. These products are fast curing and available in a variety of colours. Typically used for internal floors such as retail space, depots and warehouses.

Newton System 800 – Damp Proofing

Range of BBA approved damp proof membranes and ancillaries, which are quick and clean to install and offer a permanent solution for damp proofing above–ground walls. Newton damp proofing membranes truly are the modern, cost effective, damp-proofing solution.

Newton System 900 – Primers, Preparation and Reinforcement

Full range of liquid-applied primers, reinforcement tapes and surface repair masticswhich are used to prepare substrates and construction joints prior to waterproofing with System 100 and 700 liquid membranes and coatings.

Pumps, Pumping Systems and Ancillaries

Extensive range of submersible pumps and pumping ancillaries for controlling clean groundwater, grey water, effluent or sewage in basements.


“I use Newton Waterproofing Systems because of the friendly and efficient service that we get – nothing is ever too much trouble. The products are excellent and I like being part of the research and development of their products to the ongoing benefit of the waterproofing industry. In addition I like the fact that my company is associated with the market leaders in structural waterproofing.” Ian MacLennan, MacLennan UK (Newton Specialist Basement Contractor).

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